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Is That F&$*ing Bigfoot?!?!

8/15/2008 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Holy crap ... what is that?!? Two Bigfoot enthusiasts (yes, there are those out there) from Georgia claim to have found the body of a real live, er, dead, sasquatch.

Wackadoodles Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer say they will reveal the dead hairy body today at a press conference as proof once and for all that Bigfoot exists. They've released a photo on their website of what they say they found in the woods-- the body of some hairy beast stuffed in a freezer. They say the more than 500 lb, 7' 7" thing is male, has reddish hair and "blackish-gray" eyes and human-like feet, hands and teeth.

Not so fast say some, another Bigfoot website is calling out these two as hoaxters, saying their animal is nothing more than a Halloween costume topped with animal entrails.

Is it or isn't it?? The truth is out there.


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cmon, thats faker than chris angel

2257 days ago


Hey Local Reporter---they have said when the press conference is--today at 12pm California time, which is 2pm for me. They had it on the Today Show and on a couple of local news shows. I hope it is not a fake because I think it would be really cool too. The men have good creditials and dont seem to be just some yahoo's. We will see!

2257 days ago

wtf people    

#6 - You can't clearly see *anything* in that photo, nevermind the eyes. =P

#13 - The news conference is at 3pm eastern.

2257 days ago


Dang, that thing looks like it smells baaaaad! I give them a C-.

2257 days ago


looks like someone is a fan of the movie "STRANGE WILDERNESS" a lil too much lol a dead bigfoot? at least they didnt say he hung himself!!!!!

2257 days ago


Of COURSE its a big fake. I saw a costume just like that at a Halloween costume store last year.

It's not even a good attempt at a fake. Pretty lame.

2257 days ago


He looks as real as the guy in the mickey mouse suit. Hey Robert!

2257 days ago


I was Bow hunting last year and saw BigFoot. I could not get a shot so I detained him with conversation. BELIEVE you me! he is not that intelligent. He didn't even know who PARIS HILTON was. GEESCH!!

2257 days ago


hey kelli whats up babe!

2257 days ago


Excuse us folks for going off topic. Hey bud, how is the family? My kids are throwing me a Hannah Montana party tomorrow for my b/day. Y'all come on down to Texas! lol Nice to see ya, I have been working my buns off lately!!

2257 days ago

skunk ape    

They have got the real thing and everyone else is jealous. This will be the most important discovery of the the century. It has been theorized that this particular clan of Bigfoots subsists mostly on Ivory Billed Woodpeckers, which is why they are extinct.
If we do not act soon to get Bigfoot on the endangered species list we will lose what remains of this "missing link" in human history !

2257 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

The "hoaxters" link is worth reading. These guys are going the Paris Hilton route of there's no such thing as bad press

2257 days ago


C'mon this is all a stunt for JACKSLINNK JERKY.

/messin' with Sasquatch!

2257 days ago


They just want some attention after all of the attention that the Montauk Monster got.

2257 days ago


It better be because these guys are going to have to answer to a lot of people. Why put yourself through all the scrutiny when a fake will be found out very quickly. Even Paris Hilton with her bad press is better than no press wouldn't go this far, would she?

2257 days ago
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