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Pierce Brosnan -- Sportin' Beachwood

8/21/2008 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After seven years of marriage, it's apparent Pierce Brosnan's wife can definitely tell when her husband is in the mood....


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Leave them alone, he obviously loves his wife. All of you mean people really suck. Eff off losers!

2199 days ago


Arent they a little old to be making out in public? Teenagers with raging hormones do it everywhere, we know that, but at this age???
Also arent they at home? cant it wait to walk a few steps and get out of the camera range?
Cover up...nobody likes looking at fat, its disgusting!!

2199 days ago


You people are so funny; especially #21 aka Vagina. Face it: "Meat is for man, bones are for dogs." I guess you're a dog? Figures.

2199 days ago


Great couple good for them..

2199 days ago

Drew P. Drawers    

Boner...James Boner

2199 days ago


Keely Shaye looks astoundingly different than she used to, so people will react to the vast difference in her appearence; she is literally 3 times the size she once was - which is a lot more than just being curvy. However, it is obvious that in their marriage the love and attraction is still there - and they probably don't give a crap what anybody else thinks.

2199 days ago

U Go Girl!!!    

Wow! You guy's do realize that you are talking about a human being here, right? This amazes me that people are able to grossly comment on someone they have never even met! I'm pretty sure the people who are writing such tastless things are jealous of 2 people who love one another UNCONDITIONALLY!!! (yes, there is such a thing! & No, I'm not a "heavy" person....actually quite the opposite....not that it should have any relevance!)

2199 days ago


I don't think that's his wife, because his wife is REALLY big, bigger than that woman.

2199 days ago

Kathie is a phony    

So I suppose if they were old, sagging and wrinkled like ALL of us are going to be some day, that would be a turn off too? Get real! Chubby women are out there bagging men every day, even more than the skinny bitches. And THEIR relationships seem to last alot longer and end in marriage. Guys like screwing around with thin, hot chicks, but they AREN"T always the ones they marry! Get a clue! Thin AIN'T always in! Just ask Jennifer Anniston!

2199 days ago


I'm sorry, but I've been reading the above comments and have laughed my butt off! World War III is on! LOL...on a more serious note, they are to be commended for remaining married and happy, not a common thing in Harrywood. Life's short...Live, Laugh, Love!!

2199 days ago


Are you sure that is his wife? Last pics I saw of her, she was twice that size.

2199 days ago


No. 10 - you're a dumb ass! Post your photo so we can all see how ugly you are on the outside. I'm sure it matches how ugly you are in the inside.

2199 days ago


It's really nice that they're so affectionate--love the first picture best of all though!

2199 days ago


Peirce Brosnan loves his wife even though she isn't as thin as she used to be, Her weight gain obviously doesn't bother him. There ARE worse things than being overweight, such as a shallow personality.

2199 days ago

Prednisone is a helluva drug    

I can give a first-hand nightmare and what Prednisone can do to one's weight. I had to be on it for 3 months, and was warned that weight gain can be a side effect. I was prepared to bulk up 10, maybe 15 lbs max.That medication added 55 lbs to me in three months! While you are on it, you are an eating machine!!! 20 mins after a full meal, and I was absolutely RAVENOUS again.So I stopped buying crap food, stocked up on and ate only fruits, veggies, rice and lean meats. I also walked 5 miles a day. The weight still kept coming on. A fwe months after stopping the medication, my appetite was back to a "normal" persons, and SOME of the weight came off.

It took almost 6 years to completely lose the weight. (I am now 5'5" 125 lbs)

If I remember correctly, didn't he lose his first wife to Cancer? It's obvious that these two are deeply in love and very committed to each other. Good for them!!!

2199 days ago
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