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Happy Botoxday to You, Madge!

8/16/2008 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Material Marm turns 18,250 days old today, but it looks like she's been frozen in time.
The 50-year-old is officially a golden girl.


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Why should Madonna or anyone else have to give up what they love doing because they turn 50 years old? Why should she have to retire? What if you were told to stop doing your job that you love doing because you are getting older? She is physically fit and capable to do her job, right? People enjoy her music and performances so why stop doing what you love doing? It is really sad when people are put down for how they are aging. What does it matter what she looks like, good or not so good? I think she is aging just like she should be. Really think about it. Should a persons looks stop them from doing what they want and love to do if their are people who love them and want them to continue? It's sad to think an aging face should force you to be an unproductive hermit.

2255 days ago


Happy Birthday Madonna!You look beautiful.I will never understand why so many people rag on you except for their own jealousies and ignornace.The picture on the right is of a young woman who did not have children yet,Giving birth changes the body and the face.The younger picture is just that, young, the other one is of the mature Madonna.If she has had some work done than that is her business at least she did not die like Kanye's mother did, I wonder how she's lookin all dead.And she has always had roots showing so that is nothing new. People have no respect for anyone anymore expecially the for the grown ups.The young people of these days need a whipping on their baby buttz by their nobody parents and show some respect cus you too will get all old and wrinkly and have no money to fix yourselves up!!! Plastic surgery has come along way and their is nothing wrong with it, would you not get an angioplasty if your arteries were all closed up? I know Madonna would beat the crap out of anyone younger than herself in a new york second because she is stronger than YOU. She takes very good care of herself unlike the crackheads on this post!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG STAR

2255 days ago


I know she can't help being ugly, but she could at least stay home!

2255 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

I'm 55 and look pretty damn good for my age if I must say so (and I DIDN'T have ANY "work done"). My brother is in his 60s and looks 20 years younger than he is (again, people, no work). I have a sister who looks 10 years OLDER than she is. People are always surprised by my age - not only my face but I am slim and in good shape. If I had the extra $, I would have had a few lines removed, etc. But SO WHAT? I believe the person who signs "TMZ Hires 13 Year Olds" knows what he/she is talking about. 50, my dear friends, is not OLD. When you get there you will see. Life goes on. Skin sags, hair thins, nice straight backs curve a little ... should we just stop living and enter reitrement homes? I love what I do (business world) and plan on working another 15 years (10-12 hour days). I went to a Ringo Starr concent recently b/c one of my KIDS wanted to go. My friend (also in her 50s ~ gasp) just went to a Rod Stewart concert, I have tickets to Madonna's Miami concert. Try getting a ticket, my friends. It ain't easy - be ready to open those wallets if you are lucky enough to be able to get a good seat (if not already sold out). I guess all of those who want to see her in concert must be 50 or over. I have seen Justin Timberlake, the Jonas Bros., Janet Jackson, Carrie Underwood, Britney Spears, Jon Mayer, Billy Joel, Mick Jagger, Miley Cyrus, American Idols, and many, many, many others in concert (remember, I'm OLD). Most people don't purchase tickets based on the age of the performer. My wish for all of you youngins, is that you all age gracefully and become less bitter along the way. (You might want to get away from the computer for a bit, take a walk (a very long walk), take care of your skin, and find interests other than bashing people - it will help.)

2255 days ago


Have the TMZ retards forgot about a well known calendar element called "leap years" or what? That's when there are 366 days in a year, occurring every four years, known as "February 29". Therefore, Madonna's age is not a simple 50 x 365 calculation (4th grade math level of TMZ editors) - it would include 13 additional leap year days making the actual age in days: 18,263 as of her birthday. You guys really should have paid attention in 5th grade, and beyond.

2255 days ago


Anyone else see a stricking resemblence to William Defoe in the Boondock Saints? Particularly when he has the wig on.... creepy

2255 days ago


I thought Phyllis Dyler (sp) was older than 50!

2255 days ago


#80, TMZ Retards Strike Again

The shear fact you sat and figured that out is disturbing, anal, and just f**ked up.

You need to move out of your mothers basement 50 year old virgin.

2255 days ago


Rode hard and put away wet too many times. Fade away Madonna. Youth is gold... not golden girl.

2255 days ago


Re: #82 - JT. The "shear" [sic] fact that I figured that out was EASY math. 18,250 is a round number, easily divisible by 365. It was OBVIOUS. The ZERO on the end of the number was the give-away and these retarded editors can't fathom leap years when trashing a celebrity for her age. This was an obvious error, even to a 6th grader with any intelligence, which you apparently haven't been graced with.

Further, I'm 45 and looking good for my age too as is apparent by the fact that my girlfriend is 23, built just like Scarlet Johannson, super INTELLIGENT, appreciates all I have to offer as well and I'm by no means "rich". Some women just appreciate an intelligent and attractive guy and age is not a factor. Life's good JT!!! Imbecile... Anal? I don't care about your latent tendencies dude.

"82. #80, TMZ Retards Strike Again

The shear fact you sat and figured that out is disturbing, anal, and just f**ked up.

You need to move out of your mothers basement 50 year old virgin."

2255 days ago

Not Blind    

Who the hell's been doing her hair the last few years?? That wasn't even attractive in the '70's, when girls who couldn't afford a trip to the "beauty shop" tried to make 'do themselves.

2254 days ago


Long Live the Queen Of THe Universe!!! She looks great. She rules!!

2254 days ago

bewildered bystander    


2253 days ago


i love madonna, don't get me wrong, but my mother is 51 and looks much better than she does. madonna definitely doesn't have the body of a 50-year-old, but as far as her face... definitely 50. ew. and those hands of hers look 85.

2243 days ago


I think Madonna looks great. So what if she's had botox :)

1142 days ago
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