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Jessica Rips Carrie: Romo's Not Hung Up on You

8/21/2008 4:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The other hot blonde fighting over the NFL's luckiest bastard, Tony Romo, just turned up the heat -- calling Carrie Underwood a boldfaced liar on live radio.

Jessica Simpson just went on "Woody and Jim" on 107.5 in Nashville, telling the morning crew she and Tony laughed at Carrie's published claim that Romo is still calling the Idol champ -- and adding that everything Carrie insinuated is completely untrue.

And if that wasn't clear enough, Simpson spelled it right out for Underwood, "If Tony wanted to call her ... or wanted to be with her, he would."


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some men do keep in touch with their ex-girlfriends and let me tell you, you would not know b/c mine wrote letters to his ex. Assume he is not calling her BUT he might be keeping in touch in another ways.

2198 days ago


Could Jessica appear any more ridiculous?!?!? She's riding into Nashville trying to garner as much attention for herslef as possible ("Like this, Daddy?") - and clearly has not thought this one through. Carrie is everyone's darling - for good reason. I just pray Ms. Jess doesn't head back to Big D anytime soon.....what a f_____ moron!

2198 days ago


She can't handle that she got dumped and he's dating Jessica now, who is WAY hotter. Even if what she said was true, which I'm SURE it's not, why would Carrie Underwood say such a thing in an interview? That just screams DESPERATE!!

2198 days ago


Jessica Simpson sux in singing and in acting. She is dumb as a doorknob and is jealous cause Carrie Underwood is 1000 times better looking than her, smarter than her, and has won awards for singing. Tony Romo is an idiot too cause he blew it for the Cowboys last year when he went on vacation that week with the dumbass Jessica and got drunk and then lost the game for the Cowboys and all the fans booed him and her stupid ass in the stands. I hope the Cowboys suck again this year in the playoffs cause of him and get rid of his nerd ass.

2198 days ago

bobby b    

This is so funny {Jessica does have a running record of being on the losing end when it comes to men }

2198 days ago

Mary Poppins    

OK first of all anyone knows being in the public eye, EVERYONE, ANYONE can say what they want, Jessica and Tony should know better not to listen or believe half the BS the media puts out. 2nd Jessica hun your going into or trying to break into country music, you may wanna choose your battles and whom you have them with wisely, Carrie is the golden child when it comes to country music and nashville. The fans will turn on you QUICK.

2198 days ago


I don't like any of them, but I think Jessica isa little too cute for Tony Romo. Maybe Romo and Underdog should get back together.

2198 days ago


I heard Carrie's interview was taken out of context. Both Jess and Carrie are beautiful women.......I have no idea what the big deal with Tony is. At least Jess is comfortable in her own skin and has no hang ups over who he talks to.

2198 days ago


I like both of these girls. Leave them be, Romo has been broken up with Carrie forever. I heard today Carrie has a huge crush on Micheal Phelps. TMZ, confirm this please?

Go Cowboys!!!

2198 days ago


Regardless of what she says, her body langauge while she is stating that "if Tony wanted to be with Carrie Underwood, he would", tells all. The minute the whole situation is being discussed, she wraps her arms around herself & her voice gets very monotone. The insecurity is obvious & she's scared!!

2198 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Luvin' the drama, Jessica, and it is only pre-season, wow! Woohoo, opening day is almost here and you go girl, slip on that TonyTonyTony jersey and climb up to the skybox and cheer your team, especially, and you might wanna write this down, when they play the Redskins, Giants, and Eagles! Thanks!

2198 days ago

Illinois person    

Jessica No - Carrie hell yes! Oh Romeo, oh Romeo - where could my Romo be? Face it big guy, you've gone down hill since you hooked up w/that blank-stare, talentless Jessica. Besides, it's her dad who really wants to date you. Jess is just his beard.
Nick didn't hit the high road for nothing man - in fact he ran from that action and you should too. Not sure what all of the fuss is about? Romo is neither a Brady or a Payton Manning or even little bro Eli - but then again daughter dearest is just one dumb blond (and even that's not real). Now remember, TR you can do!

2198 days ago


Checking the call log has nothing to do with feeling secure it is just watching your back. The most beautiful women in the world have been cheated so always watch your back occasionally no matter how secure you are about yourself or your relationship!!! It is easy to erase your call log but she could have checked the log on the bill!!!

2198 days ago

Alex's Chica    

She is such an Ass y'all keep Tony I don't care anymore pinche Dallas has lost both games wish you breathed Carrie's air you trailer trash wannabe and no matter what you say she had him first so you have her sloppy seconds' and besides if you were not dunking Tony you would not even be talked about because your "music" or I am having sex with a dead man tone you use when you talk is not working for you no more, it is no longer sexy that when you talk and your neck moves around all over the place makes you look like a Bobble head you Loser take your sisters actions right now she is no where to be found and i like it...

2198 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Yup, he's calling her.

2198 days ago
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