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Jury Sides With God, Pastor's Wife Cleared

8/14/2008 4:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Megachurch preacher's wife Victoria Osteen did not assault a flight attendant over a stain on her first class seat, a civil jury in Texas has ruled.

The jurors rejected Sharon Brown's claims that pastor Joel Osteen's wife caused her mental and physical harm -- even giving her hemorrhoids-- by going off on her on a 2005 flight from Houston to Vail, Colo.

Brown had said Miss Victoria went berserk when a spill on the armrest of her seat wasn't cleaned up quickly enough. Brown said the preacher's wife slammed her against the lavatory door, and elbowed her in the breast as she rushed the cockpit. A jury unanimously decided Brown's story was full of holy baloney and awarded her zilch.

Brown had sued for 10% of Osteen's net worth.


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I would almost believe Victoria if she hadn't been kicked off the plane. That right there, shows that some type of altercation went down and I do not doubt it was her that started it.

2171 days ago


I guess the "leaders' of those so-called chuches dont believe in taking the vow of poverty......

2171 days ago

hopefor amazing grace    

god gave the grace for this to happen now we wait and see if anything happens again-we are raised up and we are put down

2171 days ago

john wayne gacy    


the largest tax free business in the world.

it's very interesting how the absentee landlord above
still seems to collect rent every sunday morning...

2171 days ago


What a stupid whore!
And I mean Victoria!

2171 days ago


...that guy smiles so much I wonder if he has a central nervous system.

2171 days ago


So you little people remember gods first lady gets her way. Bitchy spoiled woman. Just keep givivg your money to her for gods sake.

2171 days ago

Mandaue Mactan    

If I were in charge of this airline, I'd find a desk job for Ms. Brown very quickly!

2171 days ago


And All God's children said, Amen! Victoria is a real sweetheart. And, to Vince W., yep, Jesus WOULD fly first class today. They didn't HAVE first class in His day. Think about it!

2171 days ago


Weird wacko waitress in the sky was looking to make money from the wild eyebrowed wicked phoney minister's wife wno steals from the innocent believers. This has nothing to do with God beacuse He's not on any side at all. He sees what's wrong with both of them and it's greed and self gratification and neither have embraced Him. They are both train wrecks and wretched. Who goes to court with Hemroids anyway and a bad bob job and what kind of spoiled whiney female would make a scene and hold up a plane for a simple spill taking first class using donations? Easy answer. Both are disgusting.

2171 days ago


Victoria is creepy looking.

2171 days ago

Triple Play    

You can get hemmorhoids from taking it in the Butt

2171 days ago

Eric Farmer    

Sounds like another case of someone looking for the "free-ride".

2171 days ago

big D    

The captain testified that he was not aware of a incident, So if the plane was delayed it was not the osteens fault, The osteens do not get paid for their service to the church, They make all their money off books, cd's or events they have, So the church is not being scammed. Joel also calls himself the feel good preacher, So he wants you to feel good about yourself ( i guess you can call that a motivational speaker in a way) , However at the end of each service he tells everyon get into a good bible based church, I dont think a cult leader would be telling people go to another church as well if they were a cult. I think people need to check the facts before they start making assumptions Just because were talking chrisianity here.

2171 days ago


Flight attendants have become way out of control.

They take advantage of the new power granted them since 9/11 by bullying passengers and starting fights because they know law enforcement will automatically side with them. Why is it always assumed the flight attendant is in the right, and the passenger is wrong? Flying commercially has become such misery all around it is not worth it anymore.

Some of these flight attendants are really nutso and should be psychologically screened, or not allowed to fly if they've flown too much and are exhausted and cranky and taking it out on passengers.

2171 days ago
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