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Jenny Craig Hits It Big With Queen

8/19/2008 2:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Queen Latifah/Jenny Craig ad may be a stroke of genius.
We're hearing there's a new strategy in Jenny Land - Zero Embarrassment. After Kirstie Alley lost a ton of weight for the commercial, gained it back and then some, it looked as if Jenny's plan just didn't work long term.

So the new plan...get someone who can look good by losing a relatively small amount of weight -- In Queen's case, 20 lbs. She looks really good, if not svelte, but if she gains it back it's not going to look like Jenny Craig was a failure.

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So the question is ...

Spencer: Michael Phelps Ain't Nothin'

The thought of Spencer Pratt in a Speedo is enough to make anyone throw up in their mouths -- but Heidi's delusional BF says he'd take on Michael Phelps in the Olympics and win.

Sienna Kisses Her Butt Goodbye

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Suri Converts Doll to Scientology

It appears Suri Cruise has experience talking to inanimate objects ...


No Avatar


its hard to believe jenny craig wanted this fat ugly hag to do her commericials, she could lose 200 lbs and she is still an ugly hag.

2194 days ago


Queen used to brag, and be so proud of her full figure. She even touted it commercials. Hmm, seems she wasn't so proud of it after all. I guess she just needed the right venue. Another roll model gone. Well, congrats, girl. I AM happy for you.

2194 days ago


Queen looks awesome! She always has in my eyes. I get so sick and tired of hearing and seeing about people who are "fat". Maybe to someone else, but it's about what makes us feel good. Didn't you hear that the new national average is a size 12 for a women? Maybe someone should stop and think that the skin and bones look is out. Phelps vs. Clooney? Give me a break, just because Clooney has done all the Ocean's movies and still has a six pack, doesn't mean he is comparable to Phelps. Phelps trains year round, gets up early, works damn hard, and makes sure that he can be proud of himself in the long run. Clooney doesn't do nothing but act in movies, there's nothing to compare. As for Suri, who cares if the child is talking to dolls. It has nothing to do with the dumb religion her parents are involved with. All children do this just to entertain themselves, and I guarantee at least a couple of you who work for TMZ did the same. So why don't you take a crack at her parents instead of the child.

2194 days ago


In all the weight loss advertisements, there is one thing that is included in all of them. RESULTS NOT TYPICAL. What a load of crap to be selling to the public with that disclaimer on every diet, gimmick, exercise plan, etc. I guess at least they are honest. You shouldn't expect ANY results from them.... So, when are all the other advertisers that are competing for your money gonna get honest and say you shouldn't expect the product or the results from the product as advertised? i.e. shampoo commercials should tell you not to expect the beautiful flowing hair they are purporting their product can give you. It NEVER turns out the way they depict it....So, they should also have to disclaim their product with RESULTS NOT TYPICAL. Think about it....

2194 days ago


Michael Phels is a remarcable young men representing our country .He deservers our respect and admiration ,no one should be making fun of him his looks are not impartant and his far from an idiot , he didn't get 8 gold metal for nothing have a little respect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2194 days ago


Uhm..people need a sense of humor. The writer wasn't even poking fun at the toddler. Geez, think about who her parents are, that's where the joke comes from. So lay off, writers get a tough enough time. Or has Americans forgot what a sense of humor is? I mean really, someone tries to be funny and you all jump down the throat of the media. Lighten up, now if it was something a bit more serious, then i'd say go for it, but it's humor. I mean you all saw the volley baller and heather locklear. Now that's just too comical. Same thing with the last pic, TomKat has been doing some weird things lately, and if there's humor involved go for it. It's better than being all serious all the time. Nice going TMZ, me and my friends laughed at the conversion bit, LOL. Seriously people, laugh, you should be, with all the stupidity that Bush has done. But I guess that's going too far; too, huh?? Having a first grader in the oval office

2194 days ago

Proud Idiot    

lets be realistic here..queen latifa could lose another 30 pounds just to be looking healthy and i dont mean to critizie anyone but shes an averge looking person im just being honest..

2194 days ago


irreguardless of it's weight !!!

2194 days ago


It is healthy for Suri to talk to her dolls. It is a form of harmless play. All toddlers and pre school children do this. It is when you become an adult and do these things , when someone should worry . Leave her alone . My 2 year grand daughter does it all the time and she isnt converting to scientology

2194 days ago


Oh why oh why does Spencer Pratt think he is all that?

2194 days ago


Looks to me like Suri is playing with her baby doll....What is wrong with that? She's 2...and expected. She sure is an adorable little girl! Just find someone else to pick on....

2194 days ago

Mr. Reality    

Micheal Phelps-greatest athlete ever?? Micheal is the greatest SWIMMER to ever hit the pool. To take it beyond that is silly and just not fair to the other athletes who are just as good at what they do as he is at what he does. He has more gold medels than any other athlete because he happen to choose a sport where more gold it awarded then any other sport. Look at our poor gymsists. They have to be damn good in 3 or 4 totally different events to win just 1 gold. It's really not fair and a shame to call a person the "greatest ATHLETE ever" when they are only good at 1 thing. Just so happens that medals are tossed out like candy to swimmers. Swim this a medel, swim that way win another,, so now your the WORLDS GREATEST athlete? I think not. Don't get me wrong Micheal Phelps IS the WORLDS GREATEST SWIMMER!!! I don't think anyone can argue that at all.. but you need to stop there. Every single person that wins a gold in their chosen sport is the worlds greatest athlete in that field. To take even a shred of that from them and hand it to anyone else is wrong. Look at it this: If a gymnast took gold every time he/she competed, it would take 16 years (4 olympics) to get what Phelps gets in 1. So if they started at age 16(min age req.) and won gold every single the time they got even close to what Phelps has they would have to be near 40.
STOP counting medals... It sucks and it's not fair... Gold is Gold...even if you win 1....You're one of the Greatest recorded athletes in the world. No person can hold that title alone.

2194 days ago


Hope Michael's mom takes some of that money and gets the boy to an orthodontist... Should have already been done (orthodonture is very affordable nowadays)... Proud of him, of course... But, please take care of those teeth... Will pay off as he grows older...

2194 days ago


Michael Phelps is a sweetheart. So cute, I hope he makes tons of money. Our country should be so proud of him, I know I am!

2194 days ago


wow tmz u went waaaay to far with that one shes like three years old? im almost 100% sure that 95% of the world talked to there doll and stuffed dog, cat ..... i mean come on so tom has some wierd science thing soo wat he didnt hurt anyone or do anything to u so y are u being so rude its called stalking u no ppl get thrown in jail for that. and just becacuse u have a pass that says u can does not mean its right. i mean if u got a devorce do u want it in every corner u look so and so just got a devoce strugle over child cusdidy no i didnt think u would ppl do that every day so wat if some actor does now no one can not no about it tmz u discusded me :{

2194 days ago
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