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Browne: You Should Know, I'm Not Team McCain!

8/14/2008 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Guess elephants have some serious short-term memory issues! Everyone knows singer Jackson Browne is a serious liberal, everyone except, apparently, John McCain. Now Browne is fighting mad and has filed suit against McCain and his party, alleging they falsely suggested he was on their side.

Browne claims the GOP used his epic hit "Running on Empty" in an ad for McCain without his permission, adding that the ad mocks Barack Obama, which Browne ain't none too happy about.

The suit wants the ad to stop running -- STAT -- and is seeking damages. Browne's lawyer Lawrence Iser says this ain't the first time McCain has done this -- he did it with ABBA's "Take a Chance on Me" and well-known Democrat John Mellencamp's song "Pink Houses." Iser says "In light of Jackson Browne's lifelong commitment to Democratic ideals and political candidates, the misappropriation of Jackson Browne's endorsement is entirely reprehensible."

McCain's rep Tucker Bounds shoots back "This was not a McCain campaign ad, but rather a local state Republican party ad. It is clear that the suit was mis-filed by an overeager Barack Obama supporter and it's 'running on empty;."


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john mccain should get sued he doesnt have anything else do but to sink himself in a deep hole

2225 days ago


Do Jackson Browne liberal values include beating women? Or driving them to suicide like his first wife?

2225 days ago


All those crappy McLame adds have Johhny old boy proudly stating "I'm John McLame and I approved this message. " He is a dirty politician and none too smart. We can't survive another one of those.

2225 days ago


Jackson Browne is a washed up has been and liberalism is a mental disorder.

2225 days ago


His music sucks anyway.

2225 days ago


Guess many of the Kool Aid drinkers post here. That music is so old, it doesn't matter. Sue your pants off nut job. You will not get a dime, unless the Messiah reimburses you. Ha!

This is so funny I can't help but laugh.

2225 days ago


Jackson Brown couldn't find himself in a closet. Furthermore it doesn't matter if McCain used the music or Mr. Messiah did. He is getting undeserved attention.

Did you ever notice that all Hollywood elite or Music (So called) stars are all liberal? Boy Oh Boy. Mr. Obama better get ready for a lesson in life. Liberals are losers.

2225 days ago


Before people post ignorant inaccurate information, they should get their facts straight. Jackson Browne filed a suit for defamation of character & won. The allegations they he hit any women is false.

2225 days ago


I love the way McCain's handlers can just take anything and make it theirs. Damn right Jackson Browne should be mad, but the impression is now out there and the republicans won't mind a little civil suit if their tactics help them win.

2225 days ago


Why do dems always call republicans greedy...

Yet all the movie stars with their 3billion dollar home and 2.4 million dollar summer home and their 3 billion dollar home out of the country... are all Liberals.


2225 days ago


and once again...

This guy is just bitter becaues his hero didn't want his song. Probably didn't even know the guy still existed, or that he was a musician in the first place.

bitter bitter bitter...

and yet people say conservatives are the bitter ones.

2225 days ago


Does the GOP EVER take responsibility for anything and do they ever NOT lie? Seriously, how stupid does one have to be to support the party that has destroyed our country completely in the last 8 years? And they are now saying all of this is Clinton's fault! Really? Last I checked he hasn't been in the White House for 8 years and when he left we had a strong economy with cheap gas. Huh.

McCain is pathetic and old and should join most of the others his age - retire! And those his age who are still working no doubt had to go back to work just to pay for medical costs and gas thanks to McCain's party.

2225 days ago


Rock on Jackson -- nail the Bas*ard!

2225 days ago


gee, mayu...people don't say that republicans are the bitter ones. we say that they're bloated narcissists that long for the gillded age. tragically, off-shoring is going to dampen more than a few spirits.

2224 days ago


I agree there are things worse than being a Republican. A woman beater being one of these things.

2224 days ago
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