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Attorneys: Stabbing Suspect Disarmed Twice

8/13/2008 6:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The shocking details of what happened inside the house where Kendra Beebe was nearly stabbed to death are now unfolding at Shelley Malil's arraignment.

Attorneys for Beebe say of the more than 20 knife wounds on her body, three were life threatening -- one to each lung and one to the throat. They say Beebe nearly bled to death and there was "a lot of blood" on the back patio, through the kitchen and all the way to the front patio.

They also say a male visitor initially disarmed Malil, but he found another knife. A neighbor then showed up and disarmed Malil for the second time. Shelley allegedly fled once he heard sirens.

The attorneys say Kendra's children were upstairs at the time of the attack.

Attorneys for Malil, who was dressed in a blue jumpsuit and sat behind protective glass, wanted their client's bail lowed from $4 million to $2 million. Instead, the judge upped it to $10 million.


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WHO IS THIS HOE?? never heard of this case!

2270 days ago

Barbara Walters    

This is what happens when you name your child Kendra. Porn or stabbed or both!

2270 days ago


Male visitor? aka cheating wife - Deserved to have her thraot slit.

I can't stand the way women do. I bet the bitch is crying now.

2270 days ago


I am outraged at the people on this forum suggesting that the woman "deserved it". You must be as mentally screwed up as Malil. You psychopaths should go get some mental help before you hurt someone or perhaps even yourselves. The only one who deserves death in this case is Malil for trying to kill this poor woman. Who are you to judge her. You have little compassion. How would you feel if the same thing happened to you. Have some empathy. Stop blaming the victim. He is an evil man. Some men think that you can use violence to force people to be or do what they want them to.. It is nothing new. Petty tyrants without compassion or care. I beat the crap out of a guy to stop him from hurting a girl only a month ago. You people make me sick. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

2270 days ago


I love that judge - It's about time someone took some common sense initiative!!

2270 days ago

Prayers And Love To The Hudson Family    

Unfortunately, there is no going back in time and changing this really stupid mistake. What a stupid thing to do in addition to how sick it is.

2270 days ago


What a pile of excrement. Her children were upstairs and this sicko did this? This woman is very lucky to have such brave friends and neighbors --- they literally saved her life. Is there any update on how the victim is doing? Is she still okay?

2270 days ago


the people who are saying "she deserved it" are just trying to rile people up.. I can't believe people take the bait. They're looking for attention obviously.

2270 days ago


#3 #9 and #15 STFU!!!!!

2270 days ago


This of course is a sad story.
There is also not enough information in this article to start pointing fingers.
Who knows, maybe he walk in on something that really got under his skin. (Caught her cheating, spent his money on drugs and partied with another man who was the one who disarmed him the first time).
These are the kinds of things that could make anyone (not just a man but a women too) do things out of outrage. People do not just go around and start hacking at people for no reason. She did something or said something that put this man in the position that he is in. Now her poor children have to suffer because of this. (It seems that people these days do not care about a child’s well being, no even the government).
Two of the best commits up here were posted from bab and the other was from Alanna.

2270 days ago

Kato Kailen    

This is the same guy that killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. I'm finally glad they caught him.

2270 days ago

Kato Kailen    

Violence solves nothing.

2270 days ago

That explains things!    

He TOTALLY intended to kill her. What a disturbed man. To have soooo much anger at another person. Coward. He looked for the easy way out.

Thank God he didn't kill her.

Now, he can't hurt another. Pray for the children.

2270 days ago


@ COMMENT 17 - OUTRAGED: hey "Outraged", that guy you "beat the crap out of"...did he "deserve it"? LMAO at the hypocrisy of your sense of justified violence in an anti-violence speech. what a douchebag you are.

2270 days ago


This is why women need guns.

You can't just go around hitting and stabbing people, just because you are bigger than they are.

2270 days ago
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