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Metallica Singer Cuts Off Hiker's Happy Trail

8/19/2008 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No dirty, nature loving hippie is going to hike in James Hetfield's backyard -- but the fence he built to keep them, and everybody else, off his property is really pissing off the locals.

Several hikers and cyclists up in Northern Cali have their spandex in a wad because the Metallica frontman has blocked access to a hiking trail by erecting a 10-foot high fence around his property.

According to KTVU, the rockstar supposedly built the barrier to stop vandalism on his newly purchased land (on which the trail runs through) -- but the fence itself has since been vandalized with the words "shame" and "disgrace."

Het's reps had no comment.


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Baseball Junkie    

Sorry but by common law if there has been a public trail though a piece of property, the public has a right of way and the owner of the property cannot block access. The only exception to this is if the owner of the property has always closed access to the public trail at least one day a year. I don't know what sort of accommodation Hatfield is attempting to arrange with the local authorities and I hope they can work it out so that everyone is happy (except for the occasional malcontent). It is still disgraceful to deface the fence with graffiti no matter what your opinion of Hatfield's actions.

Go Sox

2253 days ago

Jerry Jarvela    

I heard James Hetfield's dad molested him and that's why James Hetfield hates hikists! James Hetfield's dad was an avid hikist!

2253 days ago


I think it's funny that here is a Hollywood liberal who believes America should open its borders to illegals coming in from Mexico, yet he wants to keep people off a hiking trail near his property by putting up a border fence. What a freaking hypocrite!

2253 days ago

Insert comical name here    

If the hikers wanted to use the land for their own purposes, they should have bought it. Where I come from whoever pays for a piece of property owns it and can do whatever they want to it. Shesh, idiot Californians. The story mentions nothing about an easement, those usually are for the purpose of utilities, not hiking trails.

2253 days ago


WTF Its his land what do they think its like the United States & llegal Aliens? GOOD FOR HIM

2253 days ago

Big Bear    

The guy bought the land fair and square. The silly goobers hiking and biking surely can find another place to do their thing.

2253 days ago


Since when is it a shame and a disgrace to fence off your own sh*t that you purchased with the $$ you worked so hard to earn?

2253 days ago


If someone vandalized my sh*t I'd take it back too! Sometimes it doesn't pay to be nice.

2253 days ago


Same guy that helped shut down surprise he doesn't want to share his land. He didn't want to share the music either!

2253 days ago


Hetfield is GOD and can do whatever the F' he wants!

2253 days ago


then build the trail over his house like highway ramps he doesnt control the air

2253 days ago


Isn't it his property?!!!! So what the hell is the big deal? There is no story here really. I don't want jerk asses on my property, that's why I have a .45

2253 days ago

Grammar Nazi    

"On which the trail runs through"?
Too many prepositions! Ouch!

"Through which the trail runs" would suffice.

2253 days ago


Weeeellll, which was there first? the trail or the property owner. Alot of trails in California go back to the 1800's. There is a possibility of a easment in place that give right of way for the trail to pass through the property, if not some lawyer is going to make some good cash filing one for the local trail organization.

James may want to review his loan papers for an easment before just tossing up a fence...could get sizable fine.

2253 days ago

Ms. X    

If you think you have any rights these days think again. A friend of mine had a dispute with a neighbor because they didn't like the way she kept her yard. A judge place a protective order on my friend because of the way her yard looked and because she had a bad attitude. Is an ugly yard and a bad attitude illegal? You don't even own your house or property. If it's paid off, the government will keep upping your taxes and if you don't pay, they take it from you. It wouldn't surprise me if Cali. makes Hetfield provide water also for these hikers. You have no rights people!

2253 days ago
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