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Michael Phelps

Cereal Killer

8/20/2008 12:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael PhelpsFive out of five dentists say Michael Phelps is all wet -- when it comes to his choice of breakfast cereal.

Health experts are going nuts because Mikey likes Frosted Flakes, and is going to be on the FF box rather than a Wheaties box, like pretty much every other big-shot athlete. They're all up in arms because Flakes has three times as much sugar as Wheaties and only a fraction of the fiber. Not so grrrrrreat after all?!

We've put in a call to the Wheaties peeps, but haven't heard back yet.

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sick to my stomach    

Who gives a F*%K!! I am going to buy cereal that I like regardless of who is on the box. I am not going to pay money for cereal i don't like just because of who is on the box! WOW!! These marketing a**holes really think we are stupid and gullible huh???!!!

2263 days ago


Because, the 'Wheaties' cereal company refused to feature 'Greg Louganis' as their Olympic hero on their Wheaties cereal carton. An American Olympic winner, is an American Olympic winner. Only a pervert cares what they do in 'bed', and obviously Michael Phelps isn't a pervert, he's an American Olympic winner!, He's Grrrreat!
Valkyrie Ziege Mourne

2263 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

You crazies are too funny. You can take a friggin cereal and make a political issue out of it.. Crawl back under your rocks you depressed bunch of wacko's. Better yet, take your damned pills like your suppose to!

Best of luck Phelps............................let the bucks ROLL!

2263 days ago


For all of you who say that he is a sellout, give your head a shake. He is a sellout if he promotes a brand that he does not use. He likes Frosted Flakes, and he promotes them. Even when the general public may be against that decision. That takes strength of character, and yes, some integrity. Money or not, he made the 'unpopular' decision to actually be on a product he uses. That is a far cry from the many celebs and sports stars who market items that they previously never used.
And to reiterate what many people here say, it is up to the parents to get their kids off the couch. If the kids are active and enjoy sports, Frosted Flakes will make no difference. Especially when many children take regular cereal and pour sugar all over it anyway.

2263 days ago


way to follow a story TMZ.
he was on the wheaties box after the 2004 olympics. guess no one noticed?
already better for tony eh?
i like frosted flakes too!!!!
they are GREAAATTT!!!
but he is also on the corn flakes box, those are retty good for making fried pork chops, i bet michael likes them. sure looks like his mom could put those corn flakes to some mighty good uses, yum

2263 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    

I THINK THIS GUY IS A STUPID ARROGANT JERK. I don't care if he wins 100 gold medals. He is freakin' butt ass ugly too.

2263 days ago


The only person I've ever known to eat Wheaties was my 89 year old Grandfather. He's dead now, so I don't know ANYONE who eats Wheaties, nor do I see why they would. Gross. At least he's not on a Pop Tart or donut box. With the way Americans feed their kids, Frosted Flakes is probably the healthiest thing they get all day. All you hypocrites complaining probably fed your kids pizza or hot dogs last night!

2263 days ago


Jennifer Lopez thinks that she should be getting more attention than Michael Phelps for her triathlon skills.

J Lo's ego is as big as her fat azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

J Lo take your fruity husband and go away.

2263 days ago

Race Fan    

Awesome! I love Frosted Flakes!

2263 days ago


Some of you people sound like jealous bitches.....obviously if he eats that cereal it works for him.....I have a kid who eats sugar cereal and GET THIS I take him out side for exercise AND even brush his teeth when he's done *GASP*!!

I would rather him be on a box that HE likes then just cause EVERYONE else was on somewhere else!!

2263 days ago


The story of the Olympics is Usain Bolt winning golds and breaking world records in the 100 and 200m races. Many other herioc efforts are going on hourly at the Olympics. No-one cares about a sugar-sucking dweeb like Phelps. Jamaican pride is a lot more appealing than Yankee corporate decadence. Thanks for ruining your Olympic moment, Phelps, you delinquent!

2263 days ago


Not a bad move when you consider that his metabolism is different than the average person, and he needs as much calorie intake as he can get. He wouldn't make a fiber cereal choice to promote regularity, he uses it for fuel. Besides, Frosted Flakes probably just won the bidding war for him.

2263 days ago

Pregnant Momma!    

I understand parents wanting role models to tell kids whats good for you, but I actually think Phelps would have been a bigger sell out had he eneded up on the Wheaties box. This wasn't about the "highest bidder". He loves Frosted Flakes and the boy consumes 22,000calories per day to make up for what he burns working out. Perhaps the parents need to spend the time educating their kids about healthy portions rather than expecting celebrities and television to do it for them.

2263 days ago

If TMZ had the whole story....you would understand    

8 gold's= Hero to kids, but if you eat ceral with sugar and you are a money hungry uncaring selfish bastard, who wants kids to be fat and die? I'm confused?

2263 days ago


Hey if it's so easy YOU do what Phelps has done "Rotten Forums". Phelps will be a zillionaire within a year and will never have to work another day for the rest of his life.

You are an idiot, and by the looks of it, a jealous, angry idiot.

Phelps rocks, you suck.

2263 days ago
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