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Miss Russia Doesn't Miss Russia

8/12/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Russian jets recently bombed the country of Georgia's capital, hitting such targets as civilian housing, military bases, factories and their international airport. In other news -- it's Miss Russia's birthday.

This beauty queen can't be bothered by minor details.


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2271 days ago

titts and Ass    

It’s the beginning of a full Russian evasion. Get ready for World War III.. However I will take miss Russia with Me to my bunker to protect her ..

2271 days ago


ok she looks like a dork and not very pretty. She craves attention

2271 days ago

john wayne gacy    

we should only rely upon a full cavity search

with roman hands and russian fingers.......

2271 days ago


TMZ is *my* source for political news...and celebrity crotch shots.

2271 days ago

solid snake    

that commie is U-G-L-Y!!!! DOWN WITH RUSSIA!!!!!

2271 days ago


#1 World peace.
#2 End world hunger.
#3 Going the chipindales for sausage.
She's gone Hollywood already ....

2271 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

She sounds like an idiot but but if my government was staging an unjust invasion of another country, I wouldn't want to admit it. Oops, my country is. OK, I would admit it. I think there are some differences between Russia's attack on Georgia and our attack on Iraq but I really wouldn't want to have to explain them.

Go Sox

2271 days ago


Goodness gracious, I was born in Russia, and I can't believe that out of all the gorgeous Russian girls they crowned this homely young woman as "Miss Russia".

2271 days ago

I Hate this lame tramp    

the other girl is so much better looking. the driver should have been filmed, not the russian girl.

2271 days ago


Her country sucks balls, and she looks like a bulldog.

2271 days ago

Black Teef    

I'd eat borscht right off her bunghole.

2270 days ago


This is a really funny situation. When USA invades random 3rd world countries and innocent civilians die, its o.k. for people like Paris, Tara, Lindsey and ETC, to do whatever partying, drinking and drugging they want. But when Russia has a conflict about rebel territories, they have to someone Russian and do what they do best. LET'S BASH HER! Why? CAUSE THIS IS AMERICA! F**K YEAH! What does she have to do with what her government is doing? For all we know, she might be against it. It's funny how Bush rapes any middle eastern country he can, but when Russia has a conflict: "OH NO! RUSSIANS ARE INVADING! WW3!" No wonder most of you would rather vote on "Who'd you rather" than learn anything about politics.

2270 days ago

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