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Sienna Kisses Her Ass Goodbye

8/19/2008 12:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sienna Miller kissed her married boyfriend, Balthazar Getty before heading for LAX, where a pretty accurate papper called her a "homewrecker." She was none too happy, but if the truth fits ...


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Bottom line is HE is the one that's married. Not Sienna. Sienna didn't stand up there at the altar and make vows to his wife, HE did. I had an affair once. Everyone told me what a homewrecker I was, and that he'd never leave his wife for me, didn't really care about me, etc.,etc.,etc....People do make mistakes, and sometimes that's marrying the wrong person. As for being married to the wrong person and suddenly finding the right one? Yeah, it'd be optimal to have a separation, or divorce first, but who actually plans for their love to show up? Sometimes it just is. We've been together 15 years, married, kids, the whole bit. He's never strayed, and is a wonderful father.

2219 days ago


Excuses, excuses, excuses. So SM was just walking down the street one day, when she accidently tripped and fell into the bed of the married man? Sienna Miller could have rejected the married man's requests for sex, but she didn't. Since she slept with the married man knowing full well that he was still married, she is as EQUALLY responsible for the affair. SM IS AND WAS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH A MARRIED MAN, so she is wrong and deserves every bit of criticism. Women who respect themselves or other women don't sleep with someone else's husband. Writing down the wrong number is a mistake, forgetting to take out the garbage is a mistake, losing your credit card is a mistake; however, sleeping with a married man is not a mistake. It is irresponsible and selfish.

Just because SM is single, that doesn't mean that she has the right to do whatever she wants. If she does things to hurt others, then she is going to be held accountable for her actions. Just give up the "it's all BG fault" or the "SM not married so didn;t do anything wrong" deflection tactics because it wasn't a trip/fall accident that landed SM into BG's bed. It was her selfishness and insecurity that made her take up with a married man with 4 kids. No one finds affairs with married men cute or amusing. Trying to find fault with the married man's wife or marriage is just a method used by the married man and his mistress to justify their actions. If he wasn't happy with his wife or his marriage was "broken", then BG and SM didn't do anything wrong, right? WRONGGGGGGGG. Both SM and BG are EQUALLY to blame and I'm tired of people trying to make SM out to be the victim or keep saying that she is innocent.

How can any woman(ie-SM) continue to sleep with a married man who thinks so little of her that he won't even divorce or legally separate from his wife? Just think about it, everytime SM sleeps with BG she has to look at RG's name above his heart. Either this girl is stupid or she just has the lowest self esteem in the world. BG doesn't love or respect SM, he doesn't even look or act like a man in love. When the paps surrounded them, he didn't even make an attempt to shield her from them. He ran to the other side of the car and told the paps that he wasn't answering any personal questions, he didn't even have the decency to help her into the car. Does that sound like a man in love to you? Do you seriously want SM to be with a man like BG?

If the man is willing to cheat with you, he will most certainly cheat on you. I'm not buying the "I had an affair with a married man and he has never cheated on me" story. Unless you watch him 24/7 and follow him everywhere, there is no way that you can possibly be certain that he has not cheated on you. Lust is not love. When the other woman trips or falls into BG's bed, will you be as sympathic? SM wasn't very sympathetic towards the nanny that slept with JL, so she knows that its wrong to sleep with another woman's boyfriend/husband. Why do you think she is working so desperately to rewrite history and have her mother plead for sympathy. MARRIED MEN ARE OFF LIMITS and that is just plain commen sense. Women who respect themselves and other women do not cross the boundaries with married men. When the married man man makes requests for sex, they tell say "*** no" and then suggests that he goes home to his wife.

2219 days ago

Bryan Wynn    

Truth is a defense to defamation.

2219 days ago


Belthazar's wife is a mother**cking trooper and she has a lot of self control. But she didn't have her man and house in check thats why that bitch stepped out of line and came into her home and destroyed everything. Oh no let her do that again to another woman who will snatch the testicles of her man if she found out Sienna Miller is with her man. Sienna Miller will be shut down. She is that brave. She better be careful before someone kicks her ass for real. Karma is a bitch.

2219 days ago


BG's wife is not at fault for the outcome of her marriage, but SM and BG both are.
SM has done this several times to many women, she likes married/engaged men with lots of kids. Women like SM pursue married men because they think that they are easy targets. The only effort she had to make was to do the opposite of whatever his wife did. If the wife doesn't go topless, then she won't wear a bra or shirt. If the wife cooks, then she will always insist on going out to dinner.

For women like SM it's not about the man, it's about their need to "be in competition" with other women. She only feels good about herself when she has knocked-out her "rivals" (the married man's wife). She followed the married man to Italy and LA just because she was afraid that he was going to dump her for his wife. She flaunts the affair because hurting the married man' s wife makes her feel important and wanted.

Instead of defending her daughter for having an affair with a married man, her mother needs to find her a mentor that will teach her to respect/love herself. Instead of sleeping with married men/putting out nonsense stories, SM needs to find more constructive ways to deal with her insecurities. To many people are being hurt because SM wants to be "happy" and she walks around gloating at all of the trouble she has caused. The only time she stops gloating is when someone isn't kissing her ***.

2219 days ago


I look forward to the day when Sienna Miller dumps Balthazar Getty. The look on his face will be priceless and the home wrecker will fulfill all prophecies that she is an amoral bitch.

2219 days ago


Right on to all of you who are sticking up for whatshisnames WIFE, ROSETTA. Way to go, you've got class. ROSETTA GETTY (whatshisnames WIFE) is a fashion designer so I think that anyone who can afford to buy her clothes should do so. I do not know her but I think we should support her and buy her products while boycotting anything those "other two" engage in....movies, TV shows, etc.
I heard that it was ROSETTA that supported her husband because he has yet to inherit any of the Getty fortune and I guess he doesn't get paid "that much" for his little TV show, whatever it may be. lol.
I hope all of ROSETTA'S friends will publicly support her....friends like Selma Blair, Patricia Arquette, and Joaquin Phoenix.
I also suggest that TMZ stop running stories about whatshername and start focusing on support for ROSETTA and the children, without intruding on their privacy of course.
ROSETTA is a very brave and classy woman who obviously cares deeply for her children and I for one applaud her.

2219 days ago


If body language could talk! His hands are limp and she looks like she is the one forcing herself onto him. He's probably already tired and bored of "hitting" that pancake aass!

2219 days ago


She is kind of stupid. To be a star and date this guy - like he is a big catch! Yikes

2215 days ago
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