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Tom Jones:

It's Not Unusual

to Wear a Mankini

8/17/2008 8:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Jones, known for a his long, er, singing career, let it all almost hang out while at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.



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Correction to the comment above ^^^, the other child is reportedly a son, not a daughter...

2255 days ago


Tom still looks sexy! Saw him in concert last month, and he gave such a great performance - can't wait to see him again! You go still have it ALL and we love ya!

2255 days ago

still crazy for Tom after all these years    

I think this man looks fantastic and should be proud to wear the mankini. The physical strength and stamina required to perform his show must be exhausting (for someone even half his age!). I saw him in Reno last month and plan to see him again in November in Las Vegas. He was my first "crush" when I saw him perform in 1971, a dream come true after watching him on TV for 3 years; all which set the standard in my life for what sexy is to me. Tom Jones oozes sex appeal AND seems to be thoroughly enjoying the life he has created for himself. Sure, his marriage is unconventional, but they have been together for 50+ years so it must be rewarding to both of them on some level. He is talented and seems like a genuine nice guy. I would like to share a bottle of champagne with him and say "thank you" for all countless hours of pleasure he has given me. Hell, my husband would want to join us! Love You Tom!

2255 days ago


To Still Crazy for Tom After all These Years,

I must say that you certainly got all my thoughts and feelings down on paper. I know Tom personally, and he is a very nice, gentle man.

2255 days ago


It's the "bro", not the "manzere"!

2254 days ago


Haters. Tom looks great! Most guys should look so good at 38, 48 or 58, let alone 68!!! As for his talent, that stands alone and has withstood the test of time.

The other comments about his marriage and personal life are inappropriate and have NOTHING whatsoever to do with what the man looks like in his speedo! Focus people. Stay on topic.

Doubt his singing ability or charisma at 68? Go see him in Vegas. He puts on a fantastic show, has a great voice and still has the audience charmed.

2254 days ago


Really, he has a 26 yr old girlfriend. Was she with him all weekend? Good for him. You go Tom

2253 days ago


I don't see why so many people are getting upset over these pictures....TOM YOU ARE SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2253 days ago


I think Tom looks great for his age!!!!!! TOM YOU ARE SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2253 days ago


awwwwww Man you people are just too cruel!!! Denise that wasn't nice sending in these pics. Give the old fart a break!!!

2252 days ago

still crazy for Tom after all these years    

To lilolita:

He really is the complete package - 68 or not! Can you hook me up so I can share that bottle of champagne with Sir Tom on November 5th, 6th or 7th in Las Vegas!?

Denise H.

2247 days ago


Hey cky, who took the photos?

2240 days ago


I want to start off by saying this. Anyone who could possibly call him a mess or likewise definitely does not know anything about a man of wealth, class and dignity. I also would like to see all of your husbands at his age. Im sure none of them will look or have the stamina that he has. Everyone is so quick to judge but we must look at the whole package. Could your husband provide a lifestyle for you that Tom has given to his wife and family for many years? Or would your husband if he had the CHANCE hook up with 26 yr old women and still come home to you and support you? Hhahahahahah I think not!!! They would leave your ass so fast it would make your head spin. This man is definition of "class". So to all of you who would like to put him down. I would think twice before I utter another ill word!

2197 days ago


VoiceisVelvet, I took the photos...why? Do you want a set?

2172 days ago


I've enjoyed Tom sence i was 10yrs. old. I thought he was the "Cats meow" back then, still do. I like his speedo, there are guys half his age that don't look as good as he doves. Having seen him in concert last year he still has a wonderful voice. I admit it's not the voice he had in the 60's and 70's "but still holding strong. He really brings heart and soul to a song. He has earned the title "The Voice." The concert i saw him in was awesome. He is so charming, and charismatic and holds an audience captive. My husband went cause my girlfriend got sick, he said he was suprised just how much he enjoyed it, he said he would go again. People who meet Tom always say what a gentleman he is and how kind he is. Tom is human and has faults like the rest of us, the main one i quess is he's loved women like they loved him. He doesn't have a faithful reputation, doesn't pretend to. He stays with his wife because he said he loves her more than any other woman, and they are "best-friends." His autobi. said this was very important. She "Linda" has a phobia that keeps her bound down "agoraphobia" its fear of strangers and public places. Thats why she's seldom seen out in public. He does have another son beside Mark, according to his bio i read by Eggars. The boys name is Johnathan Berkery, lives in Florida, his mom was supposedly a model, there was 2 DNA test done according to the book. He's about 16yrs. old now, but has never met his dad Tom. The bio by Eggers also suggest he has another child by a woman in England, a place called the the "potteries" the mother of that child only sent a code message "bullseye" to let Tom know of the pregnancy but made no demands. She was content to have TJ's baby, according to the book. Tom says he and Linda don't question each other anymore, she just tells him to be "careful" and please don't up and leave with a younger woman, he assures her he his hers until the end and their life won't change. So Linda is no dummy she knows who Tom Jones the star is, she also knows who's number one with Tommy Woodward when he's at home, and she'll want for nothing, except more of him than he can give... for now. The bio "Tom Jones" by Robin Eggar is very informative. Sure hope to get my TJ fix again this year, i'm in withdraw need to see my main man, and he's got new songs to share too. Love ya Tom, get well soon.

1571 days ago
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