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Jonas Bros Blow Off Beatles

8/18/2008 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The pre-teen hysteria caused by the Jonas Brothers has been compared to Beatlemania -- so we challenged the boys, who weren't even fetuses when the Fab Four were huge, to name just one -- ONE -- of the Beatles.

It didn't go well ... but we're just surprised our photog knew all three Jonases by first name.


No Avatar


"Do you have any advice for Paul McCartney?"...???!!!???

Do you actually pay this man for such drivvle?

Doing a splendid job. Really.

2227 days ago


mark my words people, DAVID ARCHULETA is the next ELVIS! his new song CRUSH is better than anything the JB have put out!

2227 days ago


The gay, gay, gay boys cannot sing or dance. How dare TMZ compare them to the Beatles! ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R there 15 minutes up yet!

2227 days ago

Black Power    

Even if they couldn't understand what the photog has to say, I'd be surprised if they knew who the Beatles were. The are doing fine with the teen set right now, but next year those same teens will find another group to drool over. Remember the Spice Girls? How about Hanson, or all the boy and girl groups that have come and gone? These boys seriously have to go back and study the history of music, especially rock and roll. Then, maybe they will have not only an appreciation for what came before them, but maybe even a longer career in a tough business.

Clint of the mountain

2226 days ago


Whoever suggested that these guys are anywhere near the Beatles should be struck by lightening. I really hadnt paid too much attention to these metrosexuals until i heard them on a commercial; omg they suck worse than i thought they would. No one can seriously take this crap for music. ok the girls going through puberty might get off listening to them but they are just a bunch of crappy pop singers.

2226 days ago

Lydia Layne    

The TMZ papper was cracking me up with his relentless questioning. Serves the little losers right for not knowing the names of the Beatles.

2226 days ago


i think tmz just wants money thats why there being mean to cousin know them personally they r great guys

2226 days ago


they are nothing compared to the beatles.

2226 days ago


It is musical blasphemy to even begin to compare this over hyped group with the Beatles. And a sad indicator of how low we have gone to even consider these stuffy-nosed, over-produced, synthetic Disney robots as talented.

2226 days ago


The Beatles?!?!?! Give me an effing break! People will be saying" Jonas who?" in 2 years tops.

2226 days ago

I love my Jonas boys!!    

Good job boys!!Ignore those paparazzi.You are WAY better than them.Love you guys!!

2226 days ago


What a buncha dweebs! Seriously, I loved Hanson when I was a kid and the Jonases are obviously a knock-off, oh except that they suck and they're all ugly mormon types.

2226 days ago


I'm proud to say that if I've ever heard a Jonas Bros. song, I had no idea it was them. Yes, these kids were ignoring the photog, but still, would they know the Beatles' names, and who's still alive and making music? Does anyone think these kids will be making music or selling out concerts in their 60s?

2226 days ago

C in OC    

Alright seriuosly why would anyone be compared to the Beatles. The beatles are the reason these wanna-be pop stars run around the street. Comparing the Jonas Brothers to the Beatles is like comparing Jessica Alba to Kathy Griffin. And The Jonas Brothers should be stoked being compared to the Beatles and actually answer a question. What a joke

2226 days ago


The stalkarazzi photog actually asked one time if they talked to Paul McCARTLEY...WTF?

The JoBros may be untalented teen pop whiney-voiced losers but the photog is just plain stupid...

2226 days ago
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