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LC -- Officially Worthless

8/13/2008 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauren Conrad is a free woman.

We've learned that Kitson -- the boutique that was just trying to do a buy-one-get-one deal for LC's clothing line -- has finally just thrown up its hands and is giving away the rest of its Lauren overstock. At least they've found a reasonable destination: They're giving away her collection to Caitlin's Closet, a charity that gives girls dresses for their big events, like the prom and homecoming.

Gives new meaning to that old saw, "Off like a prom dress," doesn't it?


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Haha this is great, I love to see those untalented chicks from that MTV show fail.

I feel bad for those poor people who will get the clothes from "Caitlin's Closet" because they can't afford a dress for some kind of special event.

2262 days ago

keeping it real    

I am getting tired of hearing about all of thes reality tv stars. Anybody can become famous for anythig stupid. The people making positive statements or remarks about lauren are most likely her friends and publicist. She has no talent. She is not that smart. I want to know who shops at bloomingdales? Mostly middle aged or old women. They only added her to appeal to young people.

2262 days ago


Lauren's line is doing great. Kitson is mad because she didn't want her clothes carried there. She did show up for a personal appearance and it was filthy inside, unorganized, and the staffers didn't bother to wear deodorant. LC was horrified. Nordstroms and Bloomingdales are clean, organized and have professional sales staffers, all things that reflect what she wants to promote with her line.

2262 days ago


That is funny because they are selling out online and other boutiques could it be because of the Heidiwood line is cheaper and targets the low income people.

2262 days ago


LC is NOT a nice person - less than a month ago she completely freaked out at an Animal Charity event, after they spent $10K to bring her to NY and did not do anything she was supposed to do.
Its not that I think her clothes are ugly - but they are INCREDIBLY over priced. They won't sell for long at Bloomingdales. If I'm going to go drop $380 there, it's going to be a Von Furstenberg wrap dress - not a cheaply made knit piece of crap.

2262 days ago


She probably has a good defamation case against Kitson

2262 days ago


I love Lauren! But I think she would have never got her own clothing line if she wasnt on The Hills!

Cant wait for Monday! I am going to watch and play along with that Facebook Hills game tvClickr!

Join and talk with me:)

2262 days ago


She sould stick to being a stylist....leave Designing to people with TALENT, thank you.

2262 days ago


WILLYLUVSLC im not american! and let me tell u how wrooooong u are! LC is not inspiring at all! as a matter of fact she is one of the reasons that people over the world thinks american girls are nothing but "dumb blonde bimbos" and we are absolutely amazed that a girl with no brain cells is on TV and if any we all love to laugh at her,
and Janine, Nicole Kidman didnt dump her children, she is just the kind of person that likes to keep things for her self and keep her private life, PRIVATE! and remember those kids were also adopted by Tom Cruise who is the one that actually dumped those kids in order to jump on a couch!

2261 days ago


Um, Whoever just said, That you make 50.000 at the Clinque Counter Must be a like 13 yrs old. Because IF you could make that at the makeup counter. Teachers, Etc. would LEAVE there job as fast as possible to get to that counter to work there. LOL. HONEY, YOu can't make buy 15, 000 working for a Clinque counter. But its funny that you think, Someone could make that. IF that was the case people wouldnt go to college, and be a Dillards girl! LOL

2261 days ago

who cares??    

Who cares about these snobby rich kids?? The Hills is one of the worst shows in the history of television and everyone on the show is talent less and will be forgotten about pretty soon. Nobody really likes or cares about any of these people. The only reason they're even on a tv show is due to their rich parents who all have connections to the entertainment industry. The only reason they're talked about in the media is because they're rich parents hired big PR agencies to get their names out there constantly. F' these famous for no reson fools!!

2257 days ago


Nice of Kitson to give dresses they think are crap to girls who can't afford prom dresses. Am I the only one scratching my head over this one? Seems like a blatant attempt at free publicity for the crap store

2251 days ago
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