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Jonas Brothers Are So Fab

8/20/2008 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They may not know who they are, but the ever original Jonas Brothers now have something in common with the Beatles other than maniacal screaming teen fans.

The Brothers Jonai unknowingly paid homage to the Fab Four's classic "Abbey Road" album cover by crossing a Virginia Beach street in single file.

And that's where the comparisons end.


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Yeah ...they are real fab with those ball crunching pants on.....I know Carson is lurking around the corner somewhere

2253 days ago


The first one has a huge ass in those pants! Please try to find something interesting to write about, this is just absurd TMZ.

2253 days ago



2253 days ago


They're a great group...anyone who hates them, hates them for mostly superficial reasons. Which says more about the haters than about them.

What music you value is a matter of taste,not fact.So shove your unreasoned judgments of theirs up your asses, or people are going to start to tell you exactly what they think of your favorite music too - because nothing is beyond reproach or loved by everyone.

2253 days ago


where'd they get those outfits......? baby gap???

2253 days ago


To be fair, these boys didn't ask to be compared to the Beatles. What musician would? That's the absolute zenith in music and no one can live up to that expectation. They're just making the most of their moment. I'm sure even the Beatles never expected they would become so big as they've become.

Why would TMZ make this comparison anyway?

2253 days ago


They remind me of another Hanson band ... three brothers .... mom on tour with them ... pretty soon they'll all be married and have fifty kids ... Taylor Hanson going on his 4th one.

2253 days ago


you made them walk that way TMZ! you put it in their heads now look at them!!!!

2253 days ago

Here comes the judge    

Come on guys and gals...............Straight pants are in! These brothers are an insiration to millions of teen fans out there, and there a clean group with a lot of great songs. They were brought up well with loving parents. They are far from GAY! Give them a break and be happy we have some good role models out there for the teens. You rock Jonas Brothers....From a Mom of teen girls who are going to there concert!

2253 days ago


Nobody really likes the beatles. They just say they do because everybody say they are the greatest group ever. The beatles suck big time. So there!!! I said it, The JB are a bunch of sweet kids who write good clean music. They are not out flipping cars while drunk, getting arrested for DUI or any of the other crazy junk. I really don't think they got together and said hey all these photogs are following use lets pretend we are one of the most overrated suckyest groups of all time the beatles and let them take our picture. get over it!!

2253 days ago


Reply to are absolutely right......I agree that TMZ should in no way be comparing these kids to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones or any of the other greats out there. I will also agree with you that I was contradictory on my part to diss on miley while telling others to cut these guys a break....I own up to my my bad on that one.

2253 days ago



2253 days ago


No comparison. I suggest the Jonas Brothers enjoy the ride, teenage girls aren't fans because of their music just their looks. The Jonas Brothers are talentless. Who the hell ever told them they can sing, it is hilarious how awful they are!

2253 days ago


just because they where compared to another band doesn't mean anything geez and if you have freakin bad comments about them then keep it to your freakin self

oh! and guess what me and my sisters have walked across the street big freakin deal?!

jeez you haters

get over it

and im 14 so go ahead and cuss out a kid if you want!

2253 days ago


r u guys serious calm down..
wow just cause u wear Skinny jeans and tight pants doesn't mean ur gay..
nd their quite handsome if you ask me..
and all time low wears tight pants..The maine wears tight pants..linkin park..and so
much more bands...Y DONT U guys talk about how gay they r?
none of them r gayy cause they were tight pants...all of them CAN SINGG..
jeezee >=|

2252 days ago
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