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God Save the Pope from the Dope

8/19/2008 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As if the Heidi and Spencer wedding circus wasn't sacrilegious enough.... Now she tells us she's hoping to score the Pope as the priest for her televised nuptials.

Will the divorce be carried live, too?


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I would LOVE to see her try to have a Catholic wedding. That means that we won't ever see it because they would have to be baptized, and confirmed Catholic. RCIA takes awhile. They would have to go to marriage counseling and retreats. They would have to belong to a church and wait for their turn. And we would all believe in hell because it would be a cold day in hell before the Pope would bother himself with self righteous people. Yes, the divorce will be televised because once they stop getting any attention for their relationship, it is over. They feed on the attention, duh.

2223 days ago


why is her mouth always open with that stupid 'smile" doesnt she realize that her face looks like a horse?

2223 days ago


Thanks TMZ. I need a good laugh today.

These so-called "celebrities" must be the most empty-headed people on the planet. They are laughing stocks the world over and what's worse, they don't even get it. Spencer and Heidi, no two people are more meant for each other.

2223 days ago


they are so f*ing gross. Really!

2223 days ago


This idiot is delusional. She is a hypocrite and so superficial. It is amazing that each time she speaks she sounds like a bigger idiot than the time before.

2223 days ago


Lighten up!!!!
Is she an idiot? Yes
Is her boyfriend a complete tool and waste of space? Yes
Is the Catholic Religion a Complete Joke? YES
I am sure you Catholics who are up in arms had sex at 16 in the back of your boyfriend's pinto and then wore a white dress and pledged your chastity. Catholics are the hugest bunch of hypocrites on the face of the earth.

Furthermore, I am not a fan of Speidi but I have to admit that Heidi looks absolutely stunning in this video.

2223 days ago


Ok, why are these two so popular? I have seen their staged lovey pics in magazines but, I still don't understand who they are or why anyone cares about them or their wedding. I wonder if this girl even knows what religion the Pope is?

I read a comment from someone on here that said that "Christians don't have Priests",to that person for the record, Catholicism is a Christian religion! We don't call it "The One True Faith" for nothing! The Catholic Church was started by Jesus!! The first Pope was one of His disciples!

Also, for the record, this couple could have a Catholic wedding if one of them is Catholic. They wouldn't be able to have Communion during the ceremony, but, they could get married in a Catholic church as long as one is Catholic.

2223 days ago


I am a Catholic, and find everything about this story, as well as this this woman disgusting! I can't even begin to verbalize how blasphomus this woman is! The most tragic part is that she couldn't be any farther away from God and the church; and it is TOTALLY insulting to Catholics that she would even utter something as this!

2223 days ago


this slut and her male slut need to step directly into the path of a speeding train, car or whatever will do the most to cause immediate termination of their existence.

2222 days ago

Just Cruzin Thru    

Wow! I understand that there are a lot of people who don't like these two, but to wish death upon them is just hateful and alarming! I don't care for Heidi/Spencer but come on to wish ill will on them is disgusting. By the way Heidi, you may want to try to grow a brain or at least keep your mouth shut because everytime you open it you spout out another lie...

2222 days ago


She is looking more and more like (Hef's) Holly... maybe that will be her next venture!

2222 days ago



2222 days ago


She is not Catholic. Hence, the Pope will not, and can not, marry her. Both she and Spencer Pratt would have to convert and be baptized. As baptism is done with Holy Water, I don't know if they would be able to survive it touching their skin.

2219 days ago


i'm catholic and i hate to say she's the same religion as me, what a freak, both of them
can you say publicity-ho?

2218 days ago
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