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If Looks Could Kill ...

8/19/2008 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Never ask Aretha Franklin for one of her fries.


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I see this is teh model Jordon Sparks is going for, how can she be so damm fat? Jordon Sparks is a kid and getting fatter and fatter, the material for her dress in her new video would build a shelter for the olson twins. Put down the donuts and get on the tracK! Or bette yet just go away you all suck!

2224 days ago

Your mom    

TMZ, you drinkin' the haterade? What do you people care if she is fat, not you sometimes YOU do need to worry about yourself. She's not asking nada from any of you, leave the women ALONE.

2224 days ago


yea i just about spit my martini all over my laptop laughing at this one when i scrolled by it....awesome.

2224 days ago


Well it is her life. If she wants to look like that let her.

2224 days ago


All negative comments about Ms. Aretha Franklin are so shameful. People wonder why we aren't like in other countries! Nothing is sacred here!

2224 days ago


That is not at all funny--this woman is an amazing legend--I know her. Your site is getting trashy, so I will take it off my favorites.
BTW, she accomlished her career through struggle, suffering, and talent, not through disparaging others at any attempt possbile.
You need to get a soul.

2224 days ago


Cheap laugh. You guys should be ashamed. Seriously, how old are you ? Fat jokes ? About Aretha ? What did she do to deserve that ?

2224 days ago


#42-So right!!! I own the 1998 Diva's Live VHS and I fast forward all of her parts. She appears to be an egotistical, self absorbed individual who has no concern or R-E-S-P-E-C-T for any of the other artists that she was singing with. It was obvious to me that she was there because the show had the word Diva in it. Singing over people and taking their parts away live so they couldn't do anything but stand there and look stupid. The end of the show is the best...Celine Dion chews her up and spits her out vocally. Probably because she takes care of herself and her voice and she was ready to blow....Aretha out of the water! Move over Aretha....there's another singer in town.

I think if she wants to eat fries...go ahead, but don't go strutting your stuff like no one can touch you when you can't even sing anymore...Seriously!

2224 days ago


maybe she's upset cuz you didn't offer to pay for her lunch she has no money you know! She be Poor!

2224 days ago

Mr. Obvious    

I hope Aretha gets help for HER own good.

2224 days ago


tmz sucks bugging every one with no talent ,to the great Miss Aretha Franklin

2224 days ago


you are all the most uneducated people on television.

2224 days ago


Poor Retha, she must be miserable..I remember going to her concert when I was 15 years old...We got all dressed up and had front row seating...She was YOUNG, Pretty , #1 and Powerful..She got Older and let herself GO..I wonder why..She seemed to have it all or most of it anyway...She has had a weight problem all her Life...I am surprised she has not had major health problems..I LOVE Aretha and wish Her Well ASAP..She needs HELP

2224 days ago

monny j    

Tmz....Your staff really show ignorance and D-I-S-R-E--P-E-C-T all the f----- time when you write crap like this to fill space...what is this? a slow friggin'"Lindsay Lohan Day'...I agree she's needs to get help for her weight...but this lady is the Queen of some class...keep writing about crap ya'll know about like GUMMI bear,Greasy bear and Sam Lufti etc...(all the chicken s-- you guys are use to writng about)

2224 days ago

monny j    

Tmz your staff are some young ass interns who don't know crap past Britney!

2224 days ago
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