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Punchy Olympic Gymnast Masters Pummel Horse

8/13/2008 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Well, if the whole gymnastics thing doesn't work out, silver medal scapegoat Alicia Sacramone could be one hell of a boxer!

Unbelievable footage of the Team USA star has surfaced on YouTube, showing Alicia throwing a punishing left hook into the face of a beefy, shirtless dude -- who appeared to have asked for it.

The video was reportedly shot during her days at Brown University -- where they apparently go through cases of Natty Light like it's their job!

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Outside of hardcore gymnastic fans, who would even know this Alicia Sacramone chick existed? She is a looker though. I guess falling on her butt twice in Olympic competition is the new road to fame!

According to pifeedback.com, about a whopping 44.8 million watched the moments where Miss Sacramone fell - far exceeding the estimates from members who participated in that site's Daily Game (which is a good projector of future television numbers)

2226 days ago

Black Power    

I wish she would punch Mams Taylor like that.

Clint of the mountain

2226 days ago


I feel the only way she will be able to redeem herself in many ppls eyes is if she gets gold on the vault final.

2226 days ago


Alicia helped her team WIN a Silver Medal...there is no need for her to feel bad. So she had a few mistakes...so did Nastia and Shawn. All of them did a fantastic job and should be commended!! If you paid attention to what the announcers said even before the competetion started...China's start values of their routines were already 2 points ahead of the Americans before a single gymnast threw a trick.
I was actually glad that China won the gold...considering how much pressure their government puts on their atheletes. They would have ostracized (men also) and ridiculed. Just think what would have happened to them if they had lost.
Buck up Alicia...you did a good job. Good luck on the apparatus finals!

2226 days ago


ashley, and all the others who are knocking her for her performance. please feel free to step up and show us how it is done. if you can't may i suggest you be queit, a silver medal is still a hel of an acoplisment.

2226 days ago

Old School    

What a LOSER this girl is if it wasn't for her we would have the GOLD in the USA where it belongs...She's a LOSER!!!

and her punching out this dude...NO WAY and if you believe she did then i have a Bridge in Manhattan to sale you TMZ.

2226 days ago


When you are chosen for an oOlympic team you are expected to perform within a certain standard...Alicia is the ONLY one who busted twice in the team finals and only when Alicia began her mistakes did it affect the other team members..China screwed up and if it had not been for Alicia topping their mistake with 2 of her own things may have been sooo different

2226 days ago


The real deal is that if Romania and Russia would have been as good as previoiusly they were..the US may have not medaled at all because of the mistakes made by Sacromone

2226 days ago


Nobody can control injuries..but you can help your performance.

2226 days ago


Alicia did a great job. I watched the whole thing on TV. All the American girls are gorgeous and great. So the hometown girls get to win this time, which is good so they don't get sent to a concentration camp for coming in second. Everything's good.

2226 days ago


Everyone knew for years the Chinese send underaged girls to the Olympics..so why make a fuss about it now? The judging was a little off, but all in all the Chinese team had less errors.

2226 days ago


The American team ended up being 2.3 points behind. Their difficulty scores were 2 points more than the Americans, so they started out in the lead before anyone even competed. Alicia's beam fall costed her .8 and her floor score was also .8. That makes her mistakes 1.6 points behind. Nastia stepped out of bounds - .1, and Shawn did too - .1. So they still only caused 1.8 points of mistakes. THEY STILL WOULD HAVE HAD SILVER. NOT ALICIA'S FAULT.

2226 days ago


Idiots. Even with those falls they still would've came in second. It's just how it is. If anything I'm extremely proud and impressed at how she got back up and finished up great. We should be proud to have such a strong team competing. Best of luck to her in finals.

As for this video, it's old. And it's retarded to use it against somebody TMZ. I'd like to see any of you working for TMZ try and compete at an international level. Bunch of lazy ass losers.

2226 days ago


Stupid- Yes Shia Labeouf you are soo cool. Another video showing an idiot hitting another idiot in the face.
Wow just makes me like this dumb chick even less. Makes sense why she was so terrible in the olympic competition. She should focus more on her gymnastics techniques. I don't think we lost the gold because of her mistakes.... The Chinese 10 year olds did better, but Alicia should have sat the entire competition out********************

2226 days ago


ATTN Natt and all you other self described experts- she DID cost them the medal. Her epic mistakes affected the rest of her team mentally. It does not matter that mathematically, her deductions didn't add up to the difference in points. Her teammates would not have made those mistakes had she not catastrophically collapsed. Alicia herself even said this and she's right. All of these 'experts' calling other posters idiots need to take a look in the mirror.

2226 days ago
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