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It's a Beach Fight!

8/11/2008 4:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tween queen Selena Gomez (left) at the beach this weekend and Miley Cyrus (right) in Malibu last month.

The question is ...


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girls like Miley don't really translate into boyfriends their own age. I knew a few similar sluts in high school and by the end of most evenings, the boys just wanted to punch these girls lights out

2271 days ago

it takes a molester    

31. Another thing, Selena looks like nasty - straight up! she isnt cute at all. Now Miley is super HOT! Miley better body than Selena, better complexion than Selena and Miley does not take sloppy seconds like Selena and Demi are doing. What Miley is leaving behind her sloppy seconds Selena and Demi are running for Miley's scarps. That has too make Miley feel awesome! to know he was the first to be with Nick. That alone is priceless.

Posted at 5:13PM on Aug 11th 2008 by bobx

Miley feels awesome because she thinks she was first with Nick NOT!! Poor Miley is dreaming if she thinks she hasn't had to take sloppy seconds. Nick's had other girls who have been ahead of Miley.

2271 days ago


That''s HATTER to you Monkey Bitch

2271 days ago


people these girls are only 15 years old how can you talk like that about them like that miley has made some mistakes. but hasn't alot of girls her age. leave them alone

2271 days ago

it takes a molester    

32. Miley is modest and knows how to dress. You dont have to take off your clothes to be noticed

Uh, Jody do you remember her backless pictures along with her other provacative pictures that she posted?

How soon we forget when we choose to forget. Since it's to the benefit of the person we like.

2271 days ago


miley all the way. have u ever seen the miley and mandy show? it totally made me like her

2271 days ago


Hey you guys :) Miley Cyrus is actually better a whole lot. I'm an indigo and I am telling you Miley Cyrus will only continue getting more fame. She's just about 16 she is big as she is now and still will increasingly be. Selena Gomez, I know exactly who she is---- a wanna-be Miley trying to steal her fame and say that her image is way more suitable because so far she is appearing innocent. But in reality she is obsessed with Miley's music and work because she is trying to figure out how she got all this attention and adoration--- she is envious of her. And duh-Miley knows that and you should too. Regaurdless of what you people say about Miley her teeth, her eyes, her flat chest, her singing, her dad, her scandal photos. She's a genius making billions of dollars out of children and other girls who are envious of her as Selena Gomez. You can't reach Miley Cyrus-Hannah Montana she attracts children as little as two years old----- the other girls can't do that and you know it Miley has got the gift.

2271 days ago

it takes a molester    

40. I love, love, love, Miley's bathing suit. So refreshing for a young girl to be covered where it counts and still look darling.

Posted at 5:55PM on Aug 11th 2008 by withak

42. Miley is self absorbed, over rated, over exposed (in a few diff ways!) and a fake---and for anyone who is saying "oh dont judge her, she is just a kid, boo hoo" well first of all if she is such a kid, she shouldnt be posing for skanky pics, bending over in her underwear and giving shower shots---gimme a break, she knows what she's doing but like alot of Hollywood kids--she has had waaaay to much freedom and not enough guidance--Im sure thats why she doesnt want to do another season of her show--she wants to drop her wholesome image. She's a tramp and Im tired of seeing her on tv!

Posted at 6:09PM on Aug 11th 2008 by Sick of Miley

2271 days ago

it takes a molester    

You can't reach Miley Cyrus-Hannah Montanna she attracts children as little as two years old.

Angelof9Orders that's why all her merchandise is selling for half price at the stores so they can move it out.

2271 days ago


They're both ugly and need plastic surgery. Plus there only 12 eewwwww.

2271 days ago

it takes a molester    

29. omg, Im all team Miley, she is sooo pretty, she has beautiful blue eyes she looks all American, BUT sorry selena would be good as a teen queen in Mexico not in USA, she is tooo hispanic looking to be a teen queen here. Miley is the all American girl next door. soooo to me since im in America its TEAM MILEY ALL THE WAY!!!!!

Posted at 5:00PM on Aug 11th 2008 by bobx

omg, did those stupid thoughts come of my brain? I just won the AWARD for the dumbest comment of all. Sure.....Miley is the all American girl next door, ha! Miley's picture with her DAD makes them look like they're dating. Her all American role models are Britney, Paris and Lindsay!

2271 days ago


I think EVERYONE, including TMZ, needs to remember that these are CHILDREN!!!!! This is sick!!!!!

2271 days ago

tom terrific    

Why is everyone creating a feud between these two young women?

I don't think that they have any real problems with each other but their spin and publicity machines must create any distraction possible to ensure that Miley and Selena stay in the public eye because Disney has a huge investment in these two products just like the investments they have in Britney, Justin and Lindsey.

What I am saying is that Selena and Miley are just doing their jobs by having a 'feud' and Disney and their investors are reaping the rewards of their employees' efforts.

2271 days ago


Oh and by no jokes i mean I'm not joking. poke fun all you want at the silly little "uptight" jesusfreak LOL

2271 days ago


These are kids people, 15 years old. Don't you think portraying these kids in a sexual way is a little bit on the creepy side. If the perverts need some whacking material at least move on up to an adult, not a kid!

2271 days ago
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