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Nick Carter: I'm a Huge Sell Out

8/12/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even though Nick Carter's ex Paris Hilton has been thrown into the middle of the Presidential election -- he doesn't know anything about it. Why? He'd love to tell you.


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I'm not quite sure what Mr. Carter said to warrent the snide title, frankly he seemed polite and friendly. He didn't use the opportunity to diss Paris which he certainly could have. He looked pretty dang good-gorgeous in fact. A celebrity telling someone what they are doing isn't being "into themselves" it is being honest!!

2264 days ago


Nick is such an immature jerk. He has bashed Paris for years now in tons of interviews and things. He needs to grow up. TMZ why are you covering that D-Lister anyways? He's not worth anyone's time.

2264 days ago


i dont get why TMZ made such a rude comment towards Nick, i mean what did he say so wrong????? Slow news day huh guys? i mean you had to make fun of a guy who is nice, speaks clearly, dressed good, and everything just cause he is in a boy band? or how about a boy band that lasted longer than justins? or how about because they sell out MORE concerts than justin does now? hmmmmmmmmm check your facts TMZ............ and everyone else KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE! best band everrrrr!

2264 days ago


Nick is soooooooooo awesome! at least he doesnt act BLACK like Justin wannabehiphoplake

2264 days ago


I love nick!!!!!!! TMZ stop messing with our nick!

2264 days ago


DAMN nick looks goood!!!!!!!!!!! and he is selling out tours!!!!!!!!! what more could you want????

2264 days ago


Nick is AMAZING! Leave him alone TMZ.

2264 days ago


Nick was playing around,i don't know what he did to get the title but all i heard him say is that he is here selling out what's wrong with that ?i've heard plenty of stars say that before so why does he get the title like he thinks he's the king of the world ? and to be frank,you shouldn't keep bringing up Paris to him TMZ cause that was years and years ago,everyone has forgotten about it.and besides Nick is a great guy like Ashley said so why bother him.he's out on the street having a good time why go and ruin it for him ? And he waa in such a good mood,why go and mess with him,just leave him alone,he didn't do anything wrong.leave him alone TMZ.Keep the backstreet pride alive everybody and all the Nick Chicks,support our man through it all !

2264 days ago

backstreet boys rule    

nick carter is awesome!! and he is hottttt!!! stop dissing him. he is a great guy and the backstreet boys are awesome!!!

2263 days ago


You know, I don't really care for him, but if you put up a video for everyone to *see* that the text and title you add to it does not apply at all, that's kind of ridiculous.

That being said, uhm. When did that kid get so smoking hot...?

2263 days ago


He's always been hot--even with the extra weight he carried for years. He's lost over 50 pounds now though-and wow!!!!!

2263 days ago


Yo......pretty boy Nick,
You're fifteen minutes of fame have been all used up. Please proceed to the "WHO GIVES A SH*T DEPARTMENT" immediately............your two tickets to obscurity are awaiting you. You are nothing more than Lou Pearlman's butt buddy because how else does one explain your "career?" You're nothing more than a glorified karaoke singer. Eventually all of your teeny-bopper fans are going to grow up and then what are you going to do?.........dinner theater? Or maybe you'll wait around for some reality show to come calling? You my man are nothing more than this generation's Vanilla Ice. And for you poor, troubled souls who are worshipping Nicky get psychiatric help soon. The original name of the group was the "Back-door Boys.'

2263 days ago


"Yo" Braindamaged2too, who probably worships Paris Hilton for her "genius",

if you have no clue, then just shut up? :) Not even is 99% of what you've written simply not true, you should consider that, just because someone is not as popular as they used to be in the US, they can still be huge stars in the rest of teh world. The USA clearly is *not* the world. Far from it. And for all we know, all currently "famous" people in the USA have never ever even made a single dime, but are famous for being porn stars or drunk addicts. So, why not let people talk, who've already moved records and is still selling out tours for a change?

At least we're liking people, who've actually earned their fame.

2263 days ago

Anna J.    

last I checked... Nick is a part of a singing group that has toured the world and sold 100million albums. He's been a part of this singing group for over half his life, and dedicates his life to a strenuous schedule of touring to make his fans happy. The whole Paris thing is beyond old, TMZ. Paris was only a 6-month blip in his life. Next time you see Nick, ask him about the new BSB album they're recording, please. And, btw, he didn't deserve this thing being titled the way it was. TMZ must hire angsty 12 year old boys to label these things I guess since they're cheap like that....

2263 days ago

talkin smack    

Okay so although he seemed in good spirits....who's he foolin'??? Last I checked these guys had to cancel a few shows.... wonder how many tickets they sold hmmm.... how many copies their last album sell? the only reason the bsb are still together is cuz nicks career never took off like justin's! justin doesn't need nsync but nick still needs bsb to stay in music i guess

2263 days ago
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