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Parole For Lennon's Killer? Oh No!

8/12/2008 2:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No need to imagine at least two more years of slammer time for John Lennon's killer -- he just got denied parole, for the fifth time.

Mark David Chapman just got the big red X from the parole board at Attica, meaning he'll have to serve at least two more years there for the 1980 killing of the Beatle before his next chance at freedom. Parole peeps noted that MDC has had a clean record since 1994 but that his release "would not be in the best interest of the community."

Yoko had lobbied yesterday against Chapman's release.


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Perez Hilton hater    

Is it just me or does that man look like a fatter Perez Hilton??

2261 days ago


He looks like Perez Hilton !!!!

2261 days ago


they should just let the poor guy out....come on people, how long do you think he would live? My guess is not long.....release the boy

2261 days ago


How many other Killers have gotten out with less time or no time at all (hello OJ) he has paid his dues, John Lennon was not any different than any one else who has been murdered. As far as that greedy BITCH Yoko she is probably glad that John is dead that way she got all of his money, because I am sure he would of divorced her by now,,

2261 days ago

Knock It Off    

#17 #22 #29 #39 #44 That is fricking funny! Now let's find Perez Hilton and have him padded down for weapons. Better safe than sorry.

2261 days ago


GOOD - I hope this f***er ROTS in prison!

2261 days ago


I shall always hate and will never forgive this piece of crap- may he suffer till the end of his days. I'm against the death penalty, and I'm against torture- in his case, though, I'd love to make an exception.

2261 days ago


I grew up down the street from this freak. He used to expose himself to us on the way home from school. I say leave him where he is.......

2261 days ago


OMG he looks just like Perez Hilton, I'm just saying..........

2261 days ago

Rock Singer    

George Harrison once said that "this is the man who's name we must not mention". What he was saying by this is that the KILLER wants notoriety for his unspeakable deed... lets not give him what he wants. F-him.

2261 days ago


are you guys kidding?! he has been in jail longer than any other person because he killedb john lennon who cares? give it up hippies!

2261 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Is it just me or is that a photo of Perez Hilton

2261 days ago

Illinois person    

AnaK, too bad you don't know the Lennon's at all. So glad you can predict the future. Gee, you should go work for the Government. By the way, what you don't know is that it was MRS. Lennon's wise investments that made the Lennon's the wealthy couple that they were and what Mrs. Lennon enjoys today. She took charge of the family funds when John chose to be a stay at home dad. Get off the soap operas as you know nothing about the Lennon's. To compare the untimely death of John Lennon to what that freak OJ Simpson did is beyond sick. You should go join Chapman in prison. Two freaks faced with therapy for ever.

2261 days ago


I think everyone's hoping the F***** has a massive heart attack before he ever gets parole, the worthless POS!

2261 days ago


I was praying they would let him out. His "FANS" would love to see him walking down the street.

He would finally get his, why should the taxpayers keep paying to keep him alive?

COME ON LET HIM OUT! He should last about five minutes!

2261 days ago
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