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Spanish Hoops Squad Takes Its Eyes Off the Ball

8/11/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How do you ingratiate yourself into a foreign culture? Take a photo mocking the way they look!
Spanish basketball team
The Spanish national basketball team, gold medal contenders at the Olympics in Beijing, was featured in a full page ad that shows the team pulling back at their eyes in a slanty-eyed gesture. According to the Guardian, the ad (which is for a freight company) ran in a Spanish newspaper.

An e-mail to the Spanish Basketball Federation was not immediately returned.

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They're probably eating dog testicles in China right now and don't even know it.....

2210 days ago


people trough around the racist term way tooo much this day in age.
unprofessional & unsportsman-like is more as to what it really is.

2210 days ago


" Apparently the Spanish BBall team has a history of this sort of thing. In 2004 they also made "monkey chant" noises at the black players on the English football team"

What a bunch of lies. The BBall team did no such thing. Some Spanish hooligans did that, who had nothing to do with the BBall team. Why does it not surprise me that people are spewing lies on this website?

2210 days ago

What's the context?    

Before we vote, I think we need more information. It doesn't seem like anyone is pulling back their eyes in the picture - wouldn't there be even ONE player where that gesture would be obvious? I'd be interested in knowing the honest and accurate reason as to why they are pointing to their eyes.

Looks a little more like they are gesturing something to the effect that they have their;
~eyes on the ball
~eyes on the prize
~eye on Olympic gold


But, you know, it sells better to immediately suggest that this is a "racist" gesture.

2210 days ago


I lived in Spain for a while and there are very few Asians. People used to stop and stare at me. I took it as a compliment as I got laid so many times in Espana. Love their women. Spanish have a different set of cultural values --like every country-- that might be misconstrued as racism. I believe that their b-ball team was just being playful as they were about to travel to Asia. On the side, Pau Gasol should know a little better since he plays in the U.S. for the Lakers.

To my fellow Asians, don't be so sensitive. Take ownership of your culture and traits. I love my slanted eyes as you probably do too! People make fun of what they consider to be minorities. But guess what? We are the MAJORITY. About 60% of it globally. Remember, our ancestors Chinese, Japanese etc. were building dynasties and culture when the rest of the world was still walking on four legs. HaHa

2210 days ago


I find it interesting that when it's a "black/white" issue it's automatically deemed racist but when it's against Asians there are people who think it's stupid/immature but not racist. As an asian minority having gone all through out grade school and even now at 22 being mocked for my slanted eyes, button nose, and culture I find this racist and offensive. The Chinese did everything in their power to make everyone feel welcome and respected in their country and this is the thanks they get. Asian racism is very real and still exists today however the Asian culture believes that you don't determine how you make me feel but I determine how you make me feel...so instead of protesting, going on radio/talk shows, coming back with some rediculous comment, etc. we move on and upwards and don't perpetuate the situation by adding more fuel to it's fire....hopefully Nina can learn and teach something from the Asian culture.

2210 days ago


I'm black and I say this is NOT racist. This is, however, what people do when there is no backlash or consequences to speak of. You would have seen something like this in America up until the 60's or maybe even the 70's. Let's say the Olympics were in Israel (or Germany) this year and the Spanish team took a picture inside of a giant oven. Would that be funny? People push back against this type of "harmless" ridicule so that the more dangerous stuff doesn't make a comeback. This wouldn't fly in America today and rightly so. History has shown us what America is capable of doing with no backlash. Spain has a different history and legacy that sees this as just having some fun.

2210 days ago


Colin, what was the name of the guy you slept with in Spain. Also, you've had two thousand years while we were still
walking on all fours, a shame that we built modern societies in such a short time, and your countries are still third world. Except Japan, and why is that, hmmmm, let's see, who took over after you're sneak attack failed???

2210 days ago


"24. I figure since it was a "spanish team", there will be NO backlash over this blatent racist gesture. Now, change the pic a bit , like, white people doing this and HOLY GRAIL!"

Are you retarded? These ARE white people. Just because they are from SPAIN (as opposed to other Spanish-SPEAKING) countries, does not mean that they are of a different race.

You are a total idiot...you don't even know that Spanish is the ethnicity of people who hail from Spain? I hope to god you don't vote, or have kids, or drive, or try to do anything except post stupid comments on blogs.

2210 days ago


Everyone knows (S)pain is a racist country. They throw bananas at black football players and have an immigration policy that makes the U.S. border policy look lame, It's sad; Spain spends so much time hating on "non-white" ethnicities because their whiteness is always in question. They don't look all that white, which is why they do it, as if doing it will PROVE their white-Europeaness. Pathetic. See, look how we Spaniards hate non-whites; now we've proven our whiteness to you, stop bugging,

2210 days ago

Jenny pruski    

Why do some people on here comment that this is kinda funny[not funny at all] if it were black realated racism there would be an uproar this is not funny and very offensive,I am not asian[I am white] but this is rasicm and it effects all colors.

2210 days ago


They must have astigmatism and weren't wearing their contacts.

2210 days ago


Slampak #35, you were my puta in Spain. Hate to inform you but the "sneak attack" is still going on. It says it in bold letters underneath your computer-yes even Mac-, on the back of your t.v. and the back of your ass after I Pearl Harbored it.

2210 days ago


#25, you're wrong. Spain's history and people are very diverse. Spain sits on the border of North Africa. Look at the people in the photo, they're very tan. Spain has always had Arabs, Moors, Jews, Basques, Goth and nothern European types. Spain's history, including the Inquisition has been defined by ethnic and religious conflicts. Right now, southern Spain is flooded with North African immigrants. They know better. They are racist.

" Spain isn't politically-correct conscious by any means, but it doesnt mean they are trying to hurt people. They don't have the history of the diverse culture and immigration that the US does and therefore aren't aware that these gestures may anger many people. "

2210 days ago


well, I lived in spain for a while and that that pic is definatly racist, spanish are soooooo racist. I still havent met another culture that is as racist as they are.

2210 days ago
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