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Take That, Bitch!

8/18/2008 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like the Donnie Wahlberg divorce is nastier than we first thought.

We broke the story a few hours ago that Wahlberg's wife, Kim Fey, filed for divorce last Wednesday. Right after the story went up, Donnie's rep contacted us and said Donnie actually filed the divorce papers, not Kim.

So here's where it gets good. We did more digging and we're right ... she filed for divorce in L.A. County Superior Court. The clerk stamped the papers at 1:29 PT. And then we found that Donnie filed his own divorce papers in Ventura County Superior Court the same day, at 3:46 PT.

So is this race to the courthouse a sign that each wants to make the point they're leaving the other? We're thinkin' so.


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bobby speck    

who's donnie wallbberg? Mark's brother?

2196 days ago


So Slam, you know what she has been through??

2196 days ago


She's probably divorcing him because of his acting in the movie, "The Happening", which of the worst movies I've ever seen in my entire lifetime. Good marketing campaign, though...

2196 days ago


I wonder how big Harvey is "down there"?

2196 days ago


Dudes....This one might get icky. Don't discount Mr. Wahlberg though ~ She might want spousal support and half but he'll fight her before she gets it. Guaranteed. lol

2196 days ago

Fernando Valenzuela    

17. She's probably divorcing him because of his acting in the movie, "The Happening", which of the worst movies I've ever seen in my entire lifetime. Good marketing campaign, though...

Wasn't that Mark Wahlberg? But I agree that movie sucked ass.

2196 days ago


Ummm ding-a-ling.....that was his brother Mark.

2196 days ago


From Walberg to McCartney to Hogan WTF ?

The mistake these Men made was believing "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" exists outside of "PARENTS LOVE". Only Parents have the Nature/Nurture instincts to give a boy-girl-man-woman "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE". Other than that it's every man Woman for themself ! There are Men - Women who equally missed out on the "BEST FATHERING or THE BEST MOTHERING" but thats a sad loss that no punk or bitch husband - wife can ever make up for no matter how hard they try to lie that they can. If Walberg never struck this Gal then "F#CK HER" , if he did then "F#CK HIM" !

2196 days ago


So you're right about the times, congratulations, that's about the only thing you've ever gotten right on this site. Your last story on this indicated that the pictures of him partying were a celebration of his divorce, not his birthday party. I guess one correct fact a year might be a new milestone for this site.

2196 days ago


this is not a TMZ breaking news story....but i'm sure tmz thinks so.....Donnie talked of his divorce months ago on a radio interview.....they have been seperated for several months........leave the man alone....if he hadnt been photographed at his birthday party this wouldnt even be "news"

2196 days ago


hhmmmm....slam, you are soooooooo spicy. meow.

2196 days ago

Loud and talentless    

Hey Blac! The educational decline in this country has absolutely NOTHING to do with George Bush! You are the moron. I'd match the S.A.T.s of ANY Bush supporter versus Barack FRAUDbama's clan of inner-city dimwits.

2196 days ago


We don't know what goes behind closed doors..Kim knew who he was and what he was hen she married him...I had a feeling this was going to happen when I heard they were going on tour..oh well, too sad for the kids though...I hope KIm sucks him for everything he is worth..she made a home and raised his kids, nough said..somone on here said that the girl in the video from the othr night..he was dating a year? she kinda looks like the girl he went to the grammys with, , the girl to his left was'nt his wife...damn...

2196 days ago


well i have to agree oh puleeze...witrh him being away and all...he probably played also whoknows, maybe she got a phone call and he was know its funny...dont hear about this guy for like years...he makes a music comeback and now this....this oughta be good

2196 days ago


My thoughts and prayers go out to them so that it doesn't get too nasty. I think the press should stay out of it. It will effect the kids. As well as Kim and Donnie. Divorce isn't a fun thing. I feel sad for this. Big time.

2196 days ago
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