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Sienna Miller: Hester Prynne 2.0

8/21/2008 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Get a load of Sienna Miller's London home shortly after vandals spray painted the word "Slut" across it.

No word if Balthazar Getty's wife has been to London recently.


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Sienna should know better than to kiss face in public with a married man. Her actions speak loudly to yound adults who look up to public people. Shame shame. I do, however, think the grafitti is a bit much.

2193 days ago

who cares    

Give me a break! Why is Jennifer Lopez getting off the hook? Mark Anthonys WIFE was pregnant when he left her for Jennifer. What about Angelina Jolie? She did the same thing to Jen and no one gave her the "homewrecker" riot act. Was Balthazar happily married? Separated? if so for how long? I am sure Sienna knows the answer to all those questions. Everyone needs to MYOB. You are entitled to your opinion, but I do not believe one thing the press says about anything. They will say anything to make a good story and I will bet a million they are the ones that wrote Sl*t on her apt.

2193 days ago


i honestly think this was done by some teenagers, no adult would be so immature surely, its not right but she has only herself to blame ,some people keeps saying ,but did she break up he marriage? yes she did mr and mrs getty attended the LA ANTIQUE SHOW ON THE 23RD APRIL, 3 weeks before she met getty. both are to blame but her pr's keep telling stories about getty being separated, whether they were unhappy or not , she had no right to interfere in their life. 4 children are involved in this drama lets not forget that.

2193 days ago


To hell with Sienna Miller... Karma sure is funny that way.

Also, who in the hell is this Balthazar Getty and his wife? Prior this debacle, I never heard of him or his wife, yet there they are partying it up with Courtney Cox et al......

2193 days ago


Call 'em like you see 'em.

2193 days ago


she's the pot calling the kettle black....when Jude Law cheated on her with the nanny thats off limits but when she screws around with a married man...that' ok....what goes around comes around.I say!

2193 days ago


Damn, that's harsh, but so very true, ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!! Love it!

2193 days ago


It is what it is.

2193 days ago


I can certainly tell that TMZ is in a discouraging mode.. Give a bit more attention and others will follow the same path. Sounds like someone needs to be scrubbing a brick wall with a toothpush.. and going back to jail at night. I do hope that all of the saints that work at TMZ and those who feel this type of behavior is appropriate, make sure the path you walk is above reproach. And just why is this relationship any of our business....

2193 days ago


To vandel is wrong, but a slut is a slut.

2193 days ago

Joe Rockhead    

Hey, it may be a little much, but well-deserved IMO! About time the public voices disgust for behaviour like this. She and that MAJOR a_HOLE, Getty, showed NO CLASS in how they treated the ex-wife & kids! Now, some of you are crying about "the public needs to show some restraint"? Well, boo hoo! If you act like a sut, look like a slut, and condust yourself like a slut- well guess what? YOU'RE A SLUT!!!

2193 days ago


balthazar getty was a star he was in young guns as a teen and some other movies and now he's in that crappy tv show brothers and sisters on abc but i guess he really grew up to be a douche he disrespects his whole family doing what he's doing and he's showing his kid how to treat mommy like s##t so he is just a terrible father figure and sienna one day your going to mess around with the wrong ladys husband and there going to beat the s##t out of you what is the matter with you do you like being a walking punch line on every talk show you should be a shamed to lift your head high i hope you read this and wake up and start seeing what others see that your messed up in the head threre are plenty of single guys out there for you yet you chose to help ruin a family

2193 days ago


Getty wanted out of his marriage, or wanted to stay married and play outside of his marriage..So why didn't his wife just look the other way? Most men cheat..haven't wives figured that one out yet?

2193 days ago


And now for something really important..BRING BACK NEW EPISODES OF "KEEN EDDIE"!! Sienna's and Mark Valley's best work...

2193 days ago


I really don't like this woman but having her house vandalized sucks. If she wants to take another woman;s husband - fine. Have at it, but she better not expect him to be faithful to her either! I feel terrible for the guy's wife and his kids.

2193 days ago
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