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YouTube Bully Popped for BF Beatdown

8/11/2008 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hell hath no fury like Mercades Nichols -- that infamous YouTube cheerleader thuggette -- scorned.

A slew of new charges were filed against Mercades and, let's just say it: bitch sounds insane! She's charged with assaulting her ex-BF and the ex's new girl. BTW, this all happened before she put the beatdown on Victoria Lindsay this past March.

But it gets crazazier: Mercades' mom claims the arrest is revenge because the family is suing the Polk County, Fla. Sheriff over the earlier incident.

Guess what the Sheriff thinks about that: "Quite frankly, if Mercades Nichols' mother had spent the energy raising her child that she has on wanting to sue the sheriff's office, we may not be having this conversation today." What can Dr. Phil do for you?

Nichols' bond was set at $81K.


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I think there's more than one element to blame here: 1) parents - I'd be more concerned with why my daughter was so angry and aggressive and lashing out 2) the fact that more and more teen girls think it's 'cool' to harass or bully/fight other girls - like they feel more respected 3) teen girls identities are lost between 'role models' showing vajayjay's, or having babies without the stability of a two parent family, etc... or for whatever reason, thinking a boyfriend defines or validates them... there is no one finger of blame to point... we also don't know if her ex was her 'first' which could definitely have some kind of effect on a volatile, over emotional teenage girl... most girls at that age are in their own little dramatic world without considering consequences. In a way this girl is lucky that she didn't kill someone with her crazy driving or her pathetic and cruel GROUP attack on that girl... what a sad state of affairs

2211 days ago


Is this the same wacko who lured the girl to her house and they beat her up causing permanent damage to her hearing and stuff? The mom was probably the same way when she was that age. They should have an island lockup 'survivor style', Dump them off with nothing but the clothes on their back and you'll see how tough they really are.

2211 days ago


This bitch isn't no Mercedes but a Yugo.

2211 days ago


I just want to say that the Sheriff of Polk co is dumb and might serve him right to get sued. Last year when a gay friend got murder he said it was because he was out trolling for men. Which wasn't true!!!! He gave a friend a ride and they stabbed him and cut his throat, then dumped his body and took his car. This man doesn't have a clue in life!!!
And about that girl and her mom just white trash like most others in that area.

2211 days ago


Lock the beyotch up and throw away the key.
And lock up the kid, too.

2211 days ago

the short chick in the back    

Nice mug.

You know what I find most disturbing in this case? The realization that my 4 yr old daughter will grow up in a world where you tube beat downs, school shootings & rehabbed/jailed public figues (stars as theyre called) are the norm.

Im 28 yrs old & I feel so old for saying this but... Things arent just the same as when I was growing up.

(I cant even tell you the satisfaction my parents would have if they heard me saying that)

2211 days ago

pattie in cali    

they are nothing more than bullies, and they know it, now they are crying, and want help, what goes around comes around,

2211 days ago


TWTT - Typical white trailer trash. This trash needs to be buried in the landfill with the rest of her relatives. Nikki would love the company! Why should taxpayers have to foot the bill to house her in a prison? New Law: Make the parents pay for it, not the taxpayers. Only these people would try to file suit or plead insanity! "Trailer Trash Mentality" at best. She'll bow down once "Big Susie" in cell block 13 gets a hold of her! The ultimate BEAT DOWN "You can't run, hide or plead insanity in the pen" Mercades, get ready to have your ass handed to you on a daily basis!!! Reality check bitch! I hope it was all worth it! They won't get a double-wide out of this here YA'LL - "WHITE WOMAN DOWN".......LMAO!

2211 days ago

Triple Play    

This girl is the epitome of Trash. No color necessary. She and her mother would be trash in any color. She needs some serious counseling and or jail time

2211 days ago

Triple Play    

Not only is this person evil, she is an eyesore. Cheerleader for what? I would hate to see her in a short skirt. PUKE

2211 days ago

pattie in cali    

the mother is nuts, if that were my daughter, she would have to worry about me and when she comes home, don't care for bullies, she would be alot safer in jail than at home, very sad, this mom is nuts.

2211 days ago


Why is it that most of the bully-girls are overweight and unattractive?

2211 days ago


Sometimes looks are not deceiving cuz this girl looks like a bitch.

2211 days ago

Monster Machine    

She looks like an insufferable little snot. He mother should be proud - NOT!

2211 days ago


That is one butt ugly mug shot! That girl is one trashy looking ho!

2211 days ago
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