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Michael Phelps

Cereal Killer

8/20/2008 12:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael PhelpsFive out of five dentists say Michael Phelps is all wet -- when it comes to his choice of breakfast cereal.

Health experts are going nuts because Mikey likes Frosted Flakes, and is going to be on the FF box rather than a Wheaties box, like pretty much every other big-shot athlete. They're all up in arms because Flakes has three times as much sugar as Wheaties and only a fraction of the fiber. Not so grrrrrreat after all?!

We've put in a call to the Wheaties peeps, but haven't heard back yet.

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selling out so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olympics aren't even over!!!!!!!!!!

2256 days ago




2256 days ago


Thank God for TMZ to bring me the news that impacts my life the most! Your Peabody is in the mail!

2256 days ago

Jemima Puddleduck    

Who cares, really? Having his picture on Frosted Flakes will probably sell MORE than on Wheaties. Kids that like him will actaully EAT Frosted Flakes. Kids are happy, parents happy they didn't just waste $6 on a box of cereal. And if Phelps actually eats it too! People need to just get over themelves. If the dentists are so concerned attack all these candy adds...ex: baby bottle pops etc., not a current hero to the masses. The FF buying masses. :)

2256 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

oh god! tmz is in possession of the 'collage master'!! hella funny!

2256 days ago


amazed at how some people on these sites are upset over the comments that some others have posted

did you really expect to have the cream of society here?? on a gissip site???

get real!!!!!!!

comment agout the article-not each other please

great athlete-hope he will continue to be a great role model in his future too because whether or not he wanted that job-it is now part of his reality

2256 days ago

Kitty Angel    

Maybe he wanted his picture on a product he actually eats and that may not be Wheaties!

2256 days ago


Can we have Nastia Lukin for PopTarts?

2256 days ago


So after all those medals, he is just another greddy human who
doesn't care about the impact that his choices has on other people.
He's a sellout, he had a chance to make a difference, but he'd rather
make the $$$.

He's embraced the spotlight, but apparently he doesn't realize that
there is a responsability associated with it. I think I would have
rather have him as the Trojan Man, than selling sugar bombs to kids.

2256 days ago


Michael Phelps has nothing going for him except his swimming medals. He could have chosen a more noble path after the Olympics, but he's chosen to be a cheap whore. Who buys Frosted Flakes anyway? Phelps = Flake = Degenerate

2256 days ago


# 22
wouldn't Britney Spears be better for pop tarts

2256 days ago


I'm with those coomments about his high caloric intake, rigorous training and the fact that he is endorsing something he actually enjoys eating. Congratulations Michael Phelps, you are #1!!!!!

2256 days ago

northern gypsy    

it starts early in life...get our kids ACTIVE...eating NUTRITIOUS food...not all (in fact very few) will get to the level of M.P....my point is...michael knows this...instead he whore himself out to $$$$

2256 days ago


Michael Phelps choosing to be on the Frosted Flakes box is what everyone is commenting on today. What about the years of hard work, or the tireless competion schedule he just endured, or the GREAT sportsmenship he showed, or the family values he shared! THINK ABOUT IT! We are commenting on the WRONG things here! We as a nation are very fortunate to have a man like Michael Phelps be one of OUR athletes at the 2008 games. So, to end this rant think about this... Who wouldn't out of all of us with all these comments, JUMP AT THE CHANCE TO BE ON THE COVER OF ANY CEREAL BOX? GREAT job THANXS Micheal!

2256 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    

This young man made sacrifices that none of us can imagine. These athletes train so hard since they were so little and they give up a normal childhood to be the best. Other kids were playing and watching TV while this guy was swimming laps.

Good from him and all of the other athletes who have earned the right to make the big bucks on Madison Avenue. Comments of “sell out” are just ridiculous and unfounded. What do you want him to do after beating a record that was in place since 1972? What if he came in forth? All the sacrifices he made in his life and he didn’t win? He and every other champion has the right the to get paid for being the best, being a winner and showing everyone that you can achieve your goals with hard work, training, and sacrifices.

Congratulations Michael, America is proud of you!

2256 days ago
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