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Different Spanish Team -- Same Racism

8/15/2008 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not to be outdone by the Spanish national Olympic basketball team, the Spanish women's tennis team pulled the same offensive pose that's apparently sweeping their nation. Ay dios mio!

This racy pic was taken during preparation for their Federation Cup match against China back in April.

The photo still remains on the team's website with the attached caption: "Estamos preparados para China", which translates to, "We are prepared for China." Yeah, preparing for the backlash!

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Glenn Beck Fan    

ooooh boy.

Funny how most of the people (or all) that say that picture is racist then refer to all Spaniards as hairy, BO smelling, Mexicans, ugly etc.

Nobody explains why the picture is racist. Any of you saying it is racist even knows why you think it is racist? And I mean from your own thinking, not from being told that it is racist and just accepting it.

Those of you, would you think a picture for the olympics in Norway showing them all wearing blonde wigs and blue contacts would be racist? Don't kid yourself, you would not, that would be a complement. Like the old Golden Hair Califormia boy idea? Only people that think those eyes or the chinese people are inferior would consider that racist.

Incidentally, I am from Spain and live in the US and let me tell you, I know of those jokes Americans like so much about the "flied lice". Sure, you would not put that on an official ad, but only because you are too scared of failing the political correctness test.

And by the way, quit wasting your time trying to offend Spain with your nonsense, no ofende quien quiere, sino quien puede.

But thanks for your nonsense anyway because you have made me proud of Spain and I haven't been in a while.

2258 days ago


Bad choice by the Spanish team. they win the gold medal for racism.

2258 days ago


HOW ABOUT GIVING A LIST OF COUNTRIES WHO BURNED THE AMERICAN FLAG.... Stop being so sensitive. it'snot like they dropped a bomb or went in w machine guns... stick sand stones....

2258 days ago


Well put "Glenn Beck Fan" I could not agree more. And to "JAX" Where exactly do you want them to stick these sandstons? hahahaa.

2258 days ago

Glenn Beck Fan    

Danielle Moss:

"ud. esta viviendo en un pais que es uno del mas racialmente divisivo y insensible en el mundo."

Care to elaborate or it's just another bunch of empty words?

Yeah, the US is not racially divided at all, and I think we could all see that when Katrina hit. Other countries may have guettos, but not the US, not here.

2256 days ago

so what    


beleave me its quite an entertaining reaction ;) hope you all get to see is once in your life.
But ofcourse, fot that youd have to leave the woods.

2254 days ago


Yep, good old spanish racism. As somebody who has lived in Spain for more than 10yrs I can tell you it is probably the most racist country in Europe, just look at the way they treated Lewis Hamilton in Barcelona, then yesterday in the GP in Valencia he was booed when collecting his trophy for 2nd place. Ridiculous. Also the countless football matches where a foreign team has come to play and the old gorilla sounds rear their ugly heads once more, Emile Heskey playing for England would remember this I am sure. The thing is, its not a minority in Spain, it is a vast majority of the population who think like this. Just watch a black person walk down the street in an un-touristy town, he would get more looks than a naked playboy bunny. Its ridiculous and something needs to be done to make these bigots realise that we are in the 21st century.

2252 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

racist slaveship masters. when will people finally freakin get it??? SPAIN = SLAVESHIP OWNERS!! BIG ONES, THE BIGGEST ONES!!! DUH!!! THE WORST, THE MOST BRUTAL AND THE BIGGEST BUSINESS. Spain as well as Portugal. duh!!! never been taken/held responsible for this!

1284 days ago
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