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Whatcha Lookin' At?

8/15/2008 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They say men (and some women!) have lazy, er, wandering eyes ... here's proof!
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Paris Hilton has that "wonky" eye thing going on, kinda like an iguana.

2258 days ago


Wow, so now TMZ is making fun of someone with a disability? Would you make fun of someone because they were Jewish?

2258 days ago


First off it was bad enough you guys made fun of Joaquim cleft lip now crossed eyes???? That is just WRONG....and no one really looks crossed eyed...ever think that is just the direction they were lookin in...hmmmmmmm rocket science on TMZ.

2258 days ago


Oh here we go, #2 is on the band wagon to make something out of nothing if you're so insulted by TMZ why do you visit their website??? This is they're job, if you dont like it, dont come back--its that simple

2258 days ago


Bonton, it's not that it's insulting, it's just in this case they're completely wrong.

2258 days ago

Julie from Boston    

I am TOTALLY confused. 99% of these people are not cross eyed and do not have lazy eyes. I don't understand this post at all. Is this supposed to be a joke or something? Whoever's bright idea this was should get fired for incompetence.

2258 days ago


"Scott had a couple of cornea transplants when he was younger. But, in 2002, Scott had been invited to join in the New York Jets pre-season training camp by head coach Herm Edwards. Scott was filming a story about football minicamps for ESPN. He was struck by a football launched from a Jets football passing machine during receiver drills. He had to undergo corneal surgery that same evening and was out of work for a couple months. He now wears thicker glasses and has the teleprompter moved closer."

Har har! He looks funny!

2258 days ago

i hate hollywood    

i dont know who's more of an ass, Bonton, or the tmz staffer that put up this lame ass story. TMZ, it's not cool to make fun of someone with a medical condition, you can make fun of them for being stupid, whores, drunks, cheeters, ect, but a medical condition is not something to point a finger at. Why dont you make fun of vern next and laugh at him for being short. I think the guys an ass, but it would be the same thing your doing now. And MOST of the people in your list do not have lazy, or crossed eyes. this is a new low for tmz. i doubt this will even get posted cause you guys are a bunch of hacks.

2258 days ago

King Beef    

What? No Lucy Liu??

2258 days ago


I can't wait for the "Celebrities with Unseemly Kidney Transplant Scars" slideshow!

2258 days ago


LOL Oh #11 arent you a drama queen! I admit I dont see much of crossed eyes in that line up, but your outrage is a bit much---Its a tabloid website---again,if its so offensive, why do you bother coming on? I mean really, for someone who dubs themselves "I hate hollywood" its a mystery why you tune in to see whats going on...hmmm...

2258 days ago


thanks guys, that really made me feel good-since I have a wandering eye. I am also blind in it. Is that funny to you too?

2258 days ago


lol what the hell? my previous comment and the 10 before it were deleted! I guess we were a little too critical of the slideshow!!

2258 days ago

Beauty in the eyes of the beholder    

How obscured..... Without reading the headlines, I assumed the post was something on guess which star owns these attractive eyes. Not once did I even notice it was about "lazy eyes' and/or "crossed eyes" until I started reading the comments post. Nor did I notice the problems with Stuart's eyes which I thought were very mesmerizing in a good attractive nature. TMZ should be ashamed of themselves. How about post poking fun at your staffers. We've all seen some of you on the "idiot tube" (television) and unless you all on a special edition copy of a mirror from Snow White's fairy tale, I suggest you all stop making fun of others.

2258 days ago


IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!HE HAS A GLASS EYE................................

2258 days ago
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