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K-Fed Parties Like a Kid ... Without the Kids

8/14/2008 5:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

$20k a month in alimony sure buys a lot of video games.
Kevin Federline
K-Daddy hit up Corbin Bowl in Tarzana, Calif. last night for an evening of arcade games and bowling. Think maybe SPF and JJ would have liked to have tagged along?


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To #43, amen I say, amen. Frankly I don't get it. The guy is what, 30? He still dresses like a punk. I know, someone will scream, age is just a number! But you know what, Federline is a jerk. He hooks up with Shar jackson, who hit the big time in a small way. Makes a baby with her, makes another one and hits the real big time with Spears and leaves Jackson. A real fine recommendation for a man. Got news for you folks who say "he deserves a night out". This is the whole problem with young folks today...they want the kids but they also want the life before the kids. Oh yeah, he is taking care of the kids....he pays a nanny and guards with money he gets from Spears. He pays his child support with money he gets from Spears. I am in no way saying Britney is any better. She had no damn business having kids, especially with a leech like federline. Parenting is a hands on job. It seems to me that Federline sure needs a hell of alot of down time...Vegas, video game rooms, trying to pick up women, the golf course etc. I see 2 little boys who are in for more heartbreak than the Melendez brothers. They won't stay little and cute for long...then the crap will really hit the fan.

2225 days ago

jen jen    

at least hes not blowing his money on starbucks, taco bell and cigarettes.

2225 days ago

neck slasher    

Dude should be in school, he's as dumb as a door knob. Pop n Lock Pop n Lock.

2224 days ago


As a mother of two young children I completely understand the need for "me" time. He is doing nothing wrong. Someone had to take care of those little boys and it appears he has stepped up and is doing the right thing. I am a fan of Britney the entertainer but as a person (especially mother) she is a total disappointment. She can never get back these days with her children and one day she will regret all her wasted time.

2224 days ago


LOSER! Just wait til Brit gets her 50% custody back. What will the FederLOSER do then? HUH? LOSER!

2224 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

Posted at 6:25PM on Aug 14th 2008 by LOSER

Harvey Levin is a LOSER

2224 days ago

Annonymous -    

why dont you email to harvey and tell him that yourself

2221 days ago

neck slasher    

Kevin should win father of the year once again for all the intellectual know how he must instill in his children's precious minds every day of the year. I'm sure he also responds to TMZ comments as often as he does since he obviously is so well read and has the writing skills of a modern day Shakespeare! Get it, SHAKE-SPEAR!! Damn, he should win quantum physicist of the year too! I'm starting a campaign right here and now! Power to the geniuses out there like KFAB!! WOOO HOOOO

2221 days ago

This is devastating.....    

To all those people sayin k-fed is doing a wonderful job taking care of his kids,your right,but how do we know that he is not taking responsibility to get money from britney so he doesn't have to work.I know why he married her...for the money.He took advantage of her when she was ill.He shouldn't have gotten 20,000 $ a month for those 2 little a 1 & 2 year old could use that amount of money,c'mon!!!!It is probably going toward he expenses & child support for his children with shar.I could see giving him money for raising the kids full time during britney's breakdown,but i donot think i would give him that amount of money let alone more unless he got a job,because how do we know that he is not using it for himself?with 20,000 he most certaintly is.And get rid of the nanny & raise the kids by your not working & there are plenty of other parents who are single parents,work &raise there kids with out a nanny,,if they can do it so can he,The day he dreses his age,instead of like a thug & gets a job i will respect him.Until then i think he is a loser living the high life..well he won't always have the bank of britney,,

2215 days ago
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