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Terrence Howard -- Full of Soul or Full of S**t?

8/21/2008 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After having to sit through Terrence Howard's first ever live musical performance last night, our spy in the crowd gave us the impression that his show was more torturous than Abu Ghraib -- but shockingly, not everyone in the TMZ newsroom agreed with the negative review.

In his shoot report from Maryland concert, the cameraman writes: "Some people should never quit their day job ... Terrence Howard could not hit the proper notes as he butchered every song. A noted fact, the liquor sales went up that night in the club as concertgoers needed some type of distraction."

Give it a listen -- is it really that bad?


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Terrence Howard is a great actor, and was wonderful in H&F. I would pay to see him sing anytime, and this review bashing him is really unfair. It's a badly shot, unauthorized, and half-baked blackmarket recording (like the guy filming a movie on his camcorder and posting it to the internet.) >> Shame on you, TMZ. Don't hurt this man's chances at success and my chance to hear him in the mainstream by cutting him off at the knees. Listen the 'other staffers.' They were vocal enough to have you put up a vote, and you know those voices chiming in angry are simply mimicing your attitudes. >> TH is a wonderful performer.

2224 days ago


Moshe is Jewish so of course he has issues.

2224 days ago


Terrence is a wonderful actor needs bigger roles. And a voice coach would help,,, I admire this man, He has been through a lot>

2224 days ago

northern gypsy    

hey com-on everybody show some luv for T.H.!!! he's definitely isn't... i get wet... just listenin to him...but...he's not bad !!!

2224 days ago

Get Real!    

He didn't sound THAT bad...You have singer s right now making milions who sound utterly horrible...I guess it's who you know!!

Hey Moshe, You have serious issues...Get a life!!!!!!!

2224 days ago

Lizzy aka pocahantus    

A wonderful actor doing his best in experiencing other things that all actors do. Nothing wrong with that. He sounds very good to me. Then again, he looks good overall. The camera man was lousy. Too much to drink maybe? If you don't succeed, try and try again. For all you haters, you're jealous. Give him credit for trying.
Does anyone know his number? Give him mine: 847-338-7356

2224 days ago


Moshe, I hate people like you. Your type is sooooooo played out. It's obvious you don't like blacks. Get a life or get rid of it. You suk man. Do us all a favor. Stay inside all day everyday and play with your computer you little turd!

2224 days ago


It's hard out here for a pimp!

2224 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Awful song painful to listen to

2224 days ago


You know it's hard out here for a pimp!

2224 days ago


He really needs to ditch the pimp outfit. It just looks plain silly. If he got rid of that an his enormous ego, I might not cringe whenever I see him.

2224 days ago


well for one thing...he is no sinatra...although he is trying to imitate the great one
and i can tell from the picture he cant sing...his kneck is out of position with his diaphram....third...hs has no soul....maybe his blackness only comes across when playing a pimp or thug in the movies....his high banal whiny tone is not working...and i hear he does not like black woman....a hygene problem they have i guess.....he is overated in my opinion.

2224 days ago


He's one of the most gorgeous men I've ever seen, but he's as crazy as a bedbug.

2224 days ago


I was surprised to find that I didn't find his singing as bad as I thought it would be...although TMZ's video and sound quality could definitely use some work. I don't care for Terrence Howard, and do not find him attractive at all, but he does okay as an actor...I guess. Jesse L. Martin is the man who dominates my dreams. Gimme some Jesse over Terrence anyday. Yummy.

2224 days ago


1 - Moshe, why don't you take your illiterate ass back to school! I'm sure the kindergarten teacher would give you a special helmet, a tutor and extra time in an attempt to catch up. If that doesn't work, may I suggest a lobotomy! Jodie Foster? The lesbian Jodie Foster? Oh, your point is what? Terrence is a very talented man and an exceptional actor. Jodie Foster is a talented actress. But your talking apples & oranges! As well as Jamie Foxx, he is also a very talented singer/songwriter, actor and comedian. Ghetto movies? What does that mean? You really should educate yourself, and a GED is not the ticket!!!! Both men are very successful, wealthy, beautiful, accomplished men. Which is something you clearly do not understand and will never be!!!!! With that being said, why don't you ask your parents why they named you what they did, is that where all the hostility comes from, are you lacking so much in your life? Small matza ball syndrome? What?

2224 days ago
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