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Metallica Singer Cuts Off Hiker's Happy Trail

8/19/2008 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No dirty, nature loving hippie is going to hike in James Hetfield's backyard -- but the fence he built to keep them, and everybody else, off his property is really pissing off the locals.

Several hikers and cyclists up in Northern Cali have their spandex in a wad because the Metallica frontman has blocked access to a hiking trail by erecting a 10-foot high fence around his property.

According to KTVU, the rockstar supposedly built the barrier to stop vandalism on his newly purchased land (on which the trail runs through) -- but the fence itself has since been vandalized with the words "shame" and "disgrace."

Het's reps had no comment.


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Are these people morons???? Didn't their parents teach them that if it's not your's, and you don't have permission...Don't Touch It?!?!

Stay off his property you granola eating dopes!!

2221 days ago


I think it makes for great target practice on his property.

2221 days ago


Hey, idiots...if it were against the law for him to put up a fence on his own property, don't you think he would have had to remove it by now? I think it's safe to say that he had every right to put up that fence. Also, I'm sure the hikers can find other places to be one with nature. And, by defacing his fence, they justified his reasons for putting it up in the first place. If people can't respect his desire for privacy, why the hell would they respect his property??? Get over it, hippies.

2221 days ago


It is quite clear that some of the comments are from people who have no taste in music. James if the people where you live make you take down that fence. Please come live by us. My dog will help protect your property. He is mean. METALLICA all the way

2221 days ago


Geez!, can't download his music for free and now this....Well, maybe he can write a song about it?

2221 days ago


HAHAHA Look at all the wannabe lawyers here! Probably a bunch a first year law students who think they're the next Johnny Cochran.

2221 days ago

Oh please...    

Im sure his "property" is several acres....Im sure he can spare a few feet. Thank goodness for individuals in the past who have made national and public parks. Otherwise douche mittens like this so-called "musician" would own EVERY freaking acre of beautiful land out there and there would be NOTHING for the average person. Its bad enough that views to the ocean, mountains etc. are blocked by high fences and littered with McMansions...its enough to make me sick. Keep defending this douche people and deserve the world your left with.

2221 days ago

Oh please...    

Thats an interesting point.

2221 days ago

Oh please...    

44. "I think it's funny that here is a Hollywood liberal who believes America should open its borders to illegals coming in from Mexico, yet he wants to keep people off a hiking trail near his property by putting up a border fence. What a freaking hypocrite!

Posted at 9:14PM on Aug 19th 2008 by Nick"

So your assuming that Republicans or "right-wing" individuals don't hike? Or Jog? Or do any other form of activity? Nice to know that you think of yourself as an indoor fat-arse.

2221 days ago


Those hikers and bikers are pathethic losers, unlike the cool, hip people adding their 2 cents about them on TMZ!

2221 days ago


We own property against national forest land. In NO WAY do I wish for anyone to stroll about my woods...hurt themselves...and SUE me!

In regard to easements. An easement is to allow a property owner access to his land/home. You have to have a legitimate REASON to officially make or request an easement. This man is protecting his property from people who enjoy strolling about a TRAIL on HIS land. They are not driving in their car trying to get home with groceries. Great, big difference.

We have to drive (along with the other 3 landowers) through national forest for 1 1/4 miles to reach our property. THAT constitues applying for easement so we can have legal right of way. Never will you be able to scab someone else's property because you want to hike or to walk you dog so it can crap. Won't happen. This rocker dude is absolutely correct.

2221 days ago

tard in the hood    

I want my money back for st anger

2221 days ago


Prescribed Easement.
Its unfortunate, but even celebrities should have the common sense to do their homework when buying any real estate.

2221 days ago

Jeep Fu    

Even though I really dislike Metallica now it's his property. He should be allowed to do whatever the fudge he wants with it (easement or not). Only in California can the government get away with telling you people have the right to mess with your private property.
...Stupid tree hugggin hippies who think no one should own anything and they should be allowed to do whatever they want.
I hope you choke on your soy laden granola.

2220 days ago


Potentially an easement - If so, he is screwed. If that trail has been there/used for 5 or more years, in the state of CA the hikers, bike riders, etc. have a right to continued use. They could technically sue for access! It is one of those buyer beware situations....

2220 days ago
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