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Mayer Goes Straight Hood on Jen Aniston

8/14/2008 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer arrived back at his NYC apt. this morning. So John, why can't Jen Aniston keep a man?


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That would be a fascinating question if you could get him to answer it. Why can't she keep a man? Would love to hear his take.

2231 days ago

just wondering    

Jen dumped him - not the other way around. My boss knows a friend of Mayers and boo hoo, he is heart broken. Good for Jen. She can do better.

2231 days ago


Maybe she has yet to find a REAL man!!
Give 'em hell, Jen!!

2231 days ago


I don't think it's Jen, I think it's John being a loser. He really needs to look at himself and realize he's not all that. He's needs a big ego burst.

Brad-Jen ended relationship ddue to cheating.
Vince-Jen ended relationship due to party animal. Lack of maturity.
Paul Sculfor-Paul ended relationship due to media hawking.
John-Jen ended relationship due to John cheating.

Sound like to me she has valid reasons.

2231 days ago


Can she really date like a regular person? NO. Maybe that's why.

2231 days ago

Canyon Girl    

Jen is too good for almost all th Hollywood crowd. She needs to go outside the glitter and find someone who really cares for her.

Brad Pitt was a Grade A Number one louse and still is. He thinks he is so cool.

2231 days ago

that's all    

So what's new with Hollywood people? They seleep around like feral cats, cheat on their spouses, and have children out of wedlock they dump on nannies. At least no innocent kids are involved in this mess.

2231 days ago


why is everyone like, "why can't jen keep a man?" i far as i can remember, brad is the only man she couldn't "keep" - who else did she supposedly lose?? haha, if angelina was after any of your boyfriends/husbands you would probably lose them too, bitches.

2231 days ago


Boohoo for John....he came come visit me and I'll make his feel better!!

2231 days ago

Greg R    

Nice try people, she is a cold fish who is no more than a tease when the camara is on. Oh I'm wrong???? So why after all these years do people still ask "Why did Brad leave her for a whore named Angelina"?????????????????? And why is he still with th pig who changes men like Madonna changes........ well that skank probably doesn't change her draws so bad point. Why is he still with the pig that changes men like WENDY WILLIAMS changes wigs???? Anniston is a cold fish, "You want me to do what with what"????? I can't do that it will mess my hair. Bend over and out what where??????? Good lucking broad yes, sexual as Sarah Dogface Parker is beautiful. Go John get a real woman and forget that chain smoking cat trap closing wet Salmon of a woman.

2230 days ago


Yeah yeah you dopey Jennifer lovers, she is the dumper. Gad, do you have anything other going then to hit the sites sticking up for your queen? Doesn't it get old? Aren't you tired of spouting the same old thing? It's him, he is awful, she is perfect and can do better. Apparently not. Like you know the problem was Brad cheating. Like you know it was Vince's maturity level. You know why Paul lef the picture and now you know John was cheating? Yeah, all the men are so bad and evil and she is just the little pure, lily white saint. Give it a rest. Hear yourself!

2230 days ago


i told vince and john...SHE'S A NUT CASE!!! and she's got a bad case of the know what i mean fellas....anyway, time to upgrade to a much hotter i did!!!

2230 days ago


Brad Pitt is in his 40's...He wanted to be a father....Children gives you hope for your future happiness to many people...Its great to have Family, He found a woman (Angie) that had the same idea about their future and being a parents.

Maybe Jen doesnt want children, Not everyone should have them.
I personally think she will reget that 1 day, but hey, she is hollywood , and I guess she could wait til she was 50.

2230 days ago


That is the most sexist thing I've ever seen TMZ write, and that's saying something. Jen was in a long term relationship with Tate Donovan, then a long term relationship with her HUSBAND, Brad Pitt, and has casually dated since that break up. John has been through how many relationships in the last YEAR? How come he can't keep a WOMAN?

2230 days ago

just wondering    

#11, #12, #13 - all the same idiot.

2230 days ago
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