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Sienna Miller: Hester Prynne 2.0

8/21/2008 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Get a load of Sienna Miller's London home shortly after vandals spray painted the word "Slut" across it.

No word if Balthazar Getty's wife has been to London recently.


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Bianca is a stupid bitch    

Haha cheers to whomever spraypainted the truth on whorebag's house wall. She deserves it and she's guttertrash.

2191 days ago


we all have our opinions, but to trash somebodys home is not acceptable. saying that we all read the papers and they are not always right because they get tips from so called friends. but the fact remains miller and getty together broke his marriage happy or unhappy is not the question, we all go through difficult times. but the fact is getty was not separated from his wife when he met miller, he attended a ball in january with his wife and also went to the LA ANTIQUE SHOW in april, so no sleeping on the sofa's at his friends, all lies, but the main issue is they paraded in front of his wife and children when his wife had no idea. in july in a statement on the internet getty denied he was getting a divorce and being with miller, saying their where only friends. also she must have know he was married because she met him through matthew rhys. lets stick to facts, both did not care who they hurt, miller did not care and getty obviously does not care even for his children. so they deserve each other.

2191 days ago


How is trashing the home of SM mom, worse than the damage that the other woman has caused by 1) not saying "no" to the married man's requests for sex and 2) flaunting the affair via photo-ops and PR stories? Paint can be remove, while all of the SM/BG photos and PR stories will last forever and will always be a constant reminder to RG and her kids. When SM stops flaunting the affair with BG and gives him space so he can get a divorce, then I will show sympathy/compassion to SM. Where was her sympathy/compassion when she was being photographed allowing the married man(who wasn't divorced/legally separated) to suck on her breast? Where was her sympathy and compassion when she had her mother defend the affair and trash the married man's marriage? Where was her sympathy when she tried to compare her situation to Princess Diana, just to make it seem that the media/paps are on a "withch-hunt"?

SM didn't reject the married mans request for sex and she has shown little/no compassion towards his family by flauntig the affair. I don't see anyone saying that BG is the victim/hasn't done anything wrong; its SM defenders that keep insisting that SM is a victim and wasn't married so she didn't do anything wrong. When SM uses this "spray paint"incident as an opportunity to release more photos/stories of her and the married man, will you show compassion towards the married man's wife/kids or praise SM for sleeping with the married man(who still isn't divorced/legally seprated)?

SM and her PR team have now resorted to "physical" attacks against SM just to drum up sympathy. First they have someone call her a "HW" at the airport(notice that it was some unknown pap), but that didn't earn her any sympathy because she riuned it by flaunting the affair with the married man before she got on the plane. Now they deface the house, is anyone else wondering how the spray painter was able to get so close to the house without being seen/detected by security? And like clockwork pictures of BG and SM will surface, we will her stories about how BG is supporting her/disappointed that people would treat a "woman" like this, and her mother/"friends" will once again defend the relationship with the married man and beg for sympathy/fairness. Just when you think that it will end, she orchestrates something like this to keep herself relevant.

2191 days ago


Ok, I am by no means a fan of Sienna Miller, however, this crosses the line! Vandalizing someone's property is not ok, calling names, fine, attribute that to freedom of speech, but vandalism, is illegal first off, and just plain inappropriate. Whoever is responsible should be ashamed! and they need to GROW UP!!

2191 days ago


Nothing wrong with being a slut? REALLY?! And what planet do you come from #123? Being a slut means lacking in common sense and common decency. Being a slut means being selfish, immature, irresponsible and immoral. It is also undignified, embarrassing and disgusting! No decent woman or man should ever allow themselves to sink so low as to behave like a slut! IF by "basis for economic stability" you mean it's okay to sleep with a man for money, sorry neither but that is called prostitution! It is both immoral and illegal! And yes one might argue that all gold diggers are in fact prostitutes. In fact they are! The only difference between prostitutes and gold diggers is that gold diggers want to marry their johns. LOL!!!

2191 days ago


Well I guess people driving by will know where to go for a good time. LMFAO!

2191 days ago


. Basically, she did just what Brit did--steal another woman's man. Here's a simple ethical test that can be applied in all cases if you are ever in doubt about the correct course of action. Should you find yourself doing something that Britney Spears has done, you are screwing up royally.

Posted at 10:03AM on Aug 22nd 2008 by britbritisaskank

How do you know he didn't lie like k-fed did regarding his relationship and why bring Brit up in this ?! YOU CANNOT STEAL SOMEONE'S MAN !!!

2191 days ago


I think this is hilarious. This woman is absolutely ridiculous. What is her fascination with married men? (Anyone remember Jude Law?) Maybe she feels the need to prove to herself time and time again that she's hotter or sexier than another woman by stealing her man. Sounds like she needs a good therapist, just make sure it's a woman!

2191 days ago


So now people are up in arms becose the #$%^ PROPERTY is defaced? While RG and her CHILDREN have had to live thru this slag's and her fellow slag's very public displays of @$#% on an almost daily basis in LA and let's not forget Prague and Italy - where's the "justice" in that? The disrespect & humiliation they have heaped on his WIFE and CHILDREN far outweighs any impact this tagging has. Yes I know tagging is vandalism and vandalism is a crime but just because there is no "criminal" offence with which to label what these two skanks continue to subject the Ho-man's family to doesn't make their actions any less of a crime.

2191 days ago

Lydia Layne    

I think it's hilarious.

2190 days ago

Lydia Layne    

Why on earth would anyone feel sorry for her? She's getting what she deserves for f-ing around with a married man and breaking up a family. She only cares about herself. Karma's a bitch man!

2190 days ago


I've a hunch that Siena is maybe hooked on some serious "stuff" (besides penises, I mean), and that whatever she is taking is contributing to her reckless behavior. It is also possibly reducing her inhibitions and impairing her judgment.

(Siena, get thee to a rehab. before your out-of-control behavior completely destroys your body, your looks, your career and your reputation.)

2185 days ago

ACLU member    

A job well done!

2172 days ago
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