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God Save the Pope from the Dope

8/19/2008 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As if the Heidi and Spencer wedding circus wasn't sacrilegious enough.... Now she tells us she's hoping to score the Pope as the priest for her televised nuptials.

Will the divorce be carried live, too?


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I was going to say she is the dumbest of the dumbasses but that isn't right. She is the assiest of the dumbest asses. (Yes, Catholic)

2219 days ago

Rest in Peace    

Heidi was cute physically in the first season she was, she looks like a made-up clown. Oh yeah, she never had a nice least that has never changed. Why do you think she was attracted to that horse faced Spenser?

2219 days ago

The Hose    

Nice one Ms Ed.................................Wilbur!

2219 days ago


i cannot say this enough.. this dumb a** looks like a freakin HORSE with her fat lips & teeth!!! sheesh! TMZ you need to get some "real" news & not these 2 morons! P-L-E-A-S-E!!!

2219 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Heidi, Dump Spencer and go out with a better loser..John Mayer..

2219 days ago


you have got to be kidding me, is she really that dumb?

2219 days ago


I just watched a couple of "the Hills" shows from a couple of seasons ago. WOW! Heidi was adorable. Funny, cute, good friend. Really sweet. Why did she go and meet spencer? She has changed so much. It's so obvious this guy hasn't been good for her. I miss the Heidi from before. Spencer really has ruined her.
How about this folks..... If we can peel spencer off his meal ticket I would bet we would all actually like her again. She might even land a real career instead of having to pose at multimillion dollar mansions (looking foolish), and walking up and down Roberson daily for attention.
I bet she might have a chance.
But as long as she hangs with this a$$ wipe I'm afraid she will end up with nothing.

2219 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist    

in the us its more like we need 2 save the dope from the pope!!!!!!u know!!

2219 days ago

Big Bear    

Heidi has a face like a fish. The open mouth makes her look like it is feeding time for the fish in the tank.

2219 days ago


is there ever going to be a marriage between these two ...or is it a publicity thing???
seems like they've been engaged for years...before the horse faced boob/tooth/face/hair jobs...
me thinks it's not gonna happen at all....
effin losers horse face and horse face are (aka dumb and dumber ugly azzed spiderwed)...gonna go barf now...

2219 days ago


Her and the douchebag will not survive a day without cameras in their damn stupid face. I hate them so much.

2219 days ago


Maybe they can get a pope impersonator. That'd be the closest thing to real in the entire building.

2219 days ago

Me, myself and I    

I don't have a clue who these people are because I'm an old lady. I don't even know what "The Hills" is. I don't know why I even left a comment - guess there wasn't anything better to do.

2219 days ago


I say any channel that is stupid enough to air this wedding we BOYCOTT.I love The HIlls but if MTV is stupid enough to air a wedding of these two morons as God as my witness I will never watch them again.

2219 days ago


Why does TMZ insist of shoving irrelevant no talent media-whores like this slut & that disgusting piece of trash phoebe price in our faces? What's the matter, TMZ chimpanzees; run out of anything useful to say or show? You getting paid by their agents to be a personal publicist for these losers? Please, someone just shoot her & have done with it. Please just die already...

2219 days ago
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