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Metallica Singer Cuts Off Hiker's Happy Trail

8/19/2008 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No dirty, nature loving hippie is going to hike in James Hetfield's backyard -- but the fence he built to keep them, and everybody else, off his property is really pissing off the locals.

Several hikers and cyclists up in Northern Cali have their spandex in a wad because the Metallica frontman has blocked access to a hiking trail by erecting a 10-foot high fence around his property.

According to KTVU, the rockstar supposedly built the barrier to stop vandalism on his newly purchased land (on which the trail runs through) -- but the fence itself has since been vandalized with the words "shame" and "disgrace."

Het's reps had no comment.


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dirty stinking hippies....respect mah ahthoritaaa

2254 days ago

tard in the hood    

HETFIELD IS A GOD and can do whatever he wants.

2254 days ago


Living in San Rafael and near this it is in the papers daily. He is an idiot. The upside is they drew a map to where he lives. Cut off a hiker, your asking for it.

2254 days ago


Well when all you have is your land...I mean it's not like anyone wants them back in the studio..they have sucked since St Anger...and the whole Napster incident.

2254 days ago


I guess it will all come down to what he signed off on when he bought the property. Just because the previous owners allowed the easement, does it make the new owner accountable? Sounds like a court, county, and owner issue.

2254 days ago

Ice Water    

I saw him interviewed on that Metallica rockumentary and found him (and the other band members) suprisingly articulate. Kinda changed my attitude towards Mettalica.

I do think they should have treated Jason Newsted better, though.

2254 days ago


Oh James. Remember when you were metal and not Rock-a-silly? You sure know how to make friends.

2254 days ago


Yep, I live in the area too and say he has every's his property and he can do whatever he wants with it. Just because "it's always been that way" doesnt mean it's right...Rock on James !

2254 days ago


Hetfield is all about the money and himself. Metallica was a sellout, and now the idiot can't fathom that part of a property is an easement. DUHDUHDUH!
If he has problems with graffiti, he should hire security, or at least install cameras. And, he better hope that nothing happens on the land or anyone gets hurt cause he could be liable.

2254 days ago

tard in the hood    

they did really screw Jason...

2254 days ago

Poor Celeb    

"That is an easement since it has been openly and habitually used and runs with the land when sold"

Just because a property is commonly used, doesn't mean there is an existing easement. If someone cuts across your yard all the time, it doesn't make it legal, just because they do it every day.
Those people have no right to be pissed if there is no easement.

2254 days ago


UM... ok why is this news?? The guy put up a fence because people are walking thru his backyard. Maybe he'll really do something crazy and put locks on his doors. Besides, maybe he got a dog.

2254 days ago


If he owns the property then he decides who is allowed and who is trespassing. That he wants privacy is understandable considering his wealth , fame , security concerns.

2254 days ago

ex lax    

i would shoot all the trespassers.... they can hike an bike in a public park an see what happens when they vandalize the place!

2254 days ago


Just because you own a property doesn't mean you can freely prop up whatever you want. Such matters are govern by laws and are bound to have some restrictions. Questions should be: (1) Did he obtain the proper permits? (2) Does the structure meet all code requirements such as fire, hight, spacing, and materials? (3) Did he use an insured state licensed contractor as required by state law, does that contractor have the proper license endorsement for fence construction, and did that contractor hire legal workers to whom his/her insurance properly cover? (4) Being a large project in public view, did he post notification to the public, to allow for the required 30 day contest period? (5) Does the structure constitute public blight, in which may be in violation with local preservation requirements? (6) Is the structure large enough, or located at, where an environmental impact study may be required by law? (7) Does this structure violate previous agreements with the surrounding public? (8) Being that such a structure is a target for graffiti, does the owner remove the graffiti in a timely manner as required by state and local laws? The last question may point to a violation judging from the picture that was taken for this article. If you get unwanted hippies in your yard, simply install a recordable security system and employ local law enforcement when needed. Also, it wouldn't hurt to hire some security patrols that are able to handle the task. An unarmed security officer runs a minimum of around $11.00 and hour, or $14.00 if armed. Sense they're contractor workers, medical insurance is not required if the contract is under 6 months. Don't tell me a rock star can't afford that! Oh, and for you Mr. Hetfield just one word... MEGADETH!

2254 days ago
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