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Which NFL Groupie Deserves Your Pigskin?

8/17/2008 11:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's fantasy football time -- and you need to choose a tight end.

Tom Brady goes deep with Gisele, Reggie Bush runs all over Kim K. and Tony Romo's wide receiver is Jess Simpson.

The question is ...


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In about 10 years, that Kim K is going to be as big as a cow.

2225 days ago


I can't believe tmz has the nerve to lump Giselle Bundchen in with those two classless losers. Giselle is a multi million dollar earning supermodel who had success long before Tom Brady. She is only in long term relationships, she hasn't let every black man in LA run through her like Kim and she's not some dumb bimbo like Jessica Simpson who practically has to strong arm Tony Romo into staying with her tranny ass. Oh yeah and she didn't have to make a sex tape with a d-list rapper to become famous.

2225 days ago


I don't understand why Giselle is on the list either.She is the only one not using her relationship for publicity. They avoid the cameras, unlike the others. She is a supermodel, not a cheap pin up girl (Kim Kardashian). Even dumbass Jessica Simpson was a brand before she hooked up with Tony. Kim..please, her claim to, ahem, fame is sucking Ray J off on tape. She has done NOTHING relevant or anything that calls for talent. The other two at least used talent to get to the top. They're not groupies. Kim on the other hand, is very much so an industry ho. She attaches herself to famous people (Brandy, Paris Hilton, Aubrey, Ray J, Nick Lachey, Nick Cannon) - anybody with any fame - in hopes to garner attention for herself. Once she milks it for all it's worth, or she see she can't get anything out of it, she is out. Just look at her track record.

2225 days ago


To #19, well said!

2225 days ago

texano girl    

Tony Romo could have scored a touchdown with Carrie Underwood. Man, she was smokin hot on that Idol Finale show in
that tuxedo dress thing. Shizzile Sizzle those legs. mmmm good baby! Look up her bikini pics here on TMZ.
D*mn Romo, are you on crack. Trading down to everybodies had her Simpson. F>U>M>B>L>E

I like the Kardashian Show. She's the prettiest of the three sisters.
Gisele is classy. She keeps a low profile.

2225 days ago


I don't understand why Gisele is on the list either. At least Kim and Jessica don't have their boyfriends on tight leashes and didn't steal their boyfriends from someone else.

2225 days ago

citizen kope    

jessica simpson sucks ass.....she is so stupid i can't stand her.....if romo knew what was good for him and his team he'd get rid of that bad luck bitch

2225 days ago


Idol Stalker, I can't even count on two hands how many guys Gisele Bundchen has dated.

2225 days ago


i shoose the middle girl that looks lantina yeah baby call me

2225 days ago


Romo the Homo will choke again this year.......with or without that slut Jessica!!!!!

2225 days ago

texano girl    

really starbucks, wow, didnt know I guess it just seems like she's been with Tommy boy a while. Should we also change her
name to Been with everybody Buchden?

2225 days ago

texano girl    

None Cause None of these ladies are on your list and I know they all like a little pigskin now and then or maybe beanie weinie.

Jessica Alba
Gwen Stefani
Megan Fox
Carrie Underwood
Scarlett Johanson

2225 days ago

name withheld    

Yep, I'm giving this one to Jessica. She looks stunning recently, and I love a healthy glow from you know what!

2225 days ago


Kim K is just a nasty b!tch! I can't stand her and I have yet to figure out why she is even remotely considered a celebrity. What does she do except walk around with her fat azz sticking out all day. What entitles her to be a celeb? I've never seen her act, sing, dance, etc etc. Well I actually saw one movie with her and she even sucked in that!! DEAD LAY!!!

2225 days ago


EWW who voted for that fat toilet Kim K?? HAHAHAHA. She probably voted for herself. She is the most disgusting creature I've ever seen and her huge disgusting fake ass makes her look like a goat. Such a vile creature.

2225 days ago
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