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Mrs. Fields: There's Nothing Left in My Cookie Jar

8/17/2008 7:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Mrs. Fields cookie empire must be kicking themselves for not making fortune cookies -- cause they could've used the heads up on their pending bankruptcy!

The Chapter 11 filing for Mrs Fields Famous Brands LLC is to be brought to court by August 25 -- after creditors vote on what's being called a "prepackaged" bankruptcy plan.

As in life, you never know how your cookie will crumble.


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2259 days ago


Her cookies are AWFUL!! Never liked them...

2259 days ago


They are awful and her cook books are even worse...

2259 days ago


Debbie Fields is/was smoking hot. Her cookies aren't too bad either. But, they are too expensive.

2259 days ago

ex cookie admin    

I worked where they made the cookies in Utah. My manager was a beast from hell. I am sure she was the one that ran it into the ground. Jennifer Jobin was a heartless B#*&^% with no soul. She did not care who she ran over to get to the top. Very evil woman! She gets what she deserves. KARMA BABY

2259 days ago


FYI: Debbie Fields sold her cookie company a LONG time ago! So if the cookies taste like crap, dudes, you can't blame her, because she hasn't been involved for 10 yrs +

In any case, it going down the drain isn't a surprise. She's not there...DUH!!!

2259 days ago


I did Mrs Fields hair for many years and she was such an awful bitch. Everyone in the salon would laugh behind her back. Even though she sold the company she would come in with boxes of cookies and walk back and forth through the place several times to make sure EVERYONE knew how "important" and who she was. The woman was so stuck on herself and fake as all get out. Just a rude conceited bitch who wore waaaay to much makeup and tacky long fake nails.

2259 days ago


She isn't around and sold the business because she married a rich rich man who now knows what a bitch she really is. He is miserable with her and her horrid daughters.

2259 days ago


whats the difference between chips ahoy and chips amoy ?-
ones a cookie with smarties the others a smartie with cookies !

2259 days ago


I think this is great news. She was a total bitch who gave a portion of her earnings to the Christian right. She also voted against anything that gave women equal rights. She publicly admittted she hates blacks, gays, Jews, and asked her employees in the Bay Area not to serve "anyone who looked gay" and told her stores in other areas "to be cautious" when black folks came in.

2259 days ago

Cookie Biz Girl    

Wow! I can't believe how violent and passionate you people are about cookies. I worked for the company for almost 10 years and after reading articles from credible sources like the NY Times and USA Today, this sounds like a financial restructure and the company doesn't appear to be going anywhere. As to a couple of the comments about Debbi herself... you missed the boat. She's an amazing and inspired woman, who made her dreams a reality. Also, I too worked at the Mail Order division and Jennifer Jobin was amazing to work for, The ex cookie admin above must have been lazy and bad at their job to ever get a negative impression of her. Their cookies are amazing and the company always treated me right. I look forward to enjoying their products for years to come.

2255 days ago

ex cookie admin    

Well I was a great asset to the department and was not lazy was very ambitious just not enough work there. Seems you have your story wrong. I would hear her talk bad about her children her husband and many others. I could run circles around that department as well as the shipping and baking department. She just had her favorites and would only allow who she wanted in her clique. I also had several other managers that worked there say the same thing, So you must have been one of her favorites. As for Debbie she was a wonderful woman. She is an inspiration to women. That is great that the company treated you well. I have moved on to bigger and better.

2246 days ago

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