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Different Spanish Team -- Same Racism

8/15/2008 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not to be outdone by the Spanish national Olympic basketball team, the Spanish women's tennis team pulled the same offensive pose that's apparently sweeping their nation. Ay dios mio!

This racy pic was taken during preparation for their Federation Cup match against China back in April.

The photo still remains on the team's website with the attached caption: "Estamos preparados para China", which translates to, "We are prepared for China." Yeah, preparing for the backlash!

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Geez, this argument of which country is more racist is never going to end. I guess every conflict between different groups of people is going to be interpreted as racism now. All over a picture of people making faces. Ridiculous. Digging history and politics to blame each other of racism. Get over it already.
I remeber growing up and some blacks insisting on being called African American. Big deal. Most of them don't care.

2197 days ago

Capt. Bone-a-Hoe    

They're not only insulting people of Chinese descent and origin--but they're also offending many in Indo-China, trhe Orient and Southeast Asia; because they too share much of the Chinese physical characteristic's.

2197 days ago


how irressponsible and disprectful i'd say whether it's joke or not. i'm sure if the sth similar were done onto them it would certainly make bigger headlines but since it's china everyone is like aww it's nth its just cute....how dumb but anyways ppl should learn to respect each other cultures given that ur in their country for god sakes!

2197 days ago


oh no! not again! another ignorant and moronic move by the Spanish team. USA just kicked Spain's asses in basketball. I'd like to see them make those chinese eyes now! ha! So stupid!

2197 days ago


Jane, Granted, the USA is not a saint in history. But everything mentioned is true. You can't argue the facts. If this were a thread about American racism then sure, there is PLENTY about American history that is shameful. However, it is NOT about America. It s about Spain. This is a big deal. It's not like Asians, African-American or Latinos for that matter can hide their distinctive racial characteristics. If a person is white they can be Irish, German, Dutch, Spanish, Jewish, Catholic , Agnostic or anything else for that matter. No one is going to know because there is no distinctive feature that segregate whites from other people. But, if a person has different skin color, eye shape, hair texture, one can't hide it. It's right out in the open. To mock or make a caricature based on someone's racial features is racist, insensitive and ignorant. Political correctness is so far off the mark. I'll bet any amount of money that if the Spanish team had made a joke about blacks EVERYONE would be outraged. At the very least, it's so bad mannered and ungracious of the Spaniards mock their hosts. It's like someone coming into YOUR house and start mocking you!

2197 days ago


To all non-Asians reading this. Would you personally be offended if you saw a picture of the Chinese basketball team doing "round eye"? I wouldn't! In fact I would think it was funny because they would look silly standing there, grown ass men, pulling there eyes up to mimic the appearance of Whites.

Now, if you thought about this imagery and concluded that you would NOT be offended then why in the world would you assume the Chinese are more thinned skinned than you??? The Chinese people are big boys, they don't need you playing mommy and trying to protect them from the meanies of the world. They don't need you to get outraged on their behalf.

And if you wouldn’t be offended but still feel the need to condemn the picture, then you are the real racist, not the Spanish basketball team. You see, your view is one that Whites are superior to Asians and thus can deflect mocking gestures much easier. The belief that your race is superior to another. Now that is what the word “racist” means, not taking a picture doing “Chinese” eyes. I’m sick of hearing that word improperly used… you sound like a bunch of buffoons. Oh and if you are White and would be offended by Chinese doing “round eye” then you are way too sensitive and ill-equipped mentally to deal with the reality of life on this planet. I suggest you end it now if you’re unable to roll with the punches.

2197 days ago


The fact that even after the original photo sparked up all of this controversy, and the team has merely given an empty apology, citing that it was not intentionally meant to offend anyone, just shows how truly ignorant they are. If you can honestly believe that it’s okay to make an overtly disrespectful gesture, directly against the people of the host country that you’re in, and not expect an uproar, then you’re truly an ignoramus. Perhaps they should pose with dunce caps instead, for the next photo op.

2196 days ago


Can they really be that f**king idiotic?!

2196 days ago

They SUCK    

It's nice to see how barbaric Spain is...Imagine how they would feel if the shoe was on the other foot. As an Asian-American, I am truly offended.

2196 days ago

I am asian!    

I am asian and this does not bother me at all. Anyone who says that this is racist should go get a hobby...or girlfriend.

2196 days ago


Please forgive them. I live in another spanish speaking country and ive seem similar stuff here.
The day the games began i was watching a morning show and since they were 'celebrating' the first day of the games, the female presentor was dressed in a chinese costume and had her make up done so that she would appear chinese with eyeliner and even had a talk on the air about how they did it and how she looked 'so chinese;
the male anchor had eyeliner too and he was so freaking ridiculous, he was talking spanish but with a chinese accent. and even did the 'spanish team photo' thing from time to time.

2196 days ago


If this were the German, American, or British teams they would have already been tossed out of the Olympics.

2195 days ago


I did that once and my eyes stayed like that for 3 weeks.

2195 days ago

Danielle Moss    

Que desgraciado. The Spanish have a long history of being racially insensitive, so this comes as no surprise. A few years back, Spanish football fans threw bananas at an African team when they were losing. You would think a country that was conquered by north Africans and ruled for over 800 years would have some semblance of sympathy for such sensitive issues. But then, maybe that's exactly why they have no sympathy or love for anyone different than themselves, including other Hispanics. Sorry bunch of sin verguenzas! lol

2194 days ago

Danielle Moss    

Actualmente, SpanishGirl, nosotros norteamericanos tenemos lo mas diversa poblacion en el mundo y sabemos mucho mas que el resto del mundo se quierria admitir. Quizas USTED debe que abrir los ojos al mundo que vive y darse cuenta que ud. esta viviendo en un pais que es uno del mas racialmente divisivo y insensible en el mundo.

2194 days ago
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