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Terrence Howard -- Full of Soul or Full of S**t?

8/21/2008 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After having to sit through Terrence Howard's first ever live musical performance last night, our spy in the crowd gave us the impression that his show was more torturous than Abu Ghraib -- but shockingly, not everyone in the TMZ newsroom agreed with the negative review.

In his shoot report from Maryland concert, the cameraman writes: "Some people should never quit their day job ... Terrence Howard could not hit the proper notes as he butchered every song. A noted fact, the liquor sales went up that night in the club as concertgoers needed some type of distraction."

Give it a listen -- is it really that bad?


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It's dressing like a Pimp that does him in.

2190 days ago


Well u had to be at the show. I was and he did a good job.

2190 days ago


whoever the "yes man" is that told him to go ahead and pick up the mic... needs to be suspended without pay until the wave Terrence Howard has been riding since his Oscar nomination, finally comes crashing into the shore. When, oh when, will it crash into the shore?

2190 days ago


Well, everyone is so use to hearing melodyne and autotune on rihanna tracks... so yes, he would be bad to you 'common' folk... As an audio professional and a vocalist... hes average... maybe... definitely not 'good'.. but he isn't that bad either... i've heard WAY worse sell platinum.

2190 days ago

Maggie Blaise    

This blows fo sho! He needs to stick to acting, and only the pimp roles. That's all his ass can handle. The best actor round is Anthony Mackie who blows this chump outta the water and is much betta looking.

I agree that Ole Blue Eyes was the only one who can act and sing -- multiple grammies and academy awards. J-Ho, Madonna, Beyonce need to keep their asses on stage and off the big screen.

2190 days ago


Smooth 'Soul'! I enjoyed it!

2190 days ago


Terrance can sing to me anytime!! He's my future husband!!! :-)

2190 days ago


i was at that show last nite, he looked good the band was cool but that was about it, his singing is a sin, alot of people left, he did more talking than singing, the girl back-up singer is annoying, and man does he take himself way to seriously

2190 days ago


Considering this is one of his first live performances, he did pretty good. First, its not RAP! thank god! Secondly, he wrote all the music for the orchestra and took the time to learn, relearn and learn again... how to play the guitar. Not everyone will like his style of music but I have a respect for anyone that really tries and does it on their own. Yes he is an actor and a musician, and I do not use the word musician lightly! So many actor turned musician / b-ball player turned musicians are not musicians at all. a studio full of execs throws them a mic, and an amazing production engineer, some loops sampled from other songs from the past and the execs say "to make the money do this....... RAP! There are some talented rap artists out, but in general ask them the difference between a C major and C flat and they will turn their heads with worry and shame.

You have to watch the video for "Sanctuary" at www.essence.som - Here you will truly see a musician who has a passion for life and the arts.

I am really so shocked by some of the comments left on this site for this part... how many actually watched the video or listened to the song...

Considering that TMZ's demographic profile is probably 10-25, high school grad, renter etc etc etc.... of course they wouldn't like this style. This is an adult music style and those that know music will enjoy... ok not all will, but you have to have respect for a man that learns the craft and is not directed what to do by studio execs and finance agents!

TH - mad respect for taking a chance! Nice work!


2189 days ago


I went to both shows on August 20 in Annapolis, MD and then went to the August 25 show at the Birchmere. For all the good and bad publicity Terrence is getting over his concert, I would like to say that the show on 8/25 was much improved. Terrence has slowed down the deliverance of the songs which kept him on key for each song. He did not move around as much which diminished the microphone feedback, except once, and the flow of the entire evening was much improved. If Terrence and the Band of Kings worked to improve the overall performance level in one week (which they did) given time, Terrence Howard canand will be a wonderful entertainer whether he is behind a movie camera or on stage singing. I wish Terrence and the Band of Kings all the best......

2186 days ago


terrance is a cool guy and very smart he went to pratt for art it`s kinda funny watching him on the big screen!...if anyone knows how to get in touch with him tell him Dray says what`s up. he use to watch me play guitar

2181 days ago

Chistine Adams    

I was not at the show, but guys, it takes nerve and guts to get up on a stage in front of strangers and perform. Lots of singers start out playing in bars, on street corners, to the sound of clinking glasses “White Chevy, four door, plates ADS419 your lights are on”. etc. So his fame works for him as far as getting dates, but against him, as people expect perfection out of the gate. Give him a break and some time.

I saw him on Letterman and some stuff on Youtube, thought he was very good, and know that he’s going to be a great singer/songwriter.

Mose: As to the “ghetto” comment that you made in your post, perhaps you need a history lesson regarding the first inhabitants of the same-ya think?

Stop hating.


2173 days ago



2144 days ago

Concerned American    


What is a ghetto movie and why would you call someone you do not know an anti-semite? Statements like this are inflammatory and racist. The question was whether or not you liked his performance, not a personal attack on his character. This is the same negative tone that the campaign has taken. It is fine to disagree, but to tear someone done in the process speaks to your soul. I pray that he is given a chance to realize his dreams. There is nothing wrong with trying to accomplish your goals.

2129 days ago


It wasn't the best, but far from the worst I've ever heard at a concert. He probably should stick with acting, but if people are willing to pay to hear him sing, more power to the guy.

1295 days ago
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