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Zahara to Brad: You're All Mine Today

8/15/2008 10:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even with new twins, Brad Pitt made sure to spend some quality time with his eldest daughter Zahara during vacation time in France.

Brad knows Princess Z needs her alone time with daddy.


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It's ignorant to comment on the ugliness of any baby, period. I have to wonder though, if Zahara was white, would people be so quick to scream racist if a ugly comment was made?

Their children are beautiful and I'm sure Jolie-Pitt love them. The problem I have with Jolie-Pitt ; they're media whore hypocrites. They'll say the right things then do the other. Remember when Jolie brought Pax home and she claimed she was going to stop acting for awhile to help him adjust? What happen there?

What about when Jolie said she can never see giving birth when there are so many need children. Um, okay.

They should both shut up, especially her. If she never talks then maybe she won't make a hypocrite out of herself. They should live in a different country other than the US and give their children a stable life. It's obvious US is good enough to pay to see their movies but not good enough to bare their children.

2225 days ago

Canyon Girl    

It's said when people like these two adopt kids that will never know their culture. They make more of the adopted kids than their own. Brad is pathetic - in order to get (God know why he would want to - but he is no prize either) Angelina he had to agree to adopt these non-white children. Wonder what his relatives think in private.

2225 days ago

mrs. brand    

Remember when Brad used to be hot? Me either.

2225 days ago


Your own families must suck if you're making such nasty remarks about this one which is obviously very happy. Your jealousy is not attractive but it's coming from losers so who cares.

2225 days ago


I also think something must be awry with Zahara's legs. I don't ever recall seeing a photograph of her when she wasn't being held, yet the other children have been photographed walking and playing independently (maybe not Shiloh).

Anyway, I hope she is okay.

2225 days ago


Jas - I agree. That has always been the problem that I've had with them (her especially). I remember when she adopted Maddox. She said that there were so many children in the world that were unwanted. She would "never" have biological children because she would feel so selfish and guilty. But then, she realized that Brad was going to get over his infatuation with Maddox and desperately wanted his "own" child. Hypocrite - most definitely. Then the comment after adopting Pax and cranking out 2 or 3 films. And people wonder why Brad has aged so in such a short period of time. I don't doubt that he really does love all of these kids but he must be asking himself over and over "what did I get myself into". It just seems that whenever he starts to have doubts, she gets pregnant.

2225 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    


2225 days ago


Pitt turned into the "pits" after he hooked up with skank Jolie. They are disgusting.

2225 days ago


Pitt is one french fry short of a happy meal or he would have had better judgment in the first place.

2225 days ago


i cannot believe how ignorant some of you are! Brad and Angie always carry the kids because they like it. yes, Z can walk and no she's not ugly like your pedophile dad FIBiker (i bet you loved daddys' lolipop), yes, they do go out with Shi, yes at first Brad and Angie only wanted to adopt kids but then changed their mind, no they have 3 biological kids and 3 adopted ones, they are good parents who are loaded with money. do you really think they care about your opinion of them? SERIOUSLY! JEALOUSY IS A BITCH THAT KEEPS COMING BACK LIKE AN ITCH!

2225 days ago


Does this biotch ever have to walk? I wish i had Brad Pitt carrying me around all day.

2225 days ago


Do those kids ever walk?

2225 days ago


Everytime Brad puts her down to play in the sandox, the neihborhood cats try to bury her.

2225 days ago

HRH Red    

Does Z have a tatoo on her arm?

2225 days ago

Just sayin.....    

I can't beleive how many HATERS there are over a 4yr old little girl! GROW UP PEOPLE!

2225 days ago
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