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Shawn Johnson

You Little Rat

8/20/2008 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's tiny 16-year-old women's gymnastics individual all-around Olympic silver medalist Shawn Johnson (left) -- and "The Ed Sullivan Show's" favorite soft foam Italian mouse Topo Gigio (right).

Shawn Johnson and Topo Gigio
Only one of them is a puppet.

We're just sayin'...

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Levin has a lot of room to talk. He's a loser lawyer. At least she has made some thing of her life. Plus she's cute. Cutest rat I've ever seen. Watch out Levin, she can probably kick your ass. I can see you guys going after these retatrd stars but a 16 year old girl in the olympics. You guys are a piece of @&%#.

2215 days ago

lil Tweety    

TMZ keep doing wat u do , post something about a 13 year old next time lets see how these people react ..... this is wat i crossed the border for to show celebrities beyoned the movies and music and Olympics

2215 days ago


I always knew she looked like somebody but I couldn't put my finger on it till I saw that picture. Good catch TMZ!

2215 days ago


Do you have any idea of the amount of time, concentration, talent and dedication it takes to become a world class gymnast? Shawn Johnson has more than proven herself as the epitome of the Olympic athlete.. She won SILVER and GOLD at the most important venue available. She represented our country with pride and excellence!
I find your attitude and commentary very TACKY and unwarranted. We should be extolling her virtues instead of making a juvenile comparisonat her expense. This time you really missed the mark in a very shallow and hurtful way. She deservres an IMMENSE apology from TMZ and the respect she has earned.

2215 days ago


OMG people calm down...whatever happened to freedom of speech in this country????
So some people at TMZ found that Shawn looked like that mouse...SO WAT!!!! We are all entitled to our own opinion in this country. I am sure that the people at TMZ were not trying to dis her because she is an AMAZING gymnast. Not to mention that i am sure they were not trying to insult her because the mouse is actually really cute.
So chill out and try to find the humor in it

2215 days ago


lol shes a popular athlete if she wants to be good shes going to have to take a little constructive critisism here and there...i personally congradulate tmz on how good they do and seriously people.....if you dont like it dont read it

2215 days ago

A mother    

Never looked at this site before, never will again. You suck. Leave this girl alone.

2215 days ago


Man, that's just messed up. I mean it's kinda funny but it's also messed up. Jeeez, she doesn't look like a rat... but she does have rat teeth.

2215 days ago


Oh are you sure you folks have it right? I'm old so I know this. Topo Gigio was one of the most adorable characters of all time. He was on the Ed Sullivan show and his saying "Eddie, kiss me godnight." was the cutest thing in the world. I think they were comparing lovable to lovable, that's all.

2215 days ago


I think everybody just needs to calm down! this post is funny as hell!!
Just becasue she is 16 doesn't mean she can't be made fun of, TMZ pokes fun at younger girls and I don;t see any hoopla over all that.

2215 days ago


How much more disgusting, distasteful, and inappropriate can TMZ get? Stick to picking on those who bring it on themselves!! She has done nothing but good!

2214 days ago


How cute lol!

2214 days ago


Man, when i first saw this it was funny as hell i was rollin on the floor laughin at this, this was a very tastful joke, i guess people just dont like humor, nobodys safe from the media and this proves it, nice job guys, keep up the good work. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up. :)

2213 days ago


I never had any respect for TMZ to begin with, but now you've just gone to far. It probably was meant as a joke, but some things are off limits...SHAWN JOHNSON IS OFF LIMITS! She is THE most lovable and gracious teen in America. A real role model for our youth. On top of that she is very, very attractive. Just imagine how beautiful Shawn will be when we see her again in the London Olympics. I can't believe the depths of TMZ's depravity!

Like I said before, SHAWN JOHNSON IS OFF LIMITS. Don't make me stab you in the eye...I don't want to do it but I will.

This is like when some jackass tells a bad joke and they are the only one who laughs.

2213 days ago

Team Nasita    

HAHA funny!!! i luved it even though i do like shawn! it brought joy 2 my day!

2212 days ago
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