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Shawn Johnson

You Little Rat

8/20/2008 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's tiny 16-year-old women's gymnastics individual all-around Olympic silver medalist Shawn Johnson (left) -- and "The Ed Sullivan Show's" favorite soft foam Italian mouse Topo Gigio (right).

Shawn Johnson and Topo Gigio
Only one of them is a puppet.

We're just sayin'...

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If they had compared, say, Amy Winehouse to this mouse, you'd LOVE it... It has NOTHING to do with age!!! Making a comparison is making a comparison...You find humor in things other people deem as wrong... So, get over it... The mouse is cute... Shawn is cute...

2215 days ago

Jason Phelps    

I am going to stay here and defend Shawn Johnson's honor all night if I have to. I know her personally and I will not let anyone make these comments about her. So bring it on, b*tches! Let's see what pathetic lame-@$$ excuses you have for insulting this beautiful upstanding olympic champion. Why don't YOU people just accept the fact that all the reasonable people in the world DO NOT find this funny in the least bit and that we are morally and grossly offended by it. I'm sure Shawn would agree, although she probably won't openly admit it.

Furthermore, you think because you bash other celebrities, it is okay to bash this pure and innocent girl? Shawn Johnson may be the most sweet and morally upright girl in the world, and she definitely does not deserve to be picked on. I don't know about Miley Cyrus, but I'm not a basher. If you must be one, pick on someone who did something wrong or embarrasing, definitely NOT Shawn. Where did this come from anyways? This was a completely pointless attempt to tarnish teh reputation of a 16 year old girl we should respect and be proud of.

As far as appearances go, I don;t think any of you, or few of you, can say they look better than Shawn Johnson. She is more beautiful that any of you bashers can ever hope to be, which is probably why you are picking on her. You are ADULTS people, and you are picking on a child. Tell me that's not wrong. Pick on someone your own size. I can't even BELIEVE that someone would start SUCH A NASTY discussion on Shawn! Why??? What's the point of trying to break a little girls' spirit? Do you people have a mental problem? How far must you go??? This is extremely inappropriate on a huge scale. How dare you people look at this article and actually laugh and gossip about it!!! HOW DARE YOU. This is a signification that the human race IS generally evil and feeds on the suffering of others. As far as jokes go, this is not a joke. For a joke to be funny, it shouldn't be based on insulting a person who is generally loved by everyone that knows her: even the rival Chinese team has grown incredibly fond of her from her great sportsmanship.

To sum this all up, NONE of you people have any right to comment on how Shawn looks, and TMZ should be ashamed of their "joke." Even you people who defend TMZ should be ashamed at your stupidity and ignorance. They called her a vile RAT. Not a cute little mouse. There is a huge difference. EVERYONE should apologize to Shawn for these dispicable thoughts, and be ashamed for their illogical method of reasoning the insensitive bashing of an innocent young girl.

Why is this even still being discussed. TAKE THIS DOWN SO WE CAN ALL FORGET ABOUT IT AND MOVE ON. You wanna rub it in some more, and keep on insulting an innocent girl??? Anyone else who posts a comment here is no better than a child molester, and you should all be ashamed. The TRASH who post anyways to feed off the suffering of another human being deserves nothing less than eternal burning in the depths of hell. Tell me what the point is in supporting this article. Obviously nobody but a few lowlifes enjoy it, and NO, I DO NOT SEE THE RESEMBLANCE AT ALL. If so, I;m 100% sure you look like a donkey's @$$ or an ape for all I care. So none of you uggos have a right to comment on this.



Shawn Johnson is one of few Americans who can represent our country as a truly great nation, not only in talent, but in personality, culture, and class. She brings about a new perspective of the United States, as a nation where innocence and purity CAN exist, and not all its people are like what everyone sees: PIGS and @$$holes.

This girl, perhaps the most upstanding American citizen in history, should be respected and praised by every true American for the service and endearing light she has brought upon our country. Even the Chinese, utter rivals, are beginning to embrace her as a great person for her unwavering strength and unmatched sportsmanship. America can at least do the same.

So, if you still want to bash her, for no reason but to fulfill your own sick pleasures, go ahead, but that means you have no respect for other people but also your own country. You might as well leave immediately. Go, before America's sick process of undermining and destroying our own youth for disgusting entertainment is carried out.

She does not look anything like a rat, as TMZ so cruelly put it, nor that stuffed mouse in the picture. But what do YOU look like? And how would you look like in that same exact hairstyle Shawn has in the picture. I;m absolutely sure Shawn would look much, MUCH better than you.


2215 days ago


Wow. For some reason I assumed TMZ was run by adults.

2215 days ago


People need to lighten up and laugh at themselves. The value you DON'T want in a 16 year old is the inability to laugh at one's self and roll with it. This PC poor me poor you attitude is what's driving this country into 3rd world tribal warfare. Have a laugh, enjoy life, don't take yourself so seriously. Shawn did a fantastic job at the olympics, certainly has worked very hard and will see a lot of success in life with her work ethic and drive. And, she does look like a cute little mouse, but, not in a bad way!

2215 days ago


Arguing On The Internet Is Like Running In The Special Olympics: Even If You Win, You're Still Retarded. And every post here just fuels TMZ's power over the culture of those that come here to read it. Also, seeing as how this one little article has become one of the most commented on in a long while (damn britney for cleaning up her act) they are loving every minute of it, as am i. Lets get 1000 comments!

2215 days ago


Your comparison of Shawn to Topo Gigio is completely out of line...she looks WAAAAY more like Tanya Mousekewitz from the animated film An American Tail.

2215 days ago


this is very disrespectful... love your site...hate the post.
i'm 22 and love gossip and celebrity goofs, but this is just plain rude. making fun of a 16 yr old girl who is an incredible and poised athlete and nonetheless gorgeous.
i hope this comes down soon.

2215 days ago


I am a fan of your site (USUALLY) but...

You would think after all the emails you guys got in the first place, objecting to calling her that, that you would get the hint. You're going to piss off the people who read your site and they're the reason you guys even have jobs. Get in check, TMZ, or you'll be long forgotten. Really disappointing and showing no respect.

2215 days ago


I personally think she looks more like Britney, from Alvin and the Chimpmunks. On the words of TMZ..... I'm just saying....

2215 days ago


I think she does look like a little cute mouse. I am not being offensive, but she is actually a little cute girl. I don't know if TMZ was trying to play it as a bad joke, and if they were, then yes, it was in bad taste. She is an awesome gymnast and in my opinion, I think she should have gotten the gold for all around, but I'm still happy that USA took gold for all around. Hell, they should have gotten the gold for team USA because in my eyes, the chinese cheated in putting young girls in their team, but then again, the USA have cheated in the past as well. The olympics is full of cheaters I guess.

2215 days ago

ryan hayes    

So she looks like a rat how can it be such a horrible offense if it's ture? At least it wasn't a cow. Rats are pretty agile and they like cheese so that's a positive. But they poop everywhere and can mangle your electricity wires so that's a negative. See, everyone wins. It's not like Phelps posing in that halter-top on the Sports Illustrated cover letting the world know he's gay. This is just some harmless fun and if she's not balanced enough to laugh it off then that's her trip.

2215 days ago


Obviously, there's a reason why Topo Gigio was so popular and remembered over the years...he's adorable! Shawn Johnson is adorable and she'll get the last laugh when her "adorable face" turns to "stunning beauty" 20 year old by next Olympics in London. BTW what's up with those 10 year old Chinese gymnasts?

2215 days ago

Truth Patrol    

Shawn Johnson is gorgeous. Her smile lit up the world when she won gold.

Insulting American's sweetheart is just plain dumb.

Insulting a child is pathetic. You've crossed a line you shouldn't cross.

2215 days ago


She is a young 16 year old.....she performed well in the Olympic's....Why don't you print a picture of her with her hair down and see what she really looks like.......Idiots

2215 days ago


HAhaha....... that is so her long lost twin!! Its so funny when we were watching the olimpics we would call her stumpy. haha but yours is better!!

2215 days ago
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