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A-Rod Hitting Both Sides of Plate

8/19/2008 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Rodriguez sure hasn't wasted any time getting in some batting practice with some female friends in Miami and NYC.

And one of his new ballgirls, reports the New York Post, looks a lot like a young version of his estranged wife, Cynthia. They were spotted getting "cozy" -- if not exactly rounding the bases – at a South Beach eatery, but A-Rod referred to the woman as "an old friend."

Meanwhile, in New York, A-Rod played the field with a "tall Asian beauty" at Soho House and seemed in "great spirits." And yes, each sentence you just read contained some reference to baseball. You're welcome.

Speidi Wants to Infest Your TV for Years

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt want everyone to know they're not going anywhere, LC or no LC.

The couple told Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM yesterday that LC might be "tired" of doing "The Hills" after four seasons, but they're more than ready to do it until season 10. Feel free to take a bathroom break, folks. Back? So: Heidi also has a new single out called "Overdosin'." She said it, not us.

And how about this gem, from Montag: "We're not even remotely sick of [the show]."

Spitzer Girl's Mom is "Far Hotter" than Ash

Looks like Eliot Spitzer hired the wrong Dupre.

Ashley and Mama were at a Jersey restaurant, report Rush & Molloy, and Mama was "far hotter" than the younger Dupre. Of course, one observer noted, hilariously, that she "looked like tacky threw up all over her." And this didn't stop one potential Don John from approaching the Dupre duo and asking, "I've got $300 – you got 15 minutes?"

Which ended with him getting a drink poured on his head –- not a figure of speech.


No Avatar

tom in chicago    

Is this the best we can do?
Come on, posting an article about 3 No-Names!
My God TMZ, has it come to this...
So So Sad!

2218 days ago


Ballgirl? Sounds appropriate.

Thank you, Tom, for not doing the juvenile "First!" thing. And I agree with you. At least two of these articles are nothing but ego-fodder for nobodies.

2218 days ago


She's a celebrity now...........YOU, TMZ, are making her one and for what? She was a call girl (and I'm not being judgmental because I HATE judgmental people but this is not something one should become famous for). Pathetic. I think prostitution is disgusting but Elliot Spitzer and the men who use their services are NO better.

2218 days ago


The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I'm sure Mama Dupree taught her daughter well. Obviously so with the $$ she's making.

2218 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

If we all put our hands together and chant '"Speidi, go away; forever and a day", do you think it will actually happen? Let's find out!!

2218 days ago

I'll marry Paul    

What an insult...Ashley gets $600 to spread 'em for 15 min, and twice that for mom thrown in. $ paltry

2218 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Oooh, the hooker DuPre and mom having din-din at a NJ posh can one get? NJ sucks.

2218 days ago


Didn't you really want to say "Don Juan"? If the Don John was for effect, you done good though :]

2218 days ago

tuesday blogger    


2218 days ago


Ho ! Ho ! It ain't even Christmas ! Why don't they go on E!, the channel that likes to display hoes and their Mamas ! You know, the Kardashian Hoes, the Girls Next Door Hoes, and any other assorted Nobodies ! We, the Discriminating Fans of TMZ are NOT fooled ! Not all of us got knocked up in Junior High, struggled for a GED, then married a guy who used to be a Motivational Speaker who lives in a Van, down by the River.... Get real, Hollywood : It takes more to be a Star than being a common WHORE.

2218 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Is the Spencer Pratt that we see onThe Hills really like that? He must want to be hated..Oh and Lo's gotta go!! LOathe her!
Audrina and Whitney are the only 2 girls worth knowing..

2218 days ago


i seen her mom at the beach in Bel Mar, NJ....she is smokin'....but she raised a hooker......and is kinda proud of it.....

2218 days ago

arte help    

Ashley is trash, her brother was arrested and convicted for herion distribution and the Mom is a whore who spread her legs and married her boss. Ashleys stepfather is a famous oral surgeon in the Jersey Shore area and the Mom worked for him. That whole side of family are trash and he pays for it.

2218 days ago

Knock It Off    

When Heidi stops working the Hills, She and Ashley need to open a brothel together

2218 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

As I said the last time TMZ posted something about ARod, He's had is 15 minutes except when playing baseball.

Go Sox

2217 days ago
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