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Roseanne to TMZ: Tell Me How My Ass Tastes!

8/19/2008 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RoseanneRoseanne is pissed over public reaction to her blog blasting Brangelina -- and somehow it's all our fault.

Roseanne feels she was justified in calling Brad "vacuous" and Angie "evil." She wrote on her blog today, "The media's images of [Brad and Angelina] are smelly and vile, and I must always attack the media's representation of what is good or cool."

Roseanne capped off the rant with an offering of sorts to us, saying, "Taste my sandy buttcrack, tmz!"

We'll pass, butt thanks.


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Who cares what Rosanne thinks. The only thing she has to say that makes any sense these days is "Do you want fries with that"?

2172 days ago

My two cents    

Just WHERE has Rosanne done the good deeds that Brad and Angelina have done? Seems Rosanne is just in need of some attention, negative or otherwise to pick on good samaritians. Go figure. Take a pill Rosanne and shut the hell up already. Your fame is long over with and you are a HAS BEEN if there is any. Take to gardening or something productive. Marry another loser. Do something better with your time than to waste useless energy picking on decent people. Hag.

2172 days ago


I agree with Rosanne. Jolie is just someone who is adopting kids because she want's people to think she cares. But she is in fact nothing more than an interloper. Someone who jumped into a marriage of someone else. And it dosen't matter who she adopts and how much people here on earth praise her, she's going to answer to God for it. Insofar as that punk Brad is concerned, he didn't even have the gonnads to tell his wife he was through with her. I think Pitt is nothing but a woman in men's clothing.

2172 days ago


So... why is her buttcrack sandy...?

2172 days ago

Alex's Chica    

Guacala you guys would not even come close to that BIG FAT ASS you know that saying I may be fat but your ugly this Biatch is both Fat and freaking ugly and no taste at all... Go f yourself...

2172 days ago

non story tmz    

Roseanne please take your slimy, fat c-u-n-t-y self back to whatever hole you slithered out from.
You had your chance to talk and you have no right to be upset about TMZ's coverage of your nonsensical rant. If you are willing to dish it out you better be prepared for the responses from the public and the media. From what I've seen 95% of people on blogs around the internet think you are nothing but a washed up, foul mouth fat b-i-t-c-h.

I'm indifferent when it comes to Angelina but how she spends her money should not be a concern to anyone much less Roseanne. She gives a third of her income to charity and I think I've heard that she hasn't made up her mind about the political candidates. How can she endorse someone if she hasn't made up her mind.

Roseanne needs to get laid her pent up frustration is starting to show.

2172 days ago


Roseanne who? I guess a blog is the only job she can get. At least we don't have to see her face or hear her voice. Thank God for that.

2172 days ago


Yeah, give the dumbass the time and spotlight she so wants and needs. Her other ways failed so why not go after a bigger target this time. Ignore it and it will go away!

2172 days ago


Roseanne has some nerve. I can't believe she would be so vile and ignorant in her drunken rant, but then again it's roseanne. Roseanne doesn't speak any truth and the haters love her for helping them hate on Angie and Brad, how pathetic. She needs a beat down and quick. Thanks roseanne you dumb idiot now more people are voting for McCain, including me.

2172 days ago


She's just jealous : #1-Brad Pitt would NEVER touch her!! #2- She prolly doesnt have 3 million dollars for herself or to give to the starving children!! #3- She could NEVER look as good as Angelina after 3 kids.. Roseanne looks like she ate their 3 kids welp make that 6 kids and all the food for the starving children :P

2172 days ago


Roseanne needs to get a life. What the hell has she done to better the world. Please who doesn't remember when she grabbed her crotch as she "sang" our national anthem. I am by no means a Brangelina worshipper but hey they are doing great things with their time and money. What the hell has she done but have multiple personalities. What a loser if she wanted to put herself back in the spotlight she chose the wrong couple to pick on. Loser.

2172 days ago


If her front porch is as big as her BUTT she best get a BIG broom!!!

2172 days ago

Kathy W    

Love them or hate them Brad and Angelina find themselves blessed with good fortune, fate ,looks and opportunity. They at least have a consience and want to use their fortune and opportunity to help others in need. Many people are curious about them and their children and if part of my $4 for buying People magazine can go to help some starving kid in Africa- good. I'd rather look at those photos then Papparazi pictures.. ( Why don't they pass a law that Paparazzi can't get closer than 25 feet away??!)

2172 days ago


Queanbeyan, I couldn't have said it better myself. Rosie is too real and Brangelina too phony.

2172 days ago


Roseanne you nasty BITCH! Keep your opinions about Brad and Angelina to yourself.

2172 days ago
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