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Tori Still

Too Big for Britches

8/12/2008 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One would think Tori Spelling would take any paying gig she could get. Think again.

Tori has decided to back out of the new "90210" remake, reports Nikki Finke, and get this -- it's because she isn't getting paid enough. Apparently Tori was offered between $10 and $20 grand per episode, while Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth will be raking in between $35 and $50,000.


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Well the difference is that Shannen and Jennie would be recurring, while Tori just a guest actor. That's why there is discrepancy in the pay. Tori is just used to Daddy getting her whatever she wanted. Time to grow up.

2227 days ago


Why should Tori accept less payment than the other two women? She's every bit as good, if not better, than they are. It should be equal pay for all three. Frankly, I don't think I'll watch the show now that she's not going to be on it. I think the producers are making a huge mistake by not meeting her demands. I could have done without the Diva Bitch, Shannen, but I really like Tori's character Donna and I think it will be less of a show without her character in it. Shame on the producers for being so short-sighted and instead being all about the money. Really huge mistake on their part. I hope they'll reconsider and offer Tori the same amount of money that they're giving the other two actresses.

2227 days ago


I still cant figure out why TMZ has such an issue with Tori. From what Ive seen, she seems to be a very down to earth young lady in comparison to most of the Hollybrats. I actually knew very little about her until I saw some of her interviews for her book etc - and I must say - I was impressed. She seems to be a very happy young woman, great mother - and happy in her marriage. Who hasnt hit a few bumps in their life? Back off TMZ, you make yourself look silly with this Tori War.

2227 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

I just heard Tori on the radio (Ryan Seacrest show) and she said she's doing it and there might be a part for Dean.

2227 days ago


uhh.. her daddy is NOT the creator of this new show, therefore, she cannot be paid like she did when the original 90210 was on the air. Who gives a frog's fat ass if she is making less! At least she is getting paid! Besides she is the only one that is not very appealing to look at. At least Shannon and Jennie are good looking.. Tori looks like a freakin' frog and has a wierd face.. eeewww!!

2227 days ago


Why don't they do what the cast of Friends did and have everyone get paid the same or NO SHOW! ?????

2227 days ago


Tori, you go girl! I love her show,and her family, she deserves equal pay.

2227 days ago

Big Dee    

You TMZ people are such idiots. The way this is written, you are saying Tori will be paid anywhere from $10 up to $20,000, while the others will get between $35 and $50,000. Who would work for $20 or $35, or anything near it? However, it IS more than your writers and editors are worth.

2227 days ago


Come on...who exactly did Tori Spelling play on 90210? oh yeah that's right...Davids gf. Was she the virgin grl?
Relax people I do vaguely remember her part in 90210...but don't think it was THAT great that she should be picky with what they offer her.
What else does she have going on?? her reality show with her husband...yeah that's taking her very far

2227 days ago


tori deserves the same amount , Shannen doesnt deserve as much , she's just trouble .

Jennie im not sure about her . I never watched these crazy shows anyways , just like

sex in the city , desperate housewives , etcccc , they're a waste of time . And many of those

celebs didn't deserve millions either .

Many celebs are overrated , overpaid , Tom Cruise , Jolie , Pitt , any of them make $15 million

or more . They aren't worth watching . I decieded years ago , to BOYCOTT MANY OF THEM

why because it cost to much to go to the movies $9.00 per person ( average ) . The way the

economy is going , you're better off saving your money for yourself , these celebs can careless

about you or your family .

They've millions $$$$$$$$$$$$ to live on since the fans are the ones who's supporting

the Celebrities.

2227 days ago


I just don't get it. Tori has worked her a** off to make money since her father passed away. She deserves to be paid the same amount as the other two if not more. She sure is alot nicer than I would be if my father were a billionaire and left me pennies on the dollar. Her mother contiues to live a lavish lifestyle. Candy you need to give Tori some money and quit being such a hog with all of the Spelling fortune. WTF are you going to do with all of that money anyway???!!! Give it to Aaron's kids and get a life! GO TORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2227 days ago


Shannon Doherty has been in this business longer than Tory and Jenny! She has been working constantly. Apparently non of you watch lifetime, or scifi channels. Tory Spelling is learning the hard way that her daddy is dead and can no longer fight her battles or spoil her rotten anymore. You have to remember that the only reason that she left 90210 was that Tory threw a tantrum and made her daddy get rid of her because she didnt like that Shannon got most of the work.... But then Brenda was one of the main characters of the show so she should have gotten the work. Arron spelling even came out and said publicly that Shannon would have her choice of any show he produced after that. And eventually she chose to be on Charmed. then Another up and coming starlet pulled the its me or her crap and Shannon quit and refused to return. The show after her departure was never as good after she left. Shannon Earned her way. Tori's dad bought hers.

2227 days ago


Tori Spelling deserves just as much money as Shannen and Jennie! THERE WOULD BE NO 90210 WITHOUT HER DAD, AARON SPELLING!!!!!!!!!!

2227 days ago



2227 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

In this business, you get what you negotiate. Should've negotiated with The Sopranos and make the execs an offer they cant refuse. Thats what Shannon and Jenna did Sometimes you have to sale your soul to the devil just to earn a decent living down here in Hollywood. It's show business, ya know? Live a little, chick. Show some skin. C' bad do ya wanna make it?

2227 days ago
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