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Different Spanish Team -- Same Racism

8/15/2008 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not to be outdone by the Spanish national Olympic basketball team, the Spanish women's tennis team pulled the same offensive pose that's apparently sweeping their nation. Ay dios mio!

This racy pic was taken during preparation for their Federation Cup match against China back in April.

The photo still remains on the team's website with the attached caption: "Estamos preparados para China", which translates to, "We are prepared for China." Yeah, preparing for the backlash!

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i know racism still exists but taking pictures with this kind of pose is like shouting out that you're racist to the world. its retarded when they say that its a friendly pose for the chinese olympics. i don't know what the China government and people think of this but as a Chinese American I am extremely offended.

2223 days ago


These pictures are so wrong, we need to stop posting them. Grow up

2223 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

i'm sure the chinese have a way of very subtly telling the spanish to go back home to their caves and shave their backs (women included)

2223 days ago


OMG!. This is absokutely unbelievable.

Let´s get some things straight:
- Spain is a modern country where evryone has the right to free college education, free medical assistance and where, as opossed to the US, there is virtually no poor people. Furhermore, it´s a contry with more than two thousand years of rich history (do Cervantes, Velazquez, Goya, Picaso, Lorca and a large etc ring a bell?).
- Spain is a power in sports big time: we are the current World Champions in Basketball; European Champions is Soccer (by far, the most popular sport in the world); Nadal is the best tennis player in the world; Alonso is a 2 time F1 world champion; Sastre just won the Tour de France, etc. I have to admit that we are not a power in the olympics though.

There is no doubt that the add was unfortunate. But to call it racist it´s just absurd. You have to understand that in Spain we don't have as many racial issues as you guys do in the US. Believe when I tell you that it was just meant as a nice gesture towards the Chinese people. As I see it, it was rather unfortunate cause it didn´t took into account the foreseeable reaction abroad, but there is no racial side to it whatsoever.

2223 days ago


I don't like people who do thing's like this! I'm asian and take much offense to both of these pictures! Even if they are just trying to joke around and arent trying to be racist...It still isnt a nice thing to do. I hope people will learn that it's not funny or cool to make racial joke's, It is just immature and stupid!

2223 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

It is unbelievable that despite being schooled about the offensiveness of these photos, the Spanish teams continue to display them instead of apologizing or expressing embarrassment. At the very least, they could admit that they do look stupid in these photos.

2223 days ago


To Fernando, what you didn't take into account was the reaction of Americans and our belief that the World is comprised of super-sensitive people. We are a Nation that has run amok the idea of political correctness and want to impose our PC policies onto the rest of the world. I guess we figure that if we have to be extremely cautious as to what we say and do, it’s only fair that everybody else should too. Welcome to the mind of an American.

To those proclaiming America the most racist country off all, it’s not true, we simply strain to see everything as “racist” and brand it with that label. This “controversy” is emblematic of that.

2223 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Okay, so again its morally offensive and wrong for these young kids to make fun of Asian eyes buts its okay for tmz to make fun of people with crossed eyes two stories up???? Explain, please.

2223 days ago

What the?!    

I don't know. I'm Asian and I feel like maybe they just don't know any better. It seems like they're doing it not out of hate or spite but because they just had no idea that it's racist. Maybe instead of being so angry at Spanish team members, we should inform them that it's innappropriate and that they shouldn't do that again.

I guess my point is, stupid things that are done innocently are only as hurtful as you allow them to be.

2223 days ago


It's funny people....get over it! If this offends you then you have some serious problems.

2223 days ago


If an American team would have done that, we would have been banned from the Olympics.......and kicked out of China....etc You think the Spanish team would have known that the Chinese would not like that....they did know that...it wasn't a joke. In China, respect is important. They look like a bunch of drunk goofs.

2223 days ago

that's all    

Allright. Get used to the fact that every country is America and that being too PC can suck. I'm sick of the Chinese who torture dogs or cats before eating them. Eat dogs and cats if you want, but there is no excuse for treating them inhumanely Why would someone want to eat an animal who licks it's buthole? Oh well, not to mention they torrture bears for their bile. What to get really offended? Watch out they treat animals and Tibetans on youtube. That picture will offend you way worse than Spain's pic.


2223 days ago


#21 Micheal:

We will never know if Americans would think nothing of the Asian folks forcing their eyes open in a photo will we? BECAUSE NONE OF US ARE THAT STUPID. At this point they are behavingthis way on PURPOSE. Laughing at all us as if we are over -reacting.

I thought sports was all about sportsmanship? It seems to me that Spain is just a piece of work who could care less whom they offend. Like we all couldn't go on and on about them?!

Shame on you, your thinking is backwards. This is the kind of thing that isn't just 'a joke' to me. Besides, this hardly Freedom of speech. Its just plain nasty at this point. Maybe you should move to Spain with all your buddies.

2223 days ago


My family is from Portugal, and they are all raciists for the most part. Teh people of Spain do think they are better then other races/cultures. They hate the black people the most, and everyone else comes in a close second. Now, they wont admit this, but its true.

The people of Spain should be lucky the workd even tolerates them. They have caused much opression since the begining of time. Taking over continents, that simply wasnt thiers. Religious opression and the blood of many lies with Spain.

I say, leave the Spainards to themselves in thie own elitest world.

2223 days ago


Gee- we got our own racists but at least they're not as stupid!

2223 days ago
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