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Casey: I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman

8/14/2008 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Aldridge is hotter than fish grease.

Our sources connected with Casey and Co. say he's ballistic at reports that he had an affair while Jamie Lynn was six months pregnant.

As for the picture of Casey with Kelli Dawson (the Sienna Miller of the South), he claims it was taken before he even hooked up with J.L.

Casey has called the Spears clan to vent and they believe his story.

And Casey has a point ... where he lives, there are just a bunch of one horse towns, so everybody knows everyone else's business.

Casey says it's all about Southern Sienna trying to make a buck.


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Who cares if he did someone else. The spears baby isn't his anyway.
Sheeshhh what a bunch of crackers.

2226 days ago


It's pretty obvious that the skank is lying. TMZ had paps so far up this kids a$$, if he was having sex with another woman, TMZ would have the pictures of the skank's uterus.

2226 days ago


Good Grief, Jamie Lynn Spears has had more penis inside her than an airport urinal. Why she picked this dolt as Daddy is anyones guess.

2226 days ago


This story is so very sickening ... this Kelli Dawson person is a liar and a skank who simply wants her five seconds of fame. This is just InTouch being pissy about all the stories OK! is getting from the Spears clan. Please quit hating on people - no one is "trash" here except the Dawson whore ... being young parents is so very hard already ... by publishing this rot, InTouch proves what most already knew - they are the trash - not Casey, Jamie, or their precious daughter. My support to them and I pray they work through this and get back to being happy and having a loving family.

2226 days ago


If he's willing to sleep with a little girl and get her pregnant, he's willing to sleep with anyone. So I don't doubt he had an affair.

That's her problem though. She picked him, layed with him at a young age, made a baby. Now she has to be a grown up, 5 years too early, and do what's best for her kid.

I'd dump his ass personally.

2226 days ago


I know this girl, she's a whore and has been since high school. She loves attention and loves to make a scene so this doesn't suprise me. The sad part is that her longtime on again off again boyfriend, Brandon Jones, is one of Casey's best friends.

2225 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Heck, when you meet people for sex in a Fresno resort hotel, what do you expect?

2224 days ago


Whether Casey "cheated" on Jamie Lynn or not, she is the smartest member of the Spears family, well, her and her Dad, and she needs to dump that jock loser. She's got her daughter, she's got money, youth, good looks, she can go far with her life if she dumps him. He will eventually drag her down if she keeps on with him.

2221 days ago

just me    

southern_girl is right on. kelli has always had her heart set on being in front of the camera. guess after being turned down for modeling she felt this was her claim to fame. personally, if i were to try to sleep my way to the top, i would start out with someone with more clout than casey aldridge.

2219 days ago

Semper Fi    

Don't know how true it is but I heard on a Houston radio yesterday that JL was preggo again. If it is true and now that she is 17 and will have 2 kids before she is 18 and not married yet, she's probably not a whore after all. By the way if any of you remember, Bill Clinton said he didn't do it either.

2165 days ago


Hotter than fishgrease refers to deep fried fish like catfish frys where the grease has to be way hotter than even French fry vats. It's a southern thing.

808 days ago
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