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Lil' Wayne to Court -- Bite Me!

8/14/2008 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So we were just told Lil' Wayne is playin' hooky from Manhattan criminal court right now because he has some kind of dental (or possibly medical) emergency that prevents him from driving.

Keep in mind we know all about court-skipping excuses (cough*DMX*cough) but this is a new one. Since when would Lil' Wayne -- Mr. Million-Album-Selling Rapper Man -- drive himself to court? And how about hitching a ride with Yung Berg, who's also due to show this AM?

No bench warrant or summons has been issued, as yet -- and he may still show. Wayne was due to face a weapons possessions charge.

UPDATE: So here's the story, from Richmond: Wayne's doc in Miami wouldn't let him get on the plane. It really was a toothy problem we're told, so the hearing's been pushed to September. Those diamond grills can be such a nuisance!


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Father Accused of Holding Family Captive

2227 days ago

standing up against racist    

I just want to say to all of the racist people commenting that you all sound very ignorant. I found the comments very offensive as a black woman. We all need to resepect to each other and stop putting each other down. So what if he doesn't show up for court. Whatever goes on in his personal life, is just that, personal. He's still the hottest rapper out right now. I agree with #15, go Obama, go!

standing up against racist

2227 days ago


White, black or whatever, he's still ugly. The jugde should charge him double for using his face as a weapon on a daily basis. That mug is finished. Maybe he doesn't realize you don't need a gun when your face looks the monster from the Aliens movies. He's a threat to society just by going out in public without a bag over his head. And lets not even talk about those teeth.

If he were a nice law abiding citizen, it would be different. But, he is a thug with no respect for the law and with his much publicized disrespect for women, they should put him in the same jail cell as Hulk Hogan's horrible, bratty ignorant kid. They could continuously blast Paris Hilton's album unitl they both went completely stark raving mad. No, that would be cruel and unusual punishment, wouldn't it?

2227 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Don't the teardrop tats mean that he's killed somebody? If so, then why is this POS not rotting in jail?

2227 days ago


Everytime there are anti crime comments seems the blackman cries racism. Maybe people dont like freaky looking criminals, who has no regard for others. I live in OC a few of my neighbors are professionals and black, that do not dress are act like this fool! One from Princeton and the other ex Charger both great people. Check your state on color, and consider most people dont like crime!

2227 days ago


ok #14 stand up against racist. You made the statement that what goes onthis hoodlums (I throwed that word in for effect)is personal.Let me tell you,when he is to be in court on a weapons charge,it becomes personal to everyone. A bullet doesn't go 2 ft. and stop. So any innocent person is in danger,so that makes it personal to them. I would be saying the sME THING about a white person if the story was about them. whitey aint perfect.Now, who would hire this freaky looking guy should he go broke and have to get a real job?nobody would because of all the war paint on his face. So don't call us ignorant.You say we should all respect each other,respect needs to be earned.Should I respect this guy who broke the law, didn't show up like the law said do,and paints his face up like a freak.? I think not.Even your own black leaders condenm Rap music and you say this guy is great at it. Now who is ignorant.?I want you to honestly tell everyone on here that color has no bearing on you sayin "go obama Go.

2227 days ago

Joe Mama    


2227 days ago

BJ Rocks    

LOSER! they get all of this money and think they are something and can do whatever it is they want. Still same piece of crap before the money

2227 days ago


Was this loser the prototype for teh alien in "Predator"? This is one ignorant, ugly dude!

2227 days ago


Just leave him alone I hear a lot of hating going on He's a man let him make his own decisions no more what he do I'm still going to buy his music and he is HOT and I like it Go Thug.

2214 days ago


LOL...thats the great thing about the USA, you can look any kind of way you want with out getting harrassed, as long as you don't look middle eastern....HA!

2205 days ago

sharma ferdinand    

i would love if all the hater would live the greatest rapper alive alone please because i can smell some jealousy.and just because lil wayne has more money than all those ass hole out there donn't make him less of a huma being than them

1591 days ago


I would love to see some of you guys that are talking bad about lil wayne and stuff actually say this to his face, you all know you wouldnt dare. Hes not ugly and hes probably way better looking than all of you. If they wont let him on a plane , then they wont let him on a plane. Not his fault.

1563 days ago
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