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Ricky Martin

Livin' In Vitro Loca

8/20/2008 4:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ricky MartinRicky Martin and Clay Aiken have something in common...

Ricky is now a the proud padre of twins, courtesy of one surrogate mother. His rep says the kids are healthy, Ricky will be a full-time dad and he'll take the rest of the year off to raise the bambinos.


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He can father my babies anytime the old fashion way!

2254 days ago


Wow, what a great photo. Is that Ricky Martin, or Ryan Seacrest.


2254 days ago


Bet those kids will be gorgeous. Why can't people just admit they're gay though?

2254 days ago

Kitty Angel    

Congrats Ricky! I hope you find fatherhood wonderful.

2254 days ago


Gay people Should'nt be parents. Think of the poor children first.

2254 days ago

Eric in L.A.    

I hope Ricky & Clay are very happy together raising their 4 kids. I just want to know, who is the pitcher and who is the catcher?

2254 days ago


No, that's not gay at all.

2254 days ago


Good luck Ricky you will be a great dad. and speaking of his money this guy has been working all of his life since he was small, you bet he can afford it.

2254 days ago

Your mom    


Then why did your "parents" make you? I'm just sayin' oh and it's shouldn't.

2254 days ago


How about if he takes the rest of his life off to raise them till they're 18 and NOT stick them in a day care or leave them with a Nanny - sure hope he steps up to the plate and does the daddy thing!!!

2254 days ago


i agree with number 12.....

theres WAY too many kids in this world for people to be artifically impregnating each other.....

if nature doesnt let you get knocked up, then just adopt. sooooooooooo many kids need a good home.

2254 days ago


Taking a year off to raise the kids. I'm sorry but raising kids takes more than a one year commitment. Stupid celebrities.

2254 days ago


You see America, these are the kinds of things the govt should be taking on. Will McSame or Obama try to somehow address this issue and set boundaries? This is the most disgusting race on the planet.!!!These phoney gay marriages and gays/lesbians adopting kids, invitro! Perhaps these kids don't want to be with gay/lesbian couples. Maybe they want a real mom & dad, and not 2 gays or 2 lesbians as parents. It's not like we don't have enough kids battling issues, we have to add more severe cases to the already existing. Forcing them to accept a way of life, being laughed at & worse at school, how many fights will they get into, defending you? What makes you think they want to be seen in public with their dad and his male lover. Kids have feelings to and are very impressionable at a young age. WOW, kinda scary to think what the country and govt will be like in a few years. God help us all

2254 days ago

they actually weren't bad    

Just because Ricky hasn't had anything out here doesn't mean he isn't still recording and releasing music, which he still is in other parts of the world, just like before he made it big here. The world doesn't revolve around us Americans. There are plenty of huge celebrities in other parts of the world, raking in big bucks that we have never heard of, just like there are celebrities here that people in other countries haven't heard of. Also, and Ann I missed the part where Oprah got married.

2254 days ago


Didn't see this one coming but then again, he's gay. So yeah (he
probably saw all the celebrity baby bump madness. I assume at his
age he wants to pass on his genes, looks, whatever. He could of
started by adopting. Well, who am I to judge? It just seems kind of
selfish raising those twins without a mother. That's just me.

Anyway, congratulations I suppose. Hopefully he'll be a great father.

2254 days ago
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